Thursday, 19 June 2008


hee hee Bunny beat this post- BWAHAHAHAHA- Ok it's even EARLY for me- but I have to get out of here early today to have my TALONS cut and to get Nathan the rest of his supply's for all his trips he is going on this month- I swear the boy has had me hopping for a week now- but I know he will be gone just on a month- and then what the hell am I going to do??- LOL.

AND IT's NEW RELEASE DAY AT DSO_ wooooohooooo!

As I mentioned yesterday- I've been *spring cleaning*- ( well ok Winter cleaning MY SIDE-LOL) my External- OH MY WORD- it was starting to confuse even me!!(which I know isn't that hard-hee hee) - I had so many *things* in there that I have made and then leave in folders marked *new*- or *next*  etc etc etc ( oh don't ask-HAHAHAHA)- so chatted to my Team and with their input decided to put them together and finish off the *half done ones*- so I could clear and sort out my MESS- LOL. Trust me I have felt like I have moved a MOUNTAIN here! It's all in order now and I can start messing it up again- BWAHAHAHA.

ANd here they are - THE SPRING CLEANING GRAB BAGS- yup you heard BAGS!! lol,



my team thought I was nuts at this price- but I want to give my readers a chance to grab them at a *steal*-

and we tried something a little different this time- I broke them up into the OVERLAYS bag and an ELEMENTS bag-

a few on the team said they only bought overlays- the others liked a variety - some the elements- LOL ( yeah don't worry it had me confused for while on how to do all this)- so here is what I decided-


Here is an ELEMENT GRAB BAG with 5 BRAND NEW element designer tools and aids.

ALL of these are FULL SIZE kits- no ONE items or singles here.

All in PNG and PSD files for use in all programs. And it's the HIGH QUALITY I expect to use too! 

The total Value is $35! and at $6 the Full kits are only $1.20 EACH!!


and the OVERLAYS BAG- Also with 5 BRAND NEW sets in them!! Patterns, textures, prints and edges!

$30 value at $6! Each overlay works out to 21c each!!!!!

BUT and here's the BIGGER BUT-


YOU CAN GET BOTH in this BUNDLE for only $10!!

PLUS I included a bonus item download in here too!! WOOOOHOOOOO

That's 11 BRAND NEW PRODUCTS here for  $10 (works out to 61c PER KIT!!!)-

now THAT is a BARGAIN!

But I will only leave it at this price for 4 Days ONLY - on Monday I will be revealing it all and putting them up at a much higher price.!

So please don't miss out, All these are for PERSONAL AND COMMERCIAL USE!

And I've left you some BIG hints with the previews- (backgrounds included-LOL)- and my team have been BUSY too helping you out with these tips and hints-

This Amazing LO that had me in fits of giggles ( so touches my funny bone!)- Was sent to me by Nett




This by Jazzy-


Just LOVE the journaling!! hee hee!


And ANDREA DESIGNED- OMG(tee hee- teasing ya girl) !! - check out this FREEBIE on her blog using some of my goodies

You can grab it HERE- Just remember to leave her some loving-

Most of my girls don't design at all and yet they have done such a GREAT job doing LO's with just the bag stuff- I'm really proud of them today!! Thanks soo soo much!

And of course here is something from me too- Not stuff out of the bag mind you-LOL.


I've been testing out some ideas and playing with some styles- and came up with a little wire beaded flower for you- I added a stringy thingy to one so you can play with it too.  Phew-LOL. Will be handing out more hints and tips tomorrow ( and gifts made by my AMAZING creative TEAM!)- Ok- now I need to get this body in the shower and on the road again- Oh shit- I think I just stuck a song in my HEAD for the day again- BWAHAHAHAHA. Until tomorrow- loves and hugs Kim


Kristine said...

Ok I love your bags woman!!!! (I doesnt sound right..LOL)

I was hoping to play with them but we have been busy tearing the deck up. We want to have the new deck and pergola done for when Nikki comes...and it's breaking our asses!! LMAO...we're getting old Kim!!! ROFL!!! I can't play until Sunday when Julie's dance recital is done...until then I whirl.....

Thanks for the freebie!!! Better say Thanks before I forget.... :P

Gayle said...

What a cute little beaded flower - Thanks! :)

Jazzie said...

WOW what a sale..these don't come along every day I can tell you..
and oh the goodies inside just tickle my toes..LOL Hope all of you run on over to DSO and grab them all...4 days passes fast...
Thanks for the freebie it...Andrea kit looks awesome also..Can't help but LOVE that layout by Nett...I just keep looking at it..and I want a chocolate cupcake now...makes me so hungry!!!
Remember to shop till you drop..and have fun with Nathan..Hugs

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 19 Jun [LA 02:47am, NY 04:47am, UK 09:47am, OZ 07:47pm]).

Dinphy said...

You have been busy spring cleaning, with TWO bags of stuff!! Love what I can see of it!
Seems at that price, you really are next to THROWING them out!

Don't know how you do it. Somehow, when I'm springcleaning, I have bags full of RUBBISH... lol.

Thank you for the lovely flower!

LouCeeCreations said...

Kim, your springcleaning rocks lol! I've got it all downloaded and I must say it's a steal. Just love what you have in you element bag and the overlays are perfect.
hugs for your awesome bargain girl.

xashee's corner said...

LOVE your grabbags and thank you for compiling such FUN!! and what a GREAT price too!! Thank you for the blog award and freebie too!! Gosh i LOVE your style so much and am soo appreciative of you sharing!! Hope Nathan has a TERRIFFIC time and doesn't freeze too bad! Have a WONDERFUL day! HUGS! :D

Bunny Cates, said...

not beating anything this morning.
my heat is killing me.

Bunny Cates, said...

I meant head.

Darlene Haughin said...

Hiya Kimmy!Saw that your DL-a-Day is up and I enjoyed reading about you on the DSO Blog. Awesome QP and stuff... Loving all the sample layouts you've posted on your blog, too! Hugs - Dar

txbubbles said...

Howdy Kim!
Love this beaded flower! Thanks oodles and oodles! Now I'm of to grab both of those bags!
Vicki in Texas

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your lovely paper pack and quick page at the DSO download a day!!
Also, thanks for the gorgeous wire flower!
Your spring cleaning bags look very interesting.
Great layouts on your blog.

Peggie said...

I love this. Thank you.

Andrea said...

As soon as I heard you were doing bags - I just had to come see the previews! A bundle? WOW!! I just got it & can't wait to open it up and see all the wonderfulness & start playing!!!

Thanks for the great deal & the pretty wire flower!! :)

AND those layouts are darling!!! Love the "Alice in Wonderland"-ish cupcake layout! tee hee :)

Kari °O° said...

Ohhh I had heard right! KIMMY'S GOT BAGS! Dear Lord that didn't sound right. MWAHS Get your talons done..I got a house to clean. Wanna trade?

Darleen said...

Hey Kim, I just picked up your Spring Cleaning bundle. Excellent items, as usual. You ROCK girl!!! And then you give us the beaded freebie?? Between your DSO challenges, your blog notes and your bargains, I carry a smile on my face every morning. Thanks so much.

Mrs. Miles said...

Gee Gosh KIMMIE - you're blogging so REGULAR - are you eating All-Bran for blogging or something??? I thought I'd come and peek and see if you had 'fresh fodder' and you DO.

Well, ahem, I've SEEN whats in your GB's and so I can totally testify that they're both a HAVE TO HAVE... working with your items are a PLEASURE - make my life easy so I can spend more time out in the world than stuck at the computer.

Are you tossing in some funny stuff w/ the boyz bags? hmmm??? Ah c'mon this is your chance to plant some real embarassing things in there, hehe.

Well, its been fun, but I must run off again, try out some of your new FINGS!

*pecks* on both sides of your dimples!

Rarole said...

WOW Kim, these are "radical". LOL, I dated myself there. Thanks. Can already imagine where they will look just OOTW!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

kari said...

The bead flower is really cute! I can't wait to use it. Thank you!

Carjazi said...

Just had to come by and tell you how much I love, love, love the grab bag. Awesome stuff and I can't wait to start playing with it all. Hope you're having an awesome day.

Mrs. Hobbes said...

Kim, this wire flower is gorgeous! thank you so much for sharing :D

nancypinct said...

I love these - Adorable! Thank you for this very nice gift Kim!!

Jenni said...

Love it! Thank you so much for sharing!

Trisha said...

Thank you for the cool beaded flower Kim!