Thursday, 10 July 2008

Are you ready for this, (sing along now-LOL)

WOOOHOOOOOO, I can let the CAT OUT THE BAG NOW!! YAY, it's been itching to come out- I swear like when you have money burning a HOLE in your pocket- LOL!

GRAB YOUR COFFEE, Cold drink or what ever it takes to make it through this one- ROTF!!- WHEEEEEEEEEEEE




50% off for THREE DAYS ONLY-

the WHOLE STORE, Including MINE. and yup all those CU items are now 50% off too!

So if you were hanging on for something NOW would be the right time to buy!!

The girls have worked HARD this week - honestly Bunny has hardly slept trying to get it running smoothly and all the new goodies up in the store for today!

WE LOVE YA BUNNY WUNNY- and a HUGE thank you from us girls!!

AND YAY- My new kit Softly Sweet is 50% OFF!!- Yeah you heard 50% off NOW!!


It has 45 playful elements in it and 10 soft pastel styled papers!

Glitter borders, stud ribbons, tassel ribbons, hand drawn doodles and frame, gem studded wrap or element. bling and acrylic brackets too!


Each paper has subtle patterns and tones in it. And can be used over and over again for all sorts of LO's!

I will have a *little add-on* tomorrow for you so it will round off this kit nicely- but today is something BIGGER!! hee hee

Want to see what my girls have done?? AWWW they are awesome and have been so on the ball again!

a little magic600

Andrea did this stunning magical LO ( and I know if you pop on over to DST and comment on this LO you might be in for a surprise- hee hee- ssssssshhhhhhh, I didn't tell did I??)hahaha

She also used Heather Manning's Script on the photo. AWESOME!


This little beauty is from PAULA ( PK Doll) and she has used my kit and some VERY SPECIAL WORD ART by none other than Jazzy!!

Yup Jazzy is now SELLING her stunning word art at DSO too! And for the next three days her whole store is 50% off too!!

There are some SUPER DUPER packs ( you can buy them individually or in bundles)!! They are really useful for all types of LO's and cards etc!

Please have a look here in her store and give our brand new girl some support! WOOOHOOOOO- GO JAZZY!

OOOH- NOW FOR THE BIG SURPRISE!! ARE You ready for this??- hee hee, yeah I'm still humming that tune dammit!-lol


Yup it's OUR GIFT TO ALL OF YOU for waiting patiently while we sorted out all our kinks and glitches on the new store and forums!


This FREEBIE COLLAB has over 65 papers ( more where added after the preview was done!) and over 100 elements!!

There is word art and some Brag book pages from Shannon too!


You have a MEGA STUNNING KIT HERE!! Just check out some of those papers! WOOOWIE!

All you have to do is visit the blogs listed at the bottom of my blog today and pick up all the pieces!

How amazing is this- and honestly it is beautiful! Done in our new DSO colours too!

Want to get mine and Jazzy's??

Here they are

LR_Scrap Journal_Wordart

There are 8 ( yup 8) free wordart here for you from Jazzy!

Sorry link has expired


And here is my portion! Sorry link has expired

LOL_ did you make it down here! Well I'm glad you did because these kits will only be up TILL SUNDAY NIGHT!!

The links will all be taken down on SUNDAY MIDNIGHT and it will be upped to the store as a mega kit! So I didn't want you to miss out on it at all!

FOLLOW THESE LINKS below to grab the rest ( and remember some of the girls are still sleeping-lol) so just check back later OK- but they will ALL BE UP TODAY!!

Please remember to leave some loving- they really have worked hard to get this together for today!

Andrea Dickinson
Beth Long
Boo Silva
Doodle LT
Holey Cow
Kuoha Designs Ink
LJ Crochet
LPand3 Dogs
Luisa Potter
Melanie Ann
Nikki Fabulous
RC Mama


Tina S

Well goodness this blog post took nearly 2 hours! BWAHAHAHA- but I told you it would be a long one-hahahaha. Hope you all have a super day - sending loves and hugs Kim.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, what a lovely surprise when I had a look at your blog after a hard morning. :-)) Thank you so much for your part of that lovely kit.

I think I will head straight over to the new store now. The wish list I had made a few days ago will surely come in handy - lol.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness what a Blog Kimmy..its awesome..and thank you for such a great send off and intro to my first word art....please browse thru my store and Im sure you will find something you like..and be sure and grab up this free MEGA kit you will LOVE it..its truly awesome..and above all else, grab Kims new kit..its almost as pretty as I Believe..well ok its as pretty as it is...but what a great price for all that sure you grab it up while the sale last.Thanks again my friend..without your and Bunnys help I would never have done this...and for the encouragement to do it..and I have to say I kept thinking about Loris favorite saying..sometimes all it takes is a fairy and it encouraged me to give this designing a try..Lori its dedicated to you..I love and and miss you..and to my daughter Angie because I love her and to my sister because she has been encouraging me to do something creative since I made my first scrapbook...and now Kim since I did a blog on your blog..LOL I will say goodbye and congrats on the kit..I love ya girl and thanks again for all of your help..

Andrea said...

Those LO's are AMAZING!!! You have a wonderful CT!!!

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 10 Jul [LA 01:32am, NY 03:32am, UK 08:32am, OZ 06:32pm]).

Beth said...

Thanks a LOT Kim.... now I can't get that song out of my head!!!! AAAAAAAKKKK! LOL! Leave it to YOU to make me want to do the 'running man' in front of my computer screen! WAHAHA! LOVE LOVE LOVE your latest kit.... your latest WORK OF ART!!!! Sending ya some HUGS!!!

LouCeeCreations said...

wow wee! how exciting, I reckon DSO is gonna overload today lol!
i've already been shopping but not downloaded all yet! spent too much waahaahaa!
loving this blog hop and your part of the kit.. my my you girls have been busy!

janedoe said...

what an amazing collab to check out all the other pieces now! thanks for your bit Kim...amazing as always and hope the 'new' store runs smoothly for you all now!

Dane Ann said...

LOVE your new kit (of course) and really love the "Scrap Journal". Ya'll did an awesome job! I've already been wandering threw the store and will be returning later today. Have to get the kids off to BAND Camp. Yep, back full time again. Ahhhh, I love summer vacation! :o)

Hugs & Blessings,

Dane Ann

Anonymous said...

Well we are not disappointed by having to wait for today.....fantastic mega kit and congratulations to all involved. Thankyou Kim and also Jazzy for your parts to this fabulous kit.

Rarole said...

WOW KB, I really don't know how all of you girls do it. I get tired just surfing the DSO blogs!! Holy cow! And this mega is gorgeous!!! Thanks a heap!

LiviaY said...

Thanks, Kim!
Now I have that song stuck in my head!!! LOL

LOOOOVE Softly Sweet and the layouts that you ct made are fantastic!

Your part of the collab is fabulous, but hey... what else did I expect? ;)

And since Jazzy doens't have a blog I'll leave her a note here, ok?

Jazzy, your wordart ROCKS!!! Love it, girl! It's GREAT to have you on the team!!!

HUGS to both of you!!!

Sunny1972 said...

Thank you for these fab parts of the mega kit its gorgeous!!! its so beautiful and there is masses of it!!!

Melberry said...

I have no idea where to start. What stunning revelations on your blog today ... and how lucky are WE?!! Thanks for sharing and all the hard work. Looks like I need to do some shopping, too. Be good to you, Kim, and get some rest!

the3chickens said...

Beautiful kit, thanks very much to you and all the DSO designers for your generosity!

Rachel said...

How exciting!!!! And thanks for the beautiful Collab Kit!!!

Anonymous said...

I loved your blog and work...
Thank you so much.

Jessie said...

AWESOME Part Kim!!! I haven't been to your Blog in a while but soooo glad I stumbled on this amazing kit. Pinks and browns are my absolute FAV!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW great post, awesome freebies!!!

I've awarded you...

Thanks for being so awesome!

Theres said...

Thank you so much for sharing your part of this amazing kit!

Peggie said...

Thank you, this is a lovely kit.
What outstanding art work you do!

Anonymous said...

Haha, it didn't take me two hours to read it - but it'll take me longer to go get all the goodies. ;)

And you are in BIG TROUBLE woman! I have to go buy some stuff now. :) I Believe is going in my cart for certain - both sets!

I love your notepad and glitter and these colors are wonderful! Tell Jazz that the word art is just what I needed to soothe a wounded heart.



Ms Kittie said...

Oh WOW! What a great surprise. And Oh so nice. Thank you for sharing this wonderful kit. Lot of work and talent shown in this one. Thank you to the whole CT team.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah!!! Love these LOs - fabulous, dahling! Well - it's finally here - I AM SO EXCITED!! What a fun day this will be - lots of goodies!!! Your kit is gorgeous and thanks for all your hard work!


Terebene said...

Thank you!

By Dezign said...

Well the biggest cat out that bag is that our very own Jazzy is designing!!!! WAY TO GO MY FRIEND. Your WA is always so gorgeous.

What a stunning present on top of sale prices!!!

I't going to take me a while to get this one down and that's why I just pimped you and DSO a bit on my blog. I've got a kit to go and collect.


Unknown said...

LOL!! how excited can one person get??? nice one kim... your latest design is awesome! and thanks so much for the freebie!
much love,
mel_h xxxxxxxxxxxx

Melody aka pebbles7195 said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful portion as well as a Thank you to Jazzy for hers!! Thanks!! Hugs!! :)

Suz :) said...

Holey Cow! Thank you so much for sharing! This is an AWESOME collaboration. Because I think you DSO ladies are super special, I gave you some BIG...♥"Link Love"♥ on my blog. Have a WONDERFUL day!!
Suzee Q's Stuff

Dinphy said...

Oh finaly, everybody's asleep, and I can see what it was you were talking about yesterday. lol.
It sure was worth the wait, what an AWESOME mega kit!! I'm busy downloading your and Jazzy's part first, and after this I'll follow the list.

--To Jazzy---
LOVE the wordart, Thank you so much!
Big congrats on selling at DSO!
Now... how come you don't have your own blog? You make LOTS of pretty stuff you could show there!
Anyway, I just wanted to let you know, and if you ever start one, I'll come visit for sure!

Ah, and see Kim, I KNEW there would be more awesome LO's. ;)
Your new kit sure has a different style, but it's very, very cute!

Thank you for "Scrap Journal"!
Now I'm off to spend my time downloading! ;)

Anonymous said...

What an awesome treat!!! Thank you so much for sharing!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY both so very much!!!!!!

Jenni said...

OMGoodness, DSO is Rockin, love the new look, and LOVE the collab kit, thank you thank you thank you, and I LOVE your new kit, already done an LO with it!!! Well, off to explore.....

abhall76 said...

Thank you both so much for your wonderful portions of this kit!

Kim... I am glad you were finally able to get this secret out before it hurt you :))

Anonymous said...

WOW, it's all so beautiful!!! Thank you so much :)


Stephanie said...

Woweee wow wow! That was some entry! I got two sets of goodies, tons of beautiful views of new sets, a couple of fabu LOs. I'm glad I was sitting! Thank you ALL!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Thanks so much for the huge kit. How exciting. I can't wait to dig through it all.

Brenda said...

What awesome contributions. Thank you very much for all the work put into this kit!

Stacey said...

thank you sooooo much!!!! I LOVE this kit!!!!

Unknown said...

Beautiful LO's . I'm going shopping :) I have something for you on my blog Thanks for your part of this MEGA kit

cindiaskew said...

I've found freebie heaven. this is an awesome kit. appreciate your talents and labors. can't wait to unzip & play. tyfs

grannymike said...

What a treat to find this, and what a generous gift from all of you ladies. Thank you so much for your beautiful contribution to this lovely kit. Congratulations on the re-opening of the store, and thanks to all of you for your creativity and generosity.

Anonymous said...

You ladies are GREAT!! Thank you for this wonderful kit. Got to go get the rest!! Sharon :)

WiffsWife said...

Wow! This is the first download I have gotten from you. AMAZING! thanks to all the ladies!

eph2810 said...

Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us :) and give a huge thank you to Jazzy too :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Kim & Jazzy for these gorgeous additions to the mega kit - love them both!!

NKYMomma23 said...

This is incredible! Thank you! You all are very generous and talented! I'm looking forward to sorting through it all! Woo hoo!

CraftFairy said...

Kim & Jazzy, than you for your wonderful designs! love 'em, gotta have 'em! Thanks again! x-x-x-x-x-x

charlie said...

You ladies rock!!! I'm such a DSO addict, that ive left loads of lovin on my blog and forwarded all those other addicts out there onto your blog Kim and onto DSo aswell so they can all see how fantastic you guys are! Kepp up the unreal work..we luv ya!!!!!

DigiLover said...

Kim you truly amaze me!! I don't know how you keep coming up with all these gorgeous kits!! you continually have us all salivating and waiting for the next instalment each time.

I absolutely love your new kit, the beautiful colours and softness. Your CT have done such amazing jobs showcasing it for you - well done girls!

When I logged on this morning I thought I must have died and gone to heaven when I saw the awesome DSO mega!! I absolutely love it and I'm downloading yours right now - it's stunning!! I also left a little PS on 4shared for the 1400 odd people who downloaded it before me and never left as much as a thank you. Can't believe the rudeness in this world.

and a BIG THANK YOU to Jazzy for her wonderful wordart. CONGRATS Jazzy on being a new DSO DT member . You truly deserve it as you are one special lady.

BIG HUGS to both of you and once I finish downloading yours Kimmie I'm off to your store to do some shopping. Just hope I've got some $'s in my paypal a/c - heehee! Mind you I'll be crying if I don't!!

Lynn Hoyt said...

Hey Kim girl, you guys throw the BEST parties! Thank you for the awesome goodies, will check out the challenges at the store and try to add to the gallery!
Cattail Designs

Blessed! said...

Thanks so much these are great!

Kim Sandling said...

Thank you!

Winged Heart said...

Wow...I'm off to the new store! Thanks so much for the freebies and the heads up on all the goings on! I want to send you a big hug for stopping by my blog. I've really been out of sorts lately with all my health issues...and feel guilty that I haven't posted much...but seeing your comment cheered me up and made my day. Love' ya girl! MWAH!

Anonymous said...

Wowzers! I just stopped by on a whim and got this lovely surprise! Thank you for your contribution and for letting us know about all the rest of the links to this wonderful mega kit. Yippee!

Unknown said...

LOVE both these parts tot he kit! Awesome kit altogether! Thanks

Brigitte aka Scrappassie said...

Thank you so much for sharing this lovely kit, it is beautiful !

Anonymous said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS in July!!!! Santa has come down the chimney!!!!! What a present you all have given. THANK YOU so very much. What a just beautiful surprise! Hugs to you, Deb P

Anonymous said...

these are fabulous! thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Ramie :-) said...

WOW...what an awesome surprise. Thanks so much!

makeyesup said...

thanks Kim for leading all of us SBM users to this. Will be checking out the new DSO. Hoping that I don't have problems there as I saw it was powered by phpBB, which for some odd reason, I have problems with those sites. Think it's my AOL browser as it can be a pain on some things.

Snowflake Beach Designs said...

Thank you so much! Love your part!

Debra Moore said...

thank you so much, love it!

BlueRose said...

Thank you so very much for your part in the mega. I just love it very nicely done. Thank you so very much.

Kim said...

Love them all! Thank you very much for this huge freebie.

Anonymous said...

You gals are awesome! Thank you! - Lori

Pamela said...

Wow, what an awesome kit ya'll!!! Thanks so much for the hard work and sharing it with us. I can't wait to play with it!!

verabear said...

Wowowow~ thank you for the surprise! :)

Anonymous said...

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Hello, Kim!
Where do I find the whole kit "My Scrap Journal" to buy?