Thursday, 3 July 2008

The *evil eye*-lol

WAHAHAHA- Dinphy I got your message just as I was about to post this now - and Denise girl- thanks for my *evil eye blinkie*- bwhahahaha-loved it!

-SO here's me giving you the *evil eye*-LOL


ARRGH- lol, trust me- I scare myself when I look in the mirror-lol , actually this was taken yesterday morning and now it's a lot better- just ONE sort of red streak now next to the iris! Hopefully it will be gone by the weekend as we have ANOTHER farewell party! OMG- I think we have a disease or something-lol. another friend is leaving for Cape Town on the 10th. Loryn my dear *soul* friend who shares the same love of music as I do- is moving closer to her family and has just received a new job too. I know she is going to be happier closer to the people she loves - but COME ON- that's 2 dear friends in the space of 2 months! NO FAIR-PPPHHTTTT-lol!

OOOH- I have something to show you- Nathan has been on his School Trip/Camp since Sat and they have been travelling through South Africa to get to the Kruger National Park in a bus. Now my Sister Gaye stays in a little town called Dullstroom ( big trout fishing country)- and it's FAR from where we stay- the school itinerary said it would be travelling through there on the way up - so Nathan mentioned to the teacher that his Aunty and his BRAND NEW Niece live in Dullstroom- guess what- they stopped there just for Nathan so he could see them!! How COOL is that!

He got to have a quick lunch with my Sis and her hubby, and the kids all got to stretch their legs too! And here he is holding Caden! ( I haven't even held her yet!)


AWWWW- he looks a natural doesn't he??- hee hee, I used the kit that I donated too-


A celebration of friendship and technology, Let's Connect is bright, bold, funky and fun! Jam-packed with goodies,
this kit contains 85 papers and over 140 elements,
including frames, stickers, flowers, glitter, ribbons, cords, speech balloons, word art and 2 alphabets!

Let's Connect is the collaboration of Amy Sumrall, Ellie Lash, Flergs, Franziska Altmann, Heather Manning, Kim B's Designs,
Krystal Hartley, Lost Gurlz Venture Designs, mgl Scraps, Miss Crow, Moon Scraps, Polka Dot Plum, Sugarplum Paperie,
Tracey Monette, Web Designz by Kristi and Wenchd Grafix

And here is another LO with it done by by my new CT nut- Nett


You can grab it at these stores-

Gotta Pixel:


SugarPlum Papiere:

Sunshine Studio Scraps:

It's for a very special person who I love dearly !

Ok some more news on DSO- WOOOHOOOO,

looks like we are going to have it up and running by the weekend! Oh MY GOLLY GOSH, I am missing my fix every morning! BADLY- lol. And I will say that you guys are going to LOVE IT!- And keep a check back for VERY EXCITING NEWS happening next week too! I can't WAIT! And the girls (including myself) are now so excited- hahaha, It's like kids waiting for parents to wake up on Christmas morning so you can open your presents-KWIM! hahahaha So hang on to your Challenges ( and if you haven't recieved your posting gift for JUNE- please keep your stuff and links so I can get them to you once we are up and running!)

Well that's all the news for today- we've just been BUSY BUSY BUSY- but then what's different right- WAHAHAHAHA, Sending hugs and loves Kim


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Glad to hear your eye is getting better but sad to hear your losing another friend to a move!!!!!
BUT remember we are always here for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HUGE GIANT HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow that was so COOL for them to stop there for Nathan!!!!!!!!
LOVE the LO!!!!!!!!!!

Sherrie said...

How wonderful that Nathan's class made the stop to see your sister and niece! That certainly is a special memory.

xashee's corner said...

oh how cool is that??!! for the school to stop there special! i LOVE it! ooh and i LOVE the new kit too! as always, GREAT job! ;D sure am glad your eye is getting better! hope you have a BEAUTY of a day! :D

LLG Denise said...

OK gurlfriend, don't encourage him to be TOO natural or you'll be a granma before your time, LOL. He LOOKS GREAT holding that infant! And Caden is adorable too!

Wow, i'm sorry that you're having another farewell party. So hard to see friends disappear from view. But you are a good friend, Ms. Kim, and she will just be out of sight, not out of mind and vice versa. All will be well again, I know. Don't party too hard: you do not want to add to your color swatch and you really don't want pain to be your last physical memory of your dear friend, LOL.

Can't wait for the forum to reopen. I was coming to post a layout (was still working on my mini kit) cause i wasn't finished with the preview, but since we were down, i decided to keep creating with June's colors. I think i'll stop and package now, cause, well, it's starting to look a lot like mega, everywhere i go...

Many, many hugs to you, Ms. Kim. Have a great weekend and don't get to sad or too far in the cups!

LLG aka denise

Bonnie said...

I'm so sorry to hear about another friend moving far away. It is pretty cool though that Nathan got to meet his new niece while on a school trip. Love the pictures, baby Caden is precious!

Judy said...

wow the evil eye ..I love your little arrows ...another farewell party ..I have been check out DSO...would love to do a challenge day I will be brave

Dinphy said...

Oh Kim, you're brave putting your 'evil eye' online! :)
Glad to hear it's getting better though!
LOVE the LO with Nathan and Caden, it's SO adorable! Especially with that story. A school making a stop for him, that sure IS cool!
Thanks for the update on DSO!

abhall76 said...

That is sooo cool about the school trip stopping for him! I am already in DSO withdrawls and the teasers are killing me! :)

Jackie said...

That eye looks FUNKY!! lol What a sweet sweet LO of Nathan & Caden!! That was so sweet of them to stop for him.

verabear said...

That was so nice of the teacher (and classmates) to let Nathan visit family!

Tsk, why'd you post the evil-eye? I might catch it! Haha :)

Being Mrs Miles said...

Giggle Giggle, you have the Malocchio... read more about it at the following link:

With Miles being Italian, there's superstition about this, though we don't believe as we have FAITH. LOL. Purdy scary lookin' PEEPER there Kim!

Aren'tcha supposed to put a giant steak on that thing or something? Fire up the Barby and toss it on after, make sure you remove any stray lashes.

I won't be surprised to hear about you and dh mud ressling and such. Tsk, tsk. Snicker.

Your new kit looks AMAZING as usual! Wowzers. What a KNOCKOUT. I'm going to have to blab about it on my blog!

what ISSSSS good news, c'mon, whisper in my ear gurlie, I'll tell you all MY secrets!

winking at you!

Andrea said...

Ewwwww your eye is hard to look at! hahahahhaa

Hope it's getting better so I don't have to look at it anymore! LOL :)

'nuff teasin'

That is SO COOL that his school bus stopped for Nathan to visit his Aunt and new cousin!! That picture is so SWEET! And Caden looks adorable!! Great layout! That kit is amazing!!

marianne said...

HI!!!! It's your stalker!!! Just had to comment about your sis living in DULLIES!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome little town though!!!! and SO COOL tha they stopped especially for Nathan!!

CHICK, we've got issues here ... her little girl is Caden, right? My boy is Kaydin, I think they should meet LOL!!!! Hey, I'm visiting in Dec ... ;)