Monday, 7 July 2008

prodigal son returns

YAY- Nathan is coming home in an hours time! and I must admit- I can't WAIT- lol. So funny how as parents those first few days feel like bliss and so peaceful- arrrgh but after 2/3 days, we want the noise and *MOM* Back!!! I've missed him terribly! Oh Lordy, I think Wayne is going to worse than me when Nathan eventually decides he wants to spread his wings and leave home! The man was complaining the second night already that it was toooo quiet! SO YAY!!- can't wait to see his photo's and hear all the story's! He hasn't been able to phone as much as he would like as someone stood on his cell phone during the night on the 5th day they were away- LOL ( yeah another thing for mom to sort out when he gets here-LOL!)- so we have been getting sms messages just to tell us he is alive.

The party went off well on Saturday night- quieter than usual, (thank goodness actually-LOL) I think most were drinking the rugby LOSS sorrows away too! BOOO HOOO- we lost against New Zealand- but hey it's only the first game and our boys don't like loosing-LOL.

AWWW_ look what Silvia sent me this morning!! She's back and moved ( still unpacking boxes-LOL), but it sure was good to see this in my mail box

prom (600 x 600)

Look how Gorgeous her daughter looked for her prom! STUNNING! and Silvia did Belinda's hair herself!! Girl you have so much talent! Silvia used parts from my Story Book Romance add on and an Ordinary day add on too.

Have you seen the DSO blog at all??- There's a new little challenge up there called the DOSIES- (DO-sies), it's just some fun to have with us- and you can get a little gift each time to for playing along.

This weeks is ABOUT YOU and where you live. This is my little *heart in South Africa* and my home-


Yup this is my home Town- Port Elizabeth.

The lighthouse with the pyramid(hidden behind the palm) is one of our *heritage sites and was erected in memory of Sir Ruphane Donkin's wife Elizabeth. That is who our city is named after.

The main picture is of our beachfront taken at night(Kings Beach, Summerstrand). Nathan took the photo of the elephants and our Elephant park, and the top blue roofed structure is a resturant called 34 Degrees South ( edited because I'm blonde- HAHAHAHA), and it has a lighthouse lamp that shines from the turret every night- it's situated in a huge Casino complex with a huge lake in the middle. ( the red and white floating stage can be seen in front of it)- the small one in the middle is of our town hall.

It's a small neat, clean City, and I wouldn't move for the world! lol

So if you want to play with and show me where you live and what it looks like- check it out HERE.

I used my Paper Alpha , An Ordinary Day kit and Mrs Miles gorgeous flag she made me. Template (revised) by Yin Designs.

I was busy doing a LO of some pics taken on Saturday night- but haven't finished it the way I want it yet- so I thought you might like to play with the template so long


It's a 12x12 and is in both PSD and PNG files for use in all programs. . Don't forget the NEW FORUM AND GALLERY are now open at DSO and the challenges are in FULL SWING! Check it all out here.

There are some VERY EXCITING things lined up for later this week- so keep your ears and eyes glued here for the news-ROTF!! Ok- I'm off to go and fetch Nathan, hope you all have a stunning day further. Hugs and Loves Kim


Bonnie said...

ARGGGGGGGGGGGG I hate that!! I am busy typing a NOVEL to you and then the page reloads and I lost it all!! anyway...Oh yes...1stly. Great LO of PE! It is a great city! And secondly you must be happy Nathan is back! And thirdly go check out my blog, and see what my town looks like! flooded! *well almost* hee hee. Have a good day! smooches

Jackie said...

Loverly LOs hun! And I'm right there with ya on missing the kids. I'll be SO glad when Shane cmes home. I have less than a month to go!! YAY!!!!! OK, my other 2 are ready to eat so I better fix them some breakfast before they turn on each other. MWAHS MUCH MUCH LOVE TO YA!!!!!

xashee's corner said...

i LOVE the layouts and thank you for the cool template!! :D hope i am the first to say it " WELCOME HOME NATHAN!!" hehe Have a WONDERFUL day!!
big hugs!!!!!! :D

Being Mrs Miles said...

oooohhhh - LET ME GET IN THAT WATER!! I'd be at your PE Beach every day. Your town looks like a beautiful place to visit. Would you take us for a 'virtual' tour one day? Like take us to your fave little cafe, shopping spots, CLOSER TO THE BEACH? haha! Then when we come into millions and come visit I'll know the highlights to see.

Awww poor lil Mermy Kim, let the lil guy spread his wings, trust me, he'll always know where his NEST is. I'm glad he's having a good time, and at least thanks for SMS ing.

The new DS0 is SMASHING.

MyPE said...

Now the whole world will come and visit us and BANG goes the neighbourhood in South Africa's best kept secret - Port Elizabeth.

erm, isn't it 34 Degrees South?

Just for fun- A Reason a Day to Visit Port Elizabeth

Shannon said...

Lovely LO of your city - I'm still working on mine! Thanks for the template too and glad Nathan will be home...I can't imagine a night without Nadya!

Heidi said...

Thanks so much for the template! LOVE IT!

Wonderful layouts!

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Kim love, you are such a doll! I am only saddened because I've not been able to make it over here for a bit, but hence, it does not take me long to catch up with your SUPERIOR storytelling!!!

I am with Barb, GOSH, what a BEAUTIFUL part of the earth you reside om - just GORGEOUS!!!

I am glad all is well with Nathan and that the time is short before his return home to his LOVING family!

I would LOVE to participate in showing you where I live and will check on the deadline but I am preparing for my oldest daughter, April's visit this coming Wednesday and have LOTS of catching up to do in the house!!!

My daughters both live in Vancouver, Washington (just hours from our sweet Barb), which is also a port and a VERY beautiful city!!!

Have yourself a AWESOME week darlin'!!!

Linda :)

Suz :) said...

Woohoo!! You have been given an award. :) Come check it out when you get a moment and have a wonderful evening!!
Suzee Q's Stuff

elnorac said...

Love this cool, contemporary template! Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful LO. Thanks for the freebie

Kang Boim said...

hi blog hopping here from have nice blog :D :D

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 08 Jul [LA 03:19am, NY 05:19am, UK 10:19am, OZ 08:19pm]).

Ramie :-) said...

Thanks so much. I hope that your kids are home safe now!

Jeanann said...

Thank you for the fantastic template!

Jueneta said...

Thanks for sharing the template. I love PE too. I was there on an LDS mission in 1995. I love that coastline.

Anonymous said...

Great template - thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this really great template:) DIGINAN