Tuesday, 22 July 2008

With HUMBLED Thanks


I'm still at a loss for words as to just how much you guys all pull together when one in the *community* is hurt or needs help! It's so hard to explain it to others that *aren't in the know*- hubby was astounded yesterday. I've tried to explain to him that just because we are *online* doesn't mean that we don't feel or understand each others plight- that we share MORE sometimes through our LO's,mails and our blogs that we would with some of our friends or family members. That to some of us-THIS is their family and that keeping in contact and sharing with people that enjoy the same things as you - keeps a lot of us ALIVE and makes one feel connected. I'm not sure if I have said that in the right words- but I KNOW you will understand what I am saying.!

So with that said- I want to send you a HUGE HUMBLED THANK YOU- from myself, from Bunny and from all the girls at DSO! We honestly NEVER expected the reaction we got yesterday- and to have Bunny in tears at the end of the day says MORE than you will ever know! THANK YOU -ALL your names and messages have all been copied and pasted in a card which is being sent with 100% of the sales made yesterday! To all of you that left messages on Jazzy's blog- and goodness there are a lot of them- I was in tears this morning reading them- THANK YOU!

BIG BIG BIG HUGS to you and your compassion that seems to be boundless!

OK- some CT work from me- lol

I did this LO of my dear friend Loryn who left for Cape Town last weekend.

Now let me tell you her favourite colour is GREEN! This girl has green EVERYTHING- hahaha. And I wanted to scrap this gorgeous photo of her-


I used Bonnie Van Esch's New kit- Country Fresh for it- the colours where PERFECT! I blended in one of the papers to make the flower halo around her head- and added the flower to her ear. Word art freebie by K.Pertiet

Left the rest simple as I think the photo does it's own talking for this one ;-)

And Have you seen the DOSIES week 3 challenge on the DSO BLOG?- WOOHOO

Come and have some fun with us- we're all turning into *glue monsters*- lol  This week you can grab 2 CARD templates- and show us what you have done with it-

Here is what I did with this one



This is the front-

I used the Lets connect kit to make the inner square and printed it off- then made the layers with card- Printed the main front and just glued the square on with the ribbon and charms.


And the inside- used word art by Elegant word art- adapted.

Come play with- I'd LOVE to see what you do with the templates!

And Bonnie has a present for you on her blog too- she did this STUNNING LO from my Softly Sweet Kit


AWWW- LOVE those ribbon flowers!


You can grab this BEAUTIFUL 12x 12 FREEBIE  QP on her blog at the moment! Thanks Bonnie!

Just another big Thank you, and sending you TONS of love today! Will keep you all informed as to how Jazzy is doing the minute I hear anything. Until tomorrow- Huge hugs and Loves Kim


Anonymous said...

No reason to thanks me, I for one would like to thank you for doing this for our little sweetie. Gotten to know and care about Jazz through SBM and it always seems like a family over there.

txbubbles said...

I agree, it is amazing how women from all over the world pull together in times of need. The prayers and cyber hugs really do help.
Vicki in Texas

Jenni said...

I am so happy and proud that so many people from the digi word stepped in to help Jazzy, I was amazed at all the messages on her blog today!I hope that will be of some comfort to her.

Beth said...

I 100% agree with what you've said about your online circle of friendship being so strong.... I have been blessed getting to know so many incredible people through the digi-scrap world. Now I don't know what I would do without it! I'm so happy that people came together to help Jazzy out! She is such a sweetie.... and deserves it! thx for all you do for US too Kim! We love ya!

Being Mrs Miles said...

How is it that I could be all the way on the other side of the world, and yet somehow I feel I could count on you if I had a need? Its something BIGGER than all of us, and its the GOOD things like this that make the world a brighter place. You're an awesome friend Kim. You're an inspiration. I totally agree with Beth.

I'm going to keep checking in on Jazzy over the coming days.

I love the color and texture of your layout of Loryn, she has such a pretty smile - the flower is a perfect touch! Freinds are the flowers in life's garden, no?

I am so impressed with the card you made - do you make this stuff at like 3 a.m.? I'm pecking and picking away on a kit... its taking 4-EVER! But I'm hoping I can break it up and make it last over the whole of August (crossing my fingers) As for hybrid anything... sheeesh! I just can't seem to have time to think ... erm, I mean I DO go for a walk daily, and I DO go for a little beach time, but thats to re-boot the brain. Ya, Know!

I hope you have a wonderful day, Kim. Do YOU get to YOUR beach? Wheresa pics, huh huh? Is it a snorkelling type beach, nice sand etc?

Jackie said...

I so wish I could have done more for Jazzy. It is amazing how folks can pull together to help someone out. That's why I love this community!!

lynda said...

The thanks belongs to you for your loving heart that constantly gives and helps others. Support comes from many places and I just feel honored to have helped by making a purchase. My heart hurts for Jazzy and she's in my prayers I believe that she will find some comfort knowing others care.

Bonnie said...

It's amazing what happens when everyone pulls together, total strangers reaching out from across the world with open arms! Congrats for pulling it off and helping your friend!

BlueRose said...

I'm just starting to get to know some of you girls. When I read Jazzy {Kim's} post my heart just was so touched.

I went to the party that you all had but I did miss out on the shopping part. I was so blessed to hear that by getting the things that I wanted that I was helping out Jazzy. Shhhhhh don't tell my Hubie how much I spent. He will take the puter away from me. LOL

Dinphy said...

It's a weird but great world, that digiscrapping community. I just went to see how many commented on her blog, and was stunned!! I hope it'll give her some comfort knowing so many care.

Another thing;
I've got an award on my blog for you... ;)

charlie said...

Everything you said about the internet/ digi world is sooo true and you explained it so perfectly....so glad the day of helping a friend in need went well!

Your friend that you scrapped is a stunner and so is the LO Kim!

elizlom said...

Thank you for letting us know to do something, Kim, that was really important, too. Your card and layout are beautiful, by the way!

Pamela said...

I'm so sorry I missed it or I surely would of went shopping!! I got on about 6 hours to late!! I'm so glad it went well though.

I recieved an award you share with others and you were one of the first people I thought of I wanted to share it with. You can pick it up at my blog if your interested. Have a safe and happy week.

DigiLover said...

You leave me speechless everytime I visit your blog Kim and for that I've given you another award (I posted it on my bloggie a few days ago and forgot to come over to tell you - naughty naughty of me - lol!!!) to put amongst all the countless others that you have been given by the digi community.


I know it's a blog award - just wish it was an award for the person that you are instead!! not that I don't think you have a *brilliant* blog because that you most certainly do!!!

All I can say is that it's any wonder that DSO is such a success - between you and our beautiful soul of a Bunny you both really are such wonderful caring people and you both are always first to put your hands up whenever anyone is in need.

Bless you and our Bunny for having such beautiful big hearts - Jazzy is such a lucky lady to have you both care so much about her in her very time of need.


Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Kim, I SO totally understand the message you are expressing as I feel the VERY same way and have made mention of it several times myself. I can honestly say that my BFF is a fellow digi-scrapper and designer that I've known for over three years, yet have never met her face-to-face. We do talk on the phone often as I do with a few others. I believe the relationships to be just that much more special as I have come to know the INSIDE of each which is, by far, the MOST important part!

It's not really much different (actually easier and more frequent) than the days of old when one would meet and marry a "pen pal" or strike up a lifetime friendship with one!!!

Sweetheart, thank you for ALL that you do in this INCREDIBLE place I refer to as SCRAPLAND! You are one of the KINDEST, SWEETEST, FUNNIEST and MOST genuine people I know and I am DEEPLY touched by what has transpired here on behalf of Jazzy in this SPECIAL time of need. I've just left a message prior to coming here via a post on Ginger's blog.

Thank you for your BEAUTIFUL creation in WHOA BABY. Loryn is LOVELY and your layout ROCKS as do your HYBRID GREETING CARDS!!!

Take care love and I'm SO honored to be a part of this WONDERFUL network of LOVING and COMPASSIONATE women.

Love and hugs,
Linda :)

BlueRose said...

thx for popping by Kim I enjoyed your company.

Lisa said...

I'm so glad that so many pulled together to do what they could to help out a fellow scrapper. It certainly says alot about this wonderful community. Thanks also to you fantastic designers that held the great sale that made it all possible. Please keep us informed with how Jazzy is doing, I think of her often.