Tuesday, 26 August 2008


AWW- Mrs Miles, thanks for the *where are you*- poem- I'm here, just sick as a dog- I have the flu ! ARRGGHH, I hate being sick. I told Bunny yesterday my head was floating somewhere over Kentucky- lol. and it felt like it! I went for a nap yesterday afternoon and woke up with a fright- it was past 5pm! EISH! Thank goodness Wayne bought supper on the way home- ahahaha.

Feeling a bit better today- at least no temp, and of course with Deon being here I pushed myself on the weekend when I know I shouldn't have- but weelllll- yeah, what can I say- I'm a Poopall on two legs who is suffering now- LOL. So much for Deons great advice of TEQUILA kills all germs! I think it nearly killed me instead. haha. The worst is I better get myself well QUICK as Loryn is flying in on Friday this week too! What a month this has been- Back to school,Wayne away, Holiday, Deon and now Loryn-  HELP! hahahahaha

I think Cape Town is agreeing with Dee- he's looking well- He was telling us that he actually eats full meals now ( not just toast and cheese) and he proudly shouted out that he can cook a roast chicken- (now let me tell you- the only thing Deon cooked was TOAST with cheese!) So we all look at him and go WHAT??- REALLY??- so how do you do that? I wish you could have seen his face here when he told us this- it was beaming with pride- eye's huge- and this was his answer-

You take the chicken- check the weight on the packet- remove, place in a glass bowl, put in the MICROWAVE and push the button that says ROAST CHICKEN! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA- sorry I fell off my chair laughing, Wayne spat his drink out over the bar counter- UM OK- but hey it's a start right?- lol He's not to sure yet how to make the roast potatoes- hahahahahahaha.

I don't have any Lo's today- but thought you would like to see some more photo's of the Lost City trip


There is another little story behind this one- the last time Wayne and I were here I ran up to this huge elephant and grabbed it's *nads* for a photo(come on- this thing is HUGE- ROTF!!)- but we never got to take it- because as I bent down to do it- a whole bunch of Japanese tourists arrived- and well I jumped up and just started laughing- so this time Wayne made me pose and we got one- LOL


The Boys!- You can judge how big this statue is with it's solid brass tusks by Wayne and the leg he is standing next too! it's truly amazing!


And I'm shrinking!! LOL- This is the swing bridge which the boys had great fun in making me look like a drunken sailor trying to cross! lol


I LOVE this photo too- and we went to the Bird Park, as I lifted my camera this peacock spread its feathers and posed-facing me, - and it did it for everyone who had a camera with them- turning to let everyone have a chance - it was too cute!

Anyway- I think the meds have made me yap the hind ass off a donkey here today- hahaha, sheeeee's looks like a book! I hope you all have a stunning day further, and yeah, I'm dosing and taking all my Vit's too. Sending hugs and loves Kim


Anonymous said...

Aw hunny....sorry you feel like shit....sending lots of huge adn chicken soup your way!!!

May I say "THANK YOU!!!" for making me spit my coffee out this morning when I saw you grab elephant nads?! I was laughing so damn hard I almost peed myself....!!!!! Friggin' woman...ROFL!!!


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Anonymous said...

Hey silly...sorry to hear that you're not feeling good...Im in bed since two days too...I hate the flu...I hope you feel a lot better tomorrow...I had to laugh so hard when you told the chicken story...poor Deon needs a woman in his life or a good cookbook...lol...he is a nut...I bet you and Wayne miss his company a lot...get well Sweety!!!
Big hugs MWAH!!!

Amy W. said...

Oh Kim! I'm sorry you're not feeling well. that was me a couple of weeks ago. I hope you feel better super soon! I've missed you and your quirky humor this month but my school courses were rough, but be patient I have less than a year left of school and then I'll be back baby! I hope you are having a better day today than yesterday and that each one imporves successively until you are tip top again.
Hugs, love and healing wishes,

xashee's corner said...

sending a warm blankie and big pot of chicken soup to help you feel better! So sorry you aren't feeling well and sure hope you get better quick!! HUGS! :D

Being Mrs Miles said...

That just ain't natural Girlfriend! What I wouldn't have given to see your face if that thing had MOVED when you did that! ROTFL!

Awww, widdle Kimmies sick. Sounds like you won't be getting any sort of chicken soup....

I'm lifting you in prayer today, that you'll feel better soon. I'm designing my buttons off because I've been lax too long and its all catchin up on me.

I'll be checking in on you!!!


Judy said...

awww..sorry about the flu...but I agree chicken soup ..it works ...love your pictures of the Lost City adventure ...wow what a beautiful place you live in ..so many neat places to visit and the animals wow...well girl get better

Unknown said...

Oh you poor girl :( Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that you've been sick. Take care and hope you are feeling better tomorrow!!!

Anonymous said...

So sorry you are sick, hope you get to feeling better real soon..
rest is about the best thing for the flu bug..I think that because theres not anything else you can do..LOL D's story about the roast chicken choked me up too..I should know better than to be drinking coke when Im reading your blog.. LOL..Luv you girl, take care of yourself and feel better soon

elizlom said...

Best wishes for a quick recovery! I love the photos of the elephant statue, it's great! I see you hide behind your son for photos, too, I guess some things are worldwide...

Anonymous said...

Great Shots!!!TFS. Hope you are still on the upward swing of the flu, take care of yourself! Hugs, Deb P

LouCeeCreations said...

Hey Kim, hope you are feeling better,
ROF... I wonder what the Japanese tourist would have been muttering under their breaths if Wayne did actually get a pic of you holding nellie's crown jewels lol!

hugs to you

Being Mrs Miles said...

Hay G/friend,

Do dogs get especially sick a lot? Cuz I always hear people being as sick as a dog.

I actually think you picked up TouchElephantNardItis... *snicker*

Really tho... I hope you feel better today. Thanks for your KIND KIND thoughts today, and for taking the time to visit Joy, I know what a struggle she's still going thru.

You too, Kim are FAITHFUL, and that counts for SO MUCH. It all goes around.

Oh, I'll be emailing you - found a cool little 'sumfing' for you!