Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Last day for Bag- and some photo's

LAST CHANCE TODAY to grab my grab bag at $8! Don't miss it- it all goes up to FULL price individual items at midnight.


Check out yesterdays post for close ups  and full reveal ;-)

Some LO's done with the goodies too ;-)

The Swing

this one was done by Renee- I LOVE the *enchanted feel*-

Beautiful MusicRS

And this one by Jazzy- who has the most AMAZING old photos! she also used some of her word art.

And I promised you some photo's of the the weekend- I've kept a lot for LO's but thought I would show you some of the beauty that is the Lost City and the Palace( or as Nathan so fondly calls it- City of the Sun- hahaha) It is completely man made/ built and is finished off to the most exquisite detail. I've been to the Palace three times now and each time find things I missed the first time. It's where all the *stars* stay too when they come to South Africa- ( don't worry Bunny- we're going when you get here eventually too- LOL)- this is how the LEGEND is TOLD-

Legend has it that an ancient civilisation from North Africa journeyed South to build a palace for their much-loved King. They stopped in long-extinguished volcano crater – a veritable cradle of life. A place where weird and wonderful creatures, both great and small, roamed free amidst glittering streams and dreamy waterfalls. Here, they built a magnificent palace to befit the surroundings; their King was well-pleased. And so, the palace served as the spiritual centre of their vast empire until an earthquake reduced it to ruins. Now, restored in form and rejuvenated in spirit, The Palace of the Lost City is a modern day marvel that will make your journey, legendary.


this is the *car arrivals* area- just check how high that roof is- and it's finished off just so perfectly. ( I've kept the full entrance pic for a LO ;-))


This is what you see as you walk into the Hotel itself- and this is the Dome hand painted roof in the Lobby/entrance. And Yup- those are FULL SIZE palm trees you see in the corners- No detail has been spared here and it's just mind boggling on the brain seeing all the decor and art work.


A little further in and you look down on the Restaurant called the Crystal Court- those elephants are HUGE and it is a water feature. The windows you see at the back are actually DOORS and open up onto the pool area- they are also two story's high!- This is where we had all our breakfasts ( which included oysters, Peking duck and roasts too- not for me, but they were available for those that wanted that for breakfast - LOL)


AWW- you must see this at night- they have lamps burning ( oil ones) and can turn those gazebo's into a special dinning area for two- with drapes and roses etc etc etc etc- During the day you can eat lunch out there with full service and of course my favourite- the Bar - always welcome in the heat- LOL


Another Lounge area- we sat outside here and had cocktails ( Nathan a milkshake-lol) on the day we arrived and watched the sun set over the pools- but just look at the decor! LOVE IT.


I am SO SO thrilled at how this came out- I took it myself!! WOOOHOOO- this is a night shot taken from down at the bottom of the pools looking back up at the Palace! This place really comes to life at night- the domes on top of those *turrets* actually have full oil fires burning every night too. There is just so much to show- and you can't even begin to get the *feel* of the place by looking at photo's - but I had to share some of it with you ;-)

OOOOOH- and look Beth has made you a pressy using some of my goodies in my Grab Bag ( and a few other CU goodies)-


I LOVE this- it comes with text or without text- Check it out here to see how Beth used it and please leave her some love when you download it ;-) Well I think I've kept you long enough today- LOL. I hope you all have a good day. Sending hugs and loves Kim


Jenni said...

Love your photos, brings back memories, I absolutely love the Palace, love the feeling of being pampered!! Thanks for sharing the LO's using your amazing grab bag stuff. Love your family tree QP!!

Jenni said...

Ooops, I used the word love enough times lol!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much Kim for sharing the AWESOME photos!!!!!!!
Cant wait to see the LOs!!!!!!!!!!!
The place looks so MARVELOUS & I'm glad you all got to enjoy it!!!!!!!!

xashee's corner said...

LOVE the photos and layouts!! Thank you for sharing ALLLLLLLLL you do!! LOVE your stuff :D hope you have a GREAT day! :D

Beth said...

Um..... can you say "ENVIOUS"? Ha ha ha! Looks like you must have had a FANTASTIC time Kim! How cool is that palace place!!!!!??? Wow! Thanks for sharing all the pictures!

RoseAddict said...

Wow! That place is fabulous! Can't wait to see more photos in your layouts.

LouCeeCreations said...

Oooooooh kim, what a place to stay at, you have taken some fab pics to show it off! Glad you had a lovely time there.
what a beautiful set of layouts your girls have done. Renee's layout is so dreamy.
have a nice day

Bunny Cates said...

ok, we'll need 3 days there... day 1 to be drunken slobs poolside, day 2 to recover from day 1, and day 3 to actually site see...
Pretty much anywhere you want to take me, figure 3 days per place. LOL

Dinphy said...

Thanks for yesterday's freebie! I grabbed it, but didn't have the quiet time for a proper thank you, so I left it for today.
I'm just back from a week's holiday myself. NOT so fancy as yours, I might add! lol.
But we also had GREAT fun, so no envy here. I just loved admiring how beautiful it all looks there.
It wouldn't be for us though. ;) Can you imagine running around there with a 2 and almost-6 year old? LOL!!
They loved messing around the sandpit-playground, petting-zoo and indoor-tropical-swimming-pool we had. :)
But I enjoyed looking at all your lovely photo's, especially the palace-at-night. That one looks SO professional!

And I agree... the unpacking is a bad thing. I STILL have some unfinished bits. ;) Oh well, tomorrow's another day!

Thanks again for the lovely frame from yesterday!

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Oh Kim, you NEVER fail to entertain no matter how long it's been since my previous visit to your blog girl!!!

I almost e-mailed you as I just DON'T miss out on the INFAMOUS Kim B's FANTABULOUS grab bags and having just returned from out-of-state to attend my daughter's wedding, I ALMOST did miss this one! I had it already to checkout and PP pitched me a "you have limited privileges" or something to that effect! HUH??? I have monies in my PayPal account and you have access to my checking account, etc. Well, guess since I've had the same PW for eight years, they figured for my continued security, it was due for a change!!! Now, let's just hope I don't forget it!!!

So, I am now a HAPPY CAMPER and in possession of Kim B's Grab Bag #13!!! WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

GORGEOUS photos of the PALACE!!! Oh, I want to see, I WANT to see!!! Glad you had a GRAND holiday with your BEAUTIFUL family and thank you for sharing with us!!!

I have posted just a few of my daughter's wedding photos that I, personally, took and that is a whole nuther enchilada but happy to have some nonetheless!!!

Take care sweetie and have a GORGEOUS day!

Linda :)

Judy said...

firstly thankyou for the leafy cluster frame you gave out the other day. The pictures you took of the palace were awesome....especially the one of it at I can't wait for the layouts. Thanks for sharing the piccies.

Mrs. Miles said...

Oh lala, and just imagine, heaven is nicer than ANYTHING we have here on earth, and this is purdy snazzy, alright. I would have hammed it up with the elephants, and Miles would be embarassed.

You will have to restrain me.

If ever.

Course after Bunny Buns comes.

I so appreciate the legend, if I'da had popcorn and a soda it would have been better than the movies, PLUS educational even. It truly is a majestic building and grounds tho - the sort one reads about in the travel mags in the Dentist office (as he rakes in another $200 on my teeth to go travelling)

Sigh, living precariously through your photos.

Now, I've SEEN your GB and am getting itchy fingers, one MUST run out to buy this GB for its a designers delight. In fact, I'll use it soon, make millions and then come visit ya. *snort*

Truly, its a wealth.

Your Beth is SUCH a talent, going to slip on over when I get a moment to hug on her... and Bunny too, come to fink of it, have not pestered her for a bit.

You have a loverly day, my friend.

Pamela said...

DURN IT!! I always stroll in here a couple hours late. BUMMER!!! I missed your awesome grab bag. That's ok, school starts very soon and I'll have plenty time to play then LOL!! I'm gonna be watching this time for that next CU goody!!!

What an awesome palace and GREAT pics you took Kim!! The one of the lights in the pool was awesome.

Promise you won't shoot me, cause I know you've probably been "blog gamed" to death by now, but I've left a little something for you on my blog...shoot me when you can catch me ROTF!!!!

Shanners said...

Thanks for sharing the photos of the Palace - makes me want to go there. It's beautiful!