Wednesday, 17 September 2008

arty cardy crafty

hee hee, more like card crafty farty! hahaha- I was MIA yesterday as I had to get my cards finished for the DSO CARD SWOP by today so they would make it on time! AND WOOOHOOO- did I have fun- but oh hell, who's going to come help me clean up the paper mess- hahahaha. It's staring at me and I'm ignoring it for today. Bunny has really been getting into her Cards and crafts and has inspired me to dust off all my stash- SHEEEE's I forgot what I had! I got so excited looking at some of the paper scraps I actually FORGOT I had!- So I think I'm going to keep doing a craft day at least once a week(well OK- maybe once every two weeks with my schedule-lol) to get my hands full of glue again. It was really satisfying seeing the finished products and how they all just came together in the end. YAY!

So today I thought I would get you in the mood too. Christmas and all the other holidays are coming up and well with your digi stash's its really easy  to make your own too. And there is nothing nicer than receiving a handmade card made by someone special!


This is one of the finished Halloween theme cards.

I used, (template at bottom for correct sizing ;-)

*Heavy white stock(for my card base - 6x8 ) and black glittered stock card,

*Gold Ribbon from my stash,

*One patterned paper strip left over in my stash ( don't know which company it was from as it was just a scrap I had left - no marking on back)

*And the top strip I *remade* by printing over a base piece of paper ( instructions and photo's below)

*light white paper -for the card inner. (optional)

*Double sided tape squares, double sided thin tape( used instead of glue for card),

*Black fine liner and gold glitter glue.



I'd made my base and black matt, cut the printed patterned paper for the bottom strip- but had nothing that I liked to match it- for the top strip. ( we haven't got Halloween here remember-LOL)

SOOOO- I went hunting and found this DIGI paper by Natalie Malan- See Jane Scrapbooks as a freebie download- Loved the written paper- but wanted the tone of the paper I had in my stash( i liked the cracked look on it too) -

So I stuck the paper I had through my printer- printing Natalies over it- and it turned out perfect! So tip for you- use your digi stash to make up some interesting papers with your *paper stash* you find boring or don't use that much-LOL


I used my circle punch to make the little circles(white) for the accents - and drew some doodles on them with a black fine liner (after using pencil first-hahaha) - you could use stamps too ( but I haven't got to that spending yet-LOL)- or if using it Digi style- add a photo in it.


And this is the close up detail- I added the little gold accents in glitter glue- all the black matt squares are raised by using double sided square tape.

YOu going to give it a go too??- AWWWW, come on- it's fun honest- and you can see the rest of my cards and all the girls playing with HERE>

Thanks Bunny- this was really fun again! I had forgotten ;-P

And keep your EARS and EYES peeled here this week- WOOOHOOO, there is something BIG going down soon and also keep a check on my *counter* in the side bar! BIG partys coming your way- hahahaha, just a pitty we can't send the tequila through this modem huh??-

Ok guys , I made up the TEMPLATE for this card for you to try it out. You can do it Hybrid like me- or just do it digi and print it,


I have made 2 TEMPLATES in here- the one is the FULL CARD (6x8) incase you want to print the whole BASE of the card, or the 4x6 for just the front to cut and paste.

Grab it here

  and I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday, I'm working my tail off on this side at the moment- so will chat again tomorrow. Sending hugs and Loves Kim


Kim's Scrappin' said...

I love the card that you have made Kim :) And thanks for telling how you did it as well. I've made digital cards and printed them but haven't tried the hybrid cards, I might have to give this a try. Thanks for sharing the template.

Esther said...

wonderful card even though I don't do Hallowin really. love the witches hats and the over printing tip is a great one.

Bonnie said...

Hi Kim! Great card template, thanks! looks like you've been busy!!

xashee's corner said...

GREAT card and WONDERFUL drawings, Kim!! i LOVE it and thank you for sharing!! hope you have a LOVELY day!! :D

Dinphy said...

Wow, beautiful card!
Making it myself? Yeah, sure... IF I could draw like THAT!!!
Ha! But I can NOT!!!
Love your drawings, very pretty!

Melberry said...

SO cool, Kim!!! As always, I love your art and whimsy. Thanks for showing us your project.

Natalie Malan said...

LOVE your card! Too cute. I mean... scary. :) You've inspired me to make a crackle add on overlay this year to add to that halloween freebie! That is such a fabulous idea!

Mags said...

I love making digital cards that look hand-stamped. This will be a great template! THX!
:) Mags

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 18 Sep [LA 12:00am, NY 02:00am, UK 07:00am, OZ 05:00pm] ).

Brooke - in Oregon said...

Thanks for the template and the reminder to use my digi supplies on my paper scraps! I tend to totally overlook my paper supplies when I am doing cards, I usually print all digi stuff. A bit of a 'light bulb' reminder! lol

Oh baby, yes it is to bad we can send margaritas thru the modem across the www! ha ha

Have a great day

Mrs. Miles said...

COOL card Kim. You make halloween look classy, even! How the HEAVENS did you find time to paper scrap???
I don't even have a 'scrap' of real scrap paper in my house. And my printer does not work, how sad is THAT? LOL!

I'm still in shell shock from birthday, so I'll shut up already. Must get busy today as rellies arriving tomorrow & using that as an excuse to clean house.

Lervs ya!

Kathy said...

Beautiful card! Thanks for sharing this with all the tips, freebies, etc.

nancypinct said...

Wow, what a great lesson! I haven't made a card in ages, and you got me thinking I should make some soon! This was great - thank you!