Thursday, 4 September 2008


I think I have worms!! - HAHAHAHAHA- kidding- figure of speech guys! I can't stop eating!- and the worst part is its CHOCOLATE! I finished off two small packets of Peanut/choc M&M's yesterday afternoon- you know it's bad when you've finished the first packet and you are scrounging in the corners of the empty packet looking for the last one that's maybe still there??- BWAHAHAHa- so I opened the second one- mmmmmmmmm, GOOD! But then it was a coconut choc, and some normal chocolate peanuts later- PLUS dinner and then of course something SWEET after again! Sheeeee's. and the worst is I WANTED IT BAD_ ROTF! Must be bad PMS coming or here, because usually I couldn't be bothered with the *sweet* stuff and eat all the *salty's*- lol And Yup this morning I'm in the chocolate peanuts AGAIN! ARRGHHHHH- stop me, I have a problem-lol.

YAY- the wind has stopped blowing and we have gorgeous sunshine again- still freaking chilly though as we have SNOW on our mountains close to Port Elizabeth- so the breeze is sort of biting! And no- I won't get to see it- PPPPHHTTTT, as it's a *weekend* trip thing and well I suppose by then it's gone again- bluh, Will just have to wait till next year to see it in the States! It better snow at least ONCE Bunny Wunny- lol

AHHH- and Renee got chosen as Bloom of the Day at Digital Scrap Garden with a LO using my stuff in my Grab Bag!! WOOOHOOOOOO- Congrats GF! Check how AWESOME this is


OMG- Don't you just love that sketch too- AWESOME blending and LO Renee! And here is the matching one-


And well I know it's Thursday and the Grab Bags finish on SUNDAY- so with yesterdays peak- I thought I would show you another product in the bag-lol


HAHAHAHA- yeah I'm not giving it all away yet- but this is a FULL ALPHA- lower and uppercase, numerals and exclamations. And yup- as you can see it matches some of the goodies above ;-)

Don't miss it- ONLY $3- and as I said yesterdays reveal cost's more than the full bag altogether!

Ok- I'm off to fetch Nathan in a few minutes and I'm busy working on something I want to finish before I go- MMMMM, maybe I should RUN there, work off all the chocolate. BWAHAHAHA- I think- NOT! lol, I wouldn't make the end of the road in a run- WALK- yeah we can do that-but not today- HAHAHAHAHA.  Sending hugs and loves Kim


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Judy said...

got the grab bag can wait to use it ...

Bekah_E'scape2Scrapland said...

Happy day KimB! :)

Just wanted to stop in and say "hi!" and also tell you how much I love love your fall template! Cutest template I've ever used! Thanks again sooo much! :)


elizlom said...

Got the bag, love the bag, thank you!!! I can relate to what you said, about one day a month I think I could eat a whole bag of groceries, especially if it were sweets! Hormones, weird things.