Monday, 8 September 2008

quiet weekend

AWWW- we had such a nice quiet weekend- but minus a son again who seems to live outside the house- hahaha, he just sleeps here at night-KWIM?. Saturday he was out early fishing and the same yesterday. But it's healthy for a teen to be outdoors and not stuck behind the TV or computer all the time, so I don't mind it at all. AND YAY- his ID book eventually arrived! They lost his first application and we had to re-do the whole thing again- but now I can see me being minus my car soon- don't know if I'm looking forward to that so much- LOL

Oh goodness, and yesterday Wayne decides he is going to TIDY UP the office/studio cupboards of all his old paperwork because we sort of need some SPACE (hee hee- for all my sh-t). Now every Sunday Wayne has a afternoon snooze ( unless we have visitors)- so I go for a snooze thinking he is going to join me- NAH!! He lets me sleep till 6.30pm! OMG- I walked through and my whole office looked like a bomb had gone off- cupboards where CLEAN- but the floor looked a disaster area- hahaha. That was the RUBBISH! - sheee's only took 5 years to get him to eventually do it, but the worst is he is now in the *cleaning mode* and has started on MY STUFF- OK- WOOOOAAAAHHHH, lol, that's MY STUFF- you know all the little *slips* you sort of hide when you feel guilty about buying things- ARRRGHHH, UM- I don't think so Waynie. So I sort of quickly said that I would do it this week- he could do the *electronics cupboard* if he wanted too ;-). I mean come on a girls got to have her own little *stash*- hahahahaha.

OOOOH ok the GRAB BAGS are supposed to be GONE this morning- but I think dear Bunny is still sleeping and they are STILL UP! wooohooo so if you want to still get my bag-

GO GO GO now- I'm sure they will be gone in an hour or two-( sssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh-lol)


Bonnie did this absolutely stunning LO with the goodies in the bag- The Heartfelt Kit-

Spring CameRS

Jazzy sent me this wonderful LO using a NEW KIT of mine coming out- as well as the *Leafy Clusters* included in my Grab bag- she also used her own word art- available at DSO.


And look what I got in my inbox this morning- just look at that gorgeous smiling face! Thanks so much Tami! She used Midnight dreams QP on my blog.

Want a little sneak peak at what's coming. Just a small one- should be up in the store this week ;-)


Ok I know it's small- lol, but I can't wait to show you the full preview as I loved making this one and my CT are MAD over the colours! YAY.

I have something to pass on today- My wonderful South African CT member Renee has made Caterpillar in honour of a little girl called Lyndie. So here is how it works- I will pass it on to TWO people, who in turn will pass it on to TWO people and we will see how many country's, states etc Lyndies Catapiller can visit- You can read the RULES here. I've already go her in my side bar and from whence she came.

Lyndies Catapiller

I'm passing it on to BUNNY- all the way in KENTUCKY USA


And please check out Renee's blog -

RB GC Element Prev

WOW, I am soooo impressed by this FREEBIE- check this out Gothic Cathedral and it's AWESOME! She has the papers up already and you can grab the elements over the next two days! Please remember to leave some love if you download. Well that's the news for today- and it's the usual Monday chores. So until tomorrow- hugs and loves Kim


Lynette Jacobs said...

I was visiting Melanie's blog to get some of her awesome wordart when I came across hello from a fellow scrapper from Port Elizabeth:)

By Dezign said...

Whoohooo, welcome Lynette. Thanks for the pimpage Kim.

I can't wait for that new kit to hit the stores. It's my current favourite!!!!

Dinphy said...

Ok, so I'm reading your story, and I'm learning I MUST improve on my English!!
PLEASE tell me that "Slips" are like the little cards attached to items in the store, those tags with the price on it?
Not clothes, right?
Because here in Holland, a "slip" is (google... translate...) "panty, knickers, briefs"

So you see, what I thought I read was your hubby going through your little panty's, the ones you hide when feeling guilty... HUH???

still recuperating here.... :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweets...I already passed the caterpillar on..its on its way to France and Ireland...
I see Renee is the same way with having favorite kits of yours..ha ha..I love them all and Im so thankful for getting them from ya..

Wayne started a huge mission huh? better hurry up and get rid of those tags and receipts that you was hiding from
you're so silly.


Melberry said...

Gee, I'm sooooo behind. I was just gone a week and here you've gotten in trouble yet again. It was great to have a message from you when I returned. I'm looking forward to working on the color challenge this month (fab gift, girl!!) and can't wait to see your new kit. I haven't had a chance to check out the items you had in your most recent gift bag but will before the day is over. That's always a treat, too. Christmas. You may notice that the word art I posted today uses the color palette you posted for September.
TTFN, and be good to you,

Being Mrs Miles said...

Are we on the same page, or WHAT - I've been cleaning out my mole hole here too, out w/ the old. Get ready thrift shoppe and Junkyard for I'm not keeping anything that does not move.

I'm going to keep it brief here today, Kimmeee as I have peaches calling my name and they won't wait!

LOVE your new products, playing w/ them is going to be my reward for working hard today.

BIG HUGS FOR YOU and ... I DID put the coffee on for you here!



Unknown said...

sent the bug on ma'am....


when ya'll crazy old birds get done nesting... you can come clean my office too!!!!

Beth said...

Taking a nap till 6:30 would be my DREAM NAP!!!! LOL! That will NEVER happen around here.... my boys see to that.

Andrea said...

yah, I don't like my hubby going thru my stuff to clean out either. He'll start throwing things in the trash & I dig in and go thru it again. Keep telling him "hey we need that OR don't throw that away OR that's mine!" hahaha I'm so bad at throwing stuff out. That's probably why my computer looks like it's hiding in a pile of papers on my desk! hahaha

Lovely layouts! CUTE little buggy. Hope she gets sent all over the world!

Anonymous said...

Poppin in to say hi! Still stalking your blog for the designer grab bag. :) Love the looks of your sneek peak too! Have a great one sweetie!