Monday, 1 September 2008

Spring day- NOT

Well officially it's the FIRST day of Spring here in South Africa- but OMG, it's FREEZING- lol! WE were hit by storms and bad weather this weekend ( the worst this year so far)- and poor Loryn had organized all her friends to come around here yesterday so she would have chance to see all before going back to Cape Town- Planned a BBQ outside for *the social aspect* as well as the ease of catering for the amount of people coming- HAHAHAHAHA, we huddled in the kitchen drinking sherry trying to stay warm, while Wayne tried to cook over the gas! The wind actually removed some of my roof tiles- my dad phoned to say he had the the neighbours trampoline land up smashing a hole in his roof- and the guy stays OVER the Road! BAD! The worst was that Loryn had to fly back to CT last night- ARRRGHHH, what a mess. We got to the airport to find CHAOS! All flights had been delayed- some cancelled completely. So we sat for over 3 hours at the airport freezing our asses off waiting to see if she could get back home- Which she did but 3 hours delayed.

We had a fantastic weekend- poor Wayne was outnumbered for once with the amount of females in the house! I don't think he even got a chance to get a word in edge ways! By yesterday we were all *uitgepraat* ( talked up) and he even asked if we were ill-lol. Friday night was FUN FUN and oh FUN, hahaha- so much fun that we actually forgot to take photos! GASP!- for me that's just a NO NO- but honestly we were laughing and talking and getting ready to go out - we just completely forgot the camera!

But I have a few story's hahahah- which will follow as today as you know is the first and I have a ton of stuff to show you!

My September Colour Challenge is UP- WOOOHOOOOO, and here is the Posting gift made from the colour swatch this month-


Come join me this month and have some fun- and share in some of the AMAZING talent and awesome creations that get posted every month! YOU GIRLS ROCK!!


DSO has a Personal use Grab bag sale STARTING TODAY!! Yippppeeeee-


Here is mine- and it contains $12 worth of goodies for you to play and create with- Yup ONLY $3!

For ONE WEEK ONLY- so grab it now- and yeah yeah- I hear you LOL, I always give you a couple of tips right??- here they are-


This LO was done by PK DOLL ( Paula)- it's stunning gf!! LOVE IT


And this stunner by Jenni ( Choas Lounge)- she used goodies in my bag as well as a kit by Mari Koegelenberg's- A Touch of Magic and Jazzy's Be Yourself- word art.

And I made you a little *doodly frame* freebie - handrawn by me- lol. It matches the *goodies* in my bag too- WOOHOOO-


Well- it's Monday- the house is a MESS- and I have to try and get some clean coffee cups done- hahahahahahaha. . Sending hugs and Loves Kim


Andrea said...

WOW!!! Sounds like that wind is NOT your friend!! SCARY!! At least you weren't hurt! Sounds like it was a cozy party all huddled in your house. LOL

I'm loving the new colors & your posting bonus!! Very *warm* with a touch of *cool*!!

Beautiful layouts!! Your girls did good!!

Thanks for the fabulous doodled frame!!


Dinphy said...

Thank you for the pretty frame! I love your hand drawn stuff!

And the colors for the challenge look AWESOME!

But... it does remind me that here, end of the month it's fall already. *sigh* I was actually still waiting for summer to begin, but I think it's gonna forget about us poor Dutch folks. Last two years we have a heatwave in spring, and then... we can forget it.

Well, gotta go, have to pick up my girl from her FIRST day of school!

Kerri said...

thank you for the frame, I am now off to the store to grab the bag! I just can't resist your stuff! Love the colours for the challenge, now I have to decide do I wait for Dinphy's entry again, or try my hand again! mmmh, we'll see!

Stefanie said...

Yep that wind was something else, luckily it only blew the cowl off our chimney. Today the sun is shining but there is still snow on the mountains so it is absolutely freezing here in CT.
Nice freebie - thanks.

By Dezign said...

And thank you very much for the crappy weather LOL. It's windy and cold here in Jo'burg too. We're sending Cape Town a mine dump. Sorry all, just some SA humour.

That colour swatch is to dye for girlfriend. Can't wait to get home to start playing.

Pop past my blog a bit later this afternnon, you have to get that bug walking.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Kim!!!!!!!!!!!
TY so very much for this COOL frame!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sounds like you had a WILD weekend!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a good weekend in spite of the shitty weather...our turn is coming soon enough.. :P

Jenni said...

It is freezing here too, and windy, so much for the first day of spring!!

Love the doodly frame, thanks!!
(And for anyone that reads this, Kim's grab bag is insane!!! I actually told her it is definitely some her best designs in there!!)

Unknown said...


Being Mrs Miles said...

HAY - we are having the SAME weather... its durn C...CCCCCold! I keep hoping to get an "Indian Summer" - I hope this is politically correct to say these days. We slept in the van last night and it was HEAVENLY but wished I put on some woolie socks.

VERY glad to hear Loryn got out and home safely. One of the airlines here in Canada SHUT DOWN ... like went out of business leaving many travellers stranded. We were worried for our friends Matt and Lillian who are moving to England as that was who they booked with, but thank Goodness, it got all sorted and they can go now.

YAY to ur Waynie for braving the elements to cook for ya'll - reward time now, right?

Too bad about forgetting your camera, but some times are meant just to be remembered in our heads, and also frees us up to JUST enjoy!

I'm sure you'll be so graphic in your descriptions we will all feel we were there anyways. haha!

(hay, is that SHERRY on your breath?)

Your challenge looks nice and fallish! If I had a sec to spare I'd join in a heartbeat.

And the GRAB BAG - the GB, well, got it and can't WAIT to play. Saying this, I'm going to hurry up my housework and chores so I can do just that!

hugses, and thanks for sharing your wonderful self!


Peggie said...

Thank you. This is so cute. Don't worry about all the work in the house. It'll wait for you or at
least at my house it does. No one
steps up and gets it done for me.

Jazzy said...

Love the frame thanks so much..well its supposed to be the first day of Autumn here but it was hot as usual doesn't feel like Autumn..just Summer still..
Glad you had a good time this weekend..I can't believe you talked yourself out LOL..
Love ya

Bekah_E'scape2Scrapland said...

thank you for the freebies and the blinkie! :)

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 02 Sep [LA 01:05am, NY 03:05am, UK 08:05am, OZ 06:05pm] ).

Fantacy so Sweet-n-Stuff... said...

hey doll! i LOVE the color swatch (just went over to dso to grab a peek) I might even jump in on this one. UGH could you send us some freezing weather? Summer is nearly over here yet we just had our hottest day of the year today i think :( our yards are brown, the trees are going straight from green to brown and farmers are struggling with low yielding crops b/c of too much dry hot weather :(...sigh...if it isn't one thing its another ;)
ty so much for the blog gift :) it is darling! was so happy to stop by the blog and see you are, as always, your laughing jovial self :)