Wednesday, 10 September 2008

taking gold's and FREEBIES galore today

AWWW- I'm so proud of our athletes competing in the Para-Olympics! They are raking in the gold's - and for such a small country like South Africa- man- GO SA GO!! lol. Feel like a proud ol' mother hen-lol. WE did so miserably in the Olympics but our *special athletes* are going for it in a BIG WAY! What a way to make us so proud!

No news really today- except I got a mail from Deon down in Cape Town yesterday- and all it said was - Get the slippers out and make sure you have gas in your heater- bwahahaha, so I'm assuming that my little bit of Spring is going to disappear in the next few days and it's going to get COLD! - we always get CT weather a day or so later- well most of the time.LOL

OH OH OH- and my son has decided he wants a little *get together BBQ* with some Friends on Friday night here at the house- Now this is the first time in 3 years! ( the last one didn't land up so well and he said NEVER again. lol) And he has asked us if we would *disappear* for the evening, OK- I remember doing that to MY folks too- lol, But it just feels weird- I joked with Wayne that we would want to come home and still see all the bikes and cars outside and that we would probably just drive straight past and go book into a hotel for the night-and then hand the bill to Nathan in the morning- BWAHAHAHAHAHA.

Have you got my new Spring Passion kit yet??-

it's 25% off for a limited time so don't miss it.


15 papers and 49 elements in all- PLUS the add on FREEBIE from yesterday makes it a great kit to play with for all types of LO's!

Check some of these out

butterfly garden1

How stunning are these garden photos- taken and done by Loucee! Thanks GF


this beauty is from Lainey- LOVE these garden photo's!!


Vanessa black shirt (600 x 600)

Another stunner by Silvia- AND you are being SPOILT today- CHECK THIS  OUT


Yup a little FREEBIE ADD-On made by Silvia- you can pick it up HERE.

Thanks so much GF- I LOVE IT- that frame is just AWESOME!



 Jazzy sent me this one of her late daughter Lori- stunning GF! and Jazzy has ALSO made you something that will match my kit-


Grab the WORD ART as well as the freebie cluster HERE - LOVE it GF- MWAH

And MORE, lol


I LUUURRRVE this Butterfly- it's just tooo dang cute! You can pick it up from BUNNY WUNNY HERE- thanks GF- this is a great addition!

YUP MORE- hahahahahaha


 Beth has made this AWESOME QP freebie for you too ( don't we ALL love a bit of Beth QP's!! lol)- Pick it up HERE, please remember to leave my girls some LOVE, they did these because they wanted too, I didn't ask!! So it is really appreciated ;-) LOVE YA GUYS TONS! Well- I'm busy working on some goodies so my stalkers can be happy in a few days- ROTF! I hope you all have a super day- much love and hugs Kim


LouCeeCreations said...

Hi Kim, well we haven't been sucked up into a black hole!!! so I'm pleased to come over here and see your post today lol!
Well done the SA team achieving golds and well done the Brit team too! actually well done all, it's nice to see positive sports.
And oh my..... what a lot of freebies, looks like I have so,e blog hopping to do!
Oh by the way, I can't take credit for those butter pics ;0( it was my hubby who got there first!!
have a great day.

Unknown said...

all the goodies is almost a kit by themselves!!! ahahaha!!!

xashee's corner said...

Thank you soooooooo very much for the WONDERFUL freebies (today & yesterday)!! hope you have a GREAT day :D

Judy said...

wow Kim your new kit Spring Passion is awesome ...I used it for my daughters layour and she loved it ...thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Oh my another landmark that Nathan is growing up Kimmy..a party with no grownups...LOL when I was a teenager, if I wanted to go to a party at someones house, my mother would call their mother first to see if it was alright and if they were going to be home, if they said no they werent going to be home, I DIDN'T GET TO GO...times have sure changed LOL..however I did sneak and go to a few..LOL..

Anonymous said...

Love your spring passion kit. Thank you for the freebie.

Unknown said...

Another sign that your baby is growing up, a party with NO Parents!! WOW loads of goodies today!! Thanks for sharing. I've done a LO with Flights Of Fancy, that is posted on my blog and in my album at DSO. Couldn't find a link for it, Did you not put it back in the store? I left word on my blog if anyone likes and want it they need to let you know. :)

pkdoll said...

Kim thank you for visiting my blog. That sure makes me feel good. Thank you for your kind words too. I really love all the LO's your CT are creating. And the beautiful freebies!!!! Thank you for being you.