Friday, 31 October 2008


Oh hell- I am sooooo late today,LOL. I'm still in my PJ's- and have an hour left to fetch Nathan and Deon and Loryn arrive in two- ARRGH, Can you say PANIC- hahahahaha

I tried to get my Colour Challenge stuff finished too- YAY, it's done! lol and you can come join me HERE .


Some brighter colours this month- and this is the Posting gifty that you will receive if you come play with me- wooohoooo. ( and I promise that on Monday all the Oct Posting gifts will go out- OOOPS)lol


SALE is still on including all CU goodies until WED next week- so don't miss it.

Want some hints and tips at's what's in the bags???- hee hee- of course ya do-


Using my Personal GRAB BAG- Luisa sent in this gorgeous LO!



KimberleyRae sent me this absolute stunner this morning too- LOVE the multiple pic display!! WOOOOHOO


Glam Tidings 01

And this cutie pie was sent in by Renee! How sweet is that pic! I love it-

And RENEE has some gifts for you on her blog too- (pss- a little tip- GUESS WHO'S BDAY it is ON MONDAY the 3rd!! lol- Yup Renee's!!) Don't we make a team- lol, hers on the 3rd and mine on the 4th! Watch out world we are hitting the town this weekend!! hahahahaha

Cluster Frame Prev

You can grab this stunning Cluster frame on her BLOG HERE.


Don't forget my CU bag is only $8 ( it has over $44 worth of goodies in it!)-

And I know some are a little weary of buying UNSEEN- ( but that takes all the fun out of it right??- lol) - yeah I know, so I thought I would REVEAL TWO items for you today ;-)


Some Lace for you to  create with- and I've given you a 100% close up to see it in detail too-



I LURRRVE me my lace- LOL

And I suppose these are the ones I really enjoy making the most- It's my therapy and I find I relax by playing with them- ( WIERD- I know Iknow- hahah)


Some Vintage styled patterned overlays- and I have decided with NDSD that will be TOMORROW( National Digital Scrapbooking Day)- I have made you a SAMPLER ( also CU OK)


Well I won't make it here tomorrow- hahahahahaha, YEAH, I'm actually just being honest- hangovers and bright computer screens just don't go down well together- I will leave this up until MONDAY- grab it here- 

Please note the paper is for PERSONAL USE ONLY!

OOOOH and hit the DSO BLOG LATER- it's HALLOWEEEEENY HUGE GIFTY TIME from all the DSO girls!! YUP- it's a huge present- please leave the girls some thanks as they have all had a hectic month this month- but managed to produce some AWESOME goodies for you- not only today - but the whole month!! YOU ROCK GIRLS!! GO DSO!!- mwah

Okies- I am now looking as tho I am fetching Nathan in my PJ's- BWAHAHAHA- no way's in hell- he can just wait a few more minutes- lol. I hope you all have a super duper weekend. Hugs and Loves Kim


Dinphy said...

Another CU item?!?! Kim girl, you're spoiling us!
An I'm looooooving it! :)
Thank you SO much!
Have a wonderful super-duper weekend!

Lesya said...

Kim, thank you so much for such a wonderful overlay! I enojoy reading your blog and scrolling through the great pages that you post on here. They are a true inspiration! :)

Melberry said...

Sorry I goofed about your actual birthdate! I'll try to remember it correctly next year. :) I love seeing what your CT does with your creations -- they're so good! Thanks for the gifts, and hope you're having a BLAST all the way to the big day.
Blessings, and HUGS

Jenni said...

Thanks for all the great goodies, have a wonderful weekend!!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Kim!!!!!!!!!!!
TY so very much for this AWESOME overlay!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a GRAND weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carjazi said...

Kim, you've outdone yourself with these grab bags and thanks sooo much for the freebie today. Hope you have a rawkin birthday weekend!!

Secret Garden said...

Thank you once again for your awesome share!

Tirza said...

Thank you Kim, I love the overlay and know just how I want to use it.

xashee's corner said...

Thank you so much for sharing!! LOVE the grab bags!! Have a WONDERFUL weekend and Happy Birthday too!! :D

katsk said...

Thank you!

LiviaY said...

Woohooo... another yummy gifty from Miss Kimmy! Thanks, girl!

WOW, that posting gift is FABULOUS...

Drink one for me tonight, ok? ;)

Oh, and on monday when you're not hungover anymore go check my blog... there's an award for ya there! ;)


Beth said...

Happy Happy Happy Happy Halloween Kim!!!! (Even though I know you guys don't celebrate it in S.A.! LOL!) Hope you're having a great weekend!

Addicted2Scrappin' said...

Thanks Kim and have a great weekend!!! HuGS!

Andrea said...

Hi Kimmie! Thanks for another fabulous CU freebie!!! You are full of surprises!


BrittneyFerguson said...

thank you soo much! this is beautiful!

emilymomto3boys said...

Thank you! THese overlays look gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 31 Oct [LA 09:00pm, NY 11:00pm] - 01 Nov [UK 04:00am, OZ 03:00pm] ).

M u s s said...

Thanks so much!
The lace looks FANTASTIC!!!

Sibylle said...

This overlay is gorgeous!! Thank you.

Ruth said...

Hi Kim, nice freebie again...thanks! and I've an AWARD for you:)) hop over here and grab it ok! have a nice day!!!

Lark said...

Love the grab bags. Have a great weekend and Happy Birthday. Thanks so much for sharing.

Kim's Scrappin' said...

Love the CU item, you sure are spoiling us. I LOVE it! Thanks for sharing. I hope the hanover isn't to bad! :)

tigger said...

Thank you!! The dragonflies are perfect for a wedding album I'm making for some friends who just got married. You've just made my job easier! Thank you!

Barbara said...

Kim, what a beautiful overlay. Thanks you for sharing!

Erika H. said...

What a gorgeous overlay...thank you so much.

Teriann said...

Kim your stuff is always so FABULOUS!! Thanks for the freebies - now I need to pick up the grab bag ;)

juliya said...

Thanks for your interesting creativity, for magnificent works, it to you my gift

April said...

Thank you so much. This is super!!! Thanks again

Bunny Cates said...

Just poppin by to say HI!!!

Mrs. Miles said...

PHOTO PHOTO - OH NO, did I just see you on Reuters? "Crazy blondie in pj's seen on the streets of SA, breaking all speeding records" Whahahahhaha!

I missed all this excitement as we were away visiting our dd!

I hope you're resting up for your birthday celebrations!


Mags said...

What a pretty overlay - lots of potential! Thanks so much!
:) Mags

Honey aka DAMSV said...

Thanks for sharing my dear, it's aprecciated.

Hugs & Greetings from Germany

♥♥audray♥♥ said...


Lauralee said...

Fantastic! Thanks for your generosity!

"CU Freebies Only Forum" sent me.

All Good Things!

Nathy said...

Thanks for sharing! CU Freebies Only Forum sent me :)

Squeaky Scraps said...

Very gorgeous!!! thanks so so much for sharing!!! absolutely beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

I am new at this - I think I understand 1 with one color - 2 looks a little hard??
Thank you for your work - I will try to learn.

Two of a Kind Photography said...

Beautiful CU overlay. TFS!