Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Trick and treating with DSO

hee hee- Ok it's my turn for Download of the day at DSO-

so the TRICK is to grab this freebie-


You got to READ my post HERE today- lol

Then you can pick up your TREAT ;-)

Hugs and Loves Me


Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

GOSH, GOLLY, GEE WHIZ girlie - you are a DESIGNING MACHINE!!! Your NEW overlays are STUNNING and I will shop when I arise!!!

I know I said I'd be over sooner, but I had to "scratch" that idea as my kitty, Zeke, decided to render me just about useless yesterday when he FREAKED OUT on two different occasions and CLAWED me good! BOTH times were on my RIGHT hand, which naturally just happens to be the one I favor!!! LOL!!! It was BLOODY hell I tell ya! ROFL!

Okay, I am off to read your post and grab your download of the day and then my BOOTSKY is going to bed!!! HAPPY WEDNESDAY my friend!!!


Linda :)

charlie said...

wowsers that kit is gorgeous..thanks so much!!!!!

Dinphy said...

Aw Kim, it's a beauty!!! LOVE the felt elements, and can't wait to give the other items a good look too!!
Thank you SO much!!

Unknown said...

you cow.
you arent supposed to make a girl CRY on her birthday (or the day before either!) Some friend YOU turned out to be! hehehee...

Im just kidding kimmie. You knows how much I luv you!

Big digital hug for now, will just have to do. {{{HUG}}}

Melberry said...

Your blog is a great way to start the day ... thanks for the TREAT of knowing you ... and your designs.


Gail said...

Happy Birthday, Bunny! And thank you, Kim, for sharing your wonderful gift!

Being Mrs Miles said...


The overlays are so very funky - I can see a bazillion uses for these!

I'll head to read your post, wish Buns a happy day, and scoop the beee-ewteeful d/l now!

You're amazing!


Peggie said...

Wow!talk about a kit having everything. This one sure does. Thank you, it is gorgeous.

pkdoll said...

Hi Kim!!!!
I have a new award for you. Just stop on my blog to get it!! Love your DSO download for today! It's sooooo cute! Talk to you soon.

pkdoll said...
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