Friday, 24 October 2008

WOOHOO- and some gifties

YIPPEEE_ my man comes home this evening- OH my gosh, I've missed him! Hell, I'm actually getting used to waking up with the birds in the morning now to take Nathan to school- and that stinks!! LOL. I still sit and work late here and now getting up earlier is just making these wonderful bags under my eyes bigger- hahaha. Ok - not that bad- but at least I won't have to drink my own coffee for a while. Don't you find that coffee made for you by someone else tastes better than your own??- Well I know Waynes always does.

OOOH- we have a big rugby match on Sat and as usual it's Wayne's and Deons teams in the final, ( of course I'm routing for the SHARKS!!- as Wayne's team is the BULLS- YUGH, BLAH, SPIT PUKE- ROTF) Can you already see the teasing and ribbing going on??- It's been happening all week already with mails coming through showing the SHARK eating the bull- or the Bull spearing the SHark- lol. Can't wait- it's going to be fun. Hey Jen, not too many Jaggi bombs now girl!

And Bunny has deserted us again- I swear that woman wants to give me WHITE hair before I'm 45- LOL. NO, it's just that I've got to keep an eye out on the store or for anything that goes wrong- but most times it's me that MAKES the BOOBOO's- hee hee, I even got a mail once that said DON'T PUSH ANY BUTTONS- BWAHAHAHAHA- Love you too Bunny and hope you have a great trip with the girls- you have to check out the *pic* on Bunny's blog today- too funny.

AHH- and I have some more stunning eye candy today for you and a few freebies too- WOOOHOOOO ( yup I said a FEW-lol)

Belinda Loryn kit1 (600 x 600)

This gorgeous one is by Silvia ( and it's a QP freebie on her blog too)


And this beautiful LO made for her sister who has just had her first Chemo for Breast Cancer is from KimberlyRae. Such a great way to show your support girl- I bet she will love it!


And this little cutie is LUISA as a young girl- Luisa is also *un-officially* on my CT - she didn't have a choice- hahahaha. You will remember Luisa as a designer at DSO- she is on leave at the moment- trying to get her health back- and yup, I'm keeping her busy-


Don't you think this cutie looks like her mom?- Luisa did this LO of her cute daughter and made it into a QP for you too-


Thanks Luisa- MWAH


FREEBIE NUMBER TWO- This stunning QP is made by Bonnie for us- Thanks Girl- You can Grab this HERE-

Thanks Bonnie- another MWAH

Loryn is still on SALE @ 25% off ( not for long)- you can check it out HERE.

And it's my turn for TRICK or TREAT on the DSO blog- yup some more goodies to fill up that *halloween bag*-


I made a cluster frame for ya- You can Grab this one HERE-  and OH BOY_ my counter is getting close- and I know I don't blog on the weekends- so if it hits this weekend HANG ON TO YOUR PANTS on MONDAY- WOOHOOOO,

I hope you all have a stunning weekend, have fun, try and be good ( actually NAH- just be careful ok-LOL). Sending loves and hugs Kim


Snowsmoon said...

Thank you so much for the goodies. I see you have been a busy lady. Your CT team has done an awesome job. Thank you, Kim for the goodies and Have a wonderful weekend.

Unknown said...

ooo those flowers are gorgeous!

Got Brandon on the bus, and am popping on one last time before loading the car.

Supposed to rain all weekend so I dont know what we'll be doing instead of the horses and hayride.

Will hollar when I get back!

Bekah_E'scape2Scrapland said...

wow! gorgeous LO's! your CT is amazing! :) (as you know) ;) thank you for the beautiful gifties. Have a great weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Wow wonderful LO's and freebies. Thanks girls for all your wonderful pages. Have a wonderful weekend Kim and go the Bulls.....or is it Sharks? I dunno. LOL

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Kim!!!!!!
TY all so very much for todays FAB goodies!!!!!!!!!
Have a AWESOME weekend with your HONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Being Mrs Miles said...

I know why its called a CLUSTER frame, its cuz we all 'cluster' around and go OOOHHHH and AHHHH! haha!

You're little giver is working overtime again Kim - you're too kind! Thanks for all your generosity etc.

Mostly, I love reading your blog, you always brighten my day.

Do you ever make those SIGNS to hold up at the rugby matches? Could be fun. haha, getting ideas? ( a shark BITING a bull?) haha, I'm such an instigator.

As usual, your guest layouts are stunning. Beautiful. Wonderful! How talented these folks are.

I'm going to hop on over to Buns.

Muah at ya!

Peggie said...

Thank you both. These are beautiful.

MrsRomer said...

Too funny and great goodies. There are just not enough hours in the day for us to get everything in we need to :(

Visiting from the DST blog train!

Bonnie said...

i know isn't that weird-how someone eles's coffee etc tastes better than your own? Although I am very fussy with my tea and normally prefer to make it myself! I always tease my DH and say "It's gotta be weak, white and oh so sweet"!!! ha ha. Glad Wayne is home and enjoy the rugby...I hate rugby ha ha, and thank goodness J doesn't watch it either-whew! I have enough of sport with my house being invaded when ever the F1 is on! (the in laws and bro-in-law don't have DSTV) ha ha, okay after that little NOVEL, I will will say adieu!!!

Dana said...

Thank you for the wonderful pages.

Unknown said...


You tell Wayne that with fans cheering all the way across the world the Sharks have no choice but to win.

Enjoy the game! And you HAVE to let us know who wins, K?


Lesya said...

Thank you so much for these cluster frmames. You literally save me hours. I get little anxiety attacks if there is clutter around me, so naturally it's my weak point when it comes to scrapping...putting all those elements on top of each other lol...
Anyway, thank you again!!! :)
Have a wonderful weekend!

Cautcha Lookin' Images said...

Beautiful gorgeous cluster frame, love all the flowers and greenery. Awesome colors! Superb work, as always.

Wonderful eye candy you shared with us, too.

Thanks Kim!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful cluster.. thank you so much for this gift!

Anonymous said...

Kim!!! I am blog hopping today and your freebies are so FABULOUS!!!

Love you fun blog - you have the touch!!


Unknown said...

Beautiful layouts and WOW what FABULOUS goodies! Thanks :)

Luisa said...

Girl, I am so happy to be in your CT, your freebies are awesome, I love the cluseter, Thanks so much for sharing!!

Ramie :-) said...

Thank you so much!!

Unknown said...

Just popped back in to let you know that I have an award on my blog for you Kim.

By Dezign said...

WHOOOOHOOOOOO, the tickerer thingamabobby went beserk!!!!

By Dezign said...

Ooops, forgot to say I love the new look, it's gorgeous!!!! with capitals!!!!

Jenni said...

Love your new look blog, thanks for the freebies!!!! Woohooo goooo Sharkies, yes, we woooon,so exciting!!(pop over to my blog later for PHOTOS!!