Thursday, 20 November 2008

eye candy and freebies galore

Well Waynie made it to work this morning- he is much better and has stopped walking like the robot man- bwahahaha. He was actually tooo funny yesterday- real Goofy from the injection and tablets he was given- and everytime I would say something to him I would get that *blank stare* with a slow *HuuuuuH?*- HAHAHAHAH. Well at least it helped and we are back to normal in the house! And Mel it's been raining on and off all week- today it's been raining softly all day and it's really nice- but I need my washing dry dammit,  hahaha, No I don't use a tumbler dryer unless it's a real emergency- SUN dry is so much nicer, and the clothes stay the SAME size- lol

OOOh gosh- my wonderful CT have been at it this week and playing with my new Christmas Grab bag goodies!


There are 6 kits in here full of goodies ( only a few hints shown in the preview) which works out to ONLY $1 per KIT! They are ALL CU ok

Here is a STUNNING Lo by Silvia using a template by LorieM Designs, and my Bag goodies and Words for You in my last bag ;-)

winter for Kim (600 x 600)

LOVE IT!! The photo of the girls is just BEAUTIFUL!


PK Doll sent in this stunner and made the Background paper herself with my Patterns in the bag! How cool is that dog with his hat- LOL

And here comes some pressy's for you- WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Jenni ( Chaos Lounge)has made a * ADD ON* kit to her Whimsical Winter kit and used it in a LO -


How CUTE is this!! I LOVE IT-

And here is the FREEBIE you can pick up on Jen's Blog


LOVE what you did with the goodies girl! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!! Please leave some love when you pick it up HERE ;-)

And my dear friend Pamela has been playing too-


Just look at that FACE- he looks ready to BURST- and according to Pamela- he is! lol, ever since he had this photo taken he has been asking if it's Christmas yet?- HAHAHAHA- LOVE IT-


You can grab this STUNNING QP on Pamela's blog now too- ( aren't my girls just AWESOME!!!- WOOHOOOO)

And last but not least my WACKY friend Nett- now Nett is the extraction whore as she calls herself-LOL and a real LO whizz- so During my Bday the team CONVINCED Nett to try designing and creating something towards my Bday kit- and she made an Alpha we ALL LOVED- so guess what- she took the plunge AGAIN for you using the goodies from my bag-


These are AWESOME!!! WOOOHOOOO- go Nett! LOL, Please please please leave her a comment so we can keep her making these-, I think we have an Alpha whore now girl! LOL You can grab them HERE>

And of course I ate that doughnut yesterday- and the crisps - OUCH- lol, having Wayne home is NEVER good for the hips! hahahahaha- Hope you all have a stunning day Hugs and Loves Kim


Nett said...

I couldn't figure out why Kristine was calling me an alpha whore LOLOLOL! It didn't shock me or throw me off guard or anything, just made my head tilt a little like a curious dog "baroo?"!!! NOW it makes sense LOL! Thanks for sending people my way so I could share, and thanks for all the goodies to make it ;) Have a good one girl, MWAH!!

Cat said...

sun dried ..I love it!! you country don't like winter cause I can't sun

Thanks for sharing ur hard work..


Mrs. Miles said...

Ask for the credit card... too bad, you missed him in a weakened state girlfriend. Rule one, man down, get the wallet. *kidding* (big cheesey grin)

I am sorry for your rain, I tried to send SNOW. Musta melted somewhere along the way. sigh.

Love all the layouts and goodies - gosh its like Christmas already on your blog girl!

I may even play with some of these awesome CU goodies yet... well we will see, having my husband as my teacher I can't get away with not doing my computer graphics homework. He spanks!