Monday, 15 December 2008

Holiday fever in the air

Yup, it's here, I can feel it as my phone doesn't stop ringing- people already on holiday are driving like they haven't got a care in the world- LOL, Don't they know that some of us still have things to do dammit- HAHAHAHAHA- but tomorrow is a holiday here too! Wayne is home so I am trying to tell him to keep quiet just for 5 minutes so I can say a HI-lol, never been good at trying to type. talk and listen- somehow it all gets a little mixed up! Yeah Yeah- Bunny I hear you- I am mixed up- ROTF!!!!

So I'm not going to make this one a long one today( well evening for me-lol).

I went to visit my mom this weekend-She can't be with us Christmas day, so we went there to make lunch at her house - Wayne cooked, and Nathan even washed the dishes- OMG, I swear I thought it was going to RAIN! That is something I have to BEG him to do here ( thank goodness for my housekeeper!) and I caught him on film too-lol

Thought I'd share some really SCARCE photo's of my mom and I ( I don't have that many- so these are rather precious)


hee hee- I wonder who I take after! lol, and Yup I think the growing of my hair thing goes in the BIN this week- BLACH! hahaha


This is my VERY SPECIAL step sister Brenda whom I LOVE DEARLY- she is a *special* girl with special needs - but has a HEART as big as the ocean!

My mom looked after her when her mom didn't want anything to do with her. And she still lives with them. Her and I land up having the giggles all the time and I LOVE IT!


CAUGHT - hahahahahaha, and my mom was giving him tips on how to wash and rinse- hahahaha. Too funny, when he saw the flash go off he was * MOM!*- hahahaha.

AND AND AND- woooohooooooooooooooooooooo-

I eventually managed to finish it! I have a new kit done! It's called Time Anew-


Great for party and New Years LO's! It has 14 papers, 3 torn and worns, and 56 elements in it!

Popping on to put up the link- just got home- lol

Time Anew is UP- WOOOOHOOO, and is 35% off at the moment too ;-)

YOu can see the more detailed previews and description HERE.

But thought I would show you what I did with it so long-


This is our friends Charmaine and Donald at their own farewell party- she had such a beautiful purple dress on ( more to come- LOL) and they have now moved to Johannesburg- so these will go into an album for them ;-)

I also made it into a QP for you today- WOOOHOOOOOOOOO> lol


You can grab it here- Until Wednesday ;-) hope you have a super duper day ( and now I can tell Wayne he can talk again- HAHAHAHAHAHAHA) Hugs and Loves Kim


Sherrie said...

Thank you for sharing the fmaily photos with us. :-) Have a fun holiday tomorrow.

Thanks for the QP! Oh, and thanks for the Christmas Around the World kit, too. I snagged it yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures Kim!!!!

Swingin' thru quickly to leave you some blog love!!! Hope to blog soon but I keep getting distracted...LOL

Crops said...

*** sneaks in on my hands and knees, hoping not to be seen.....grabs that whip and RUNSSS really fast***

Nice photos of you and your Mom and sister! Always good to have those!!!! And Nathan doing dishes.... PRICELESS....
Thanks for the QP....I know I should be working on your kit....but I am a downloading FOOL today....LOL
Chat with ya soon!

LouCeeCreations said...

Your new kit really has the
P-A-R-T-Y feel all over it!

Ain't it funny how our teens always volunteer to do little chores at Grandma's but never at home lol!

love seeing your pics today

Being Mrs Miles said...

oh YEAH - me too me too! I'm a single task only woman. Mr. Miles can do countless things all at the sametimebuticannotitdrivesmecrazy. Can't us women take some course like the speed reading idea, but for mutli tasking, huh?

Your friends name Charmaine - thats only the second time I've heard that name, I think its beautiful. Do you know if it means something? Is it french?

I like the way you cut them out and put them on that frame, I've been trying my hand at that. a lot.

Your kit is yummy belicious and I have JUST the pics to scrap it to. Do too. You just wait and see!

well, got a million tasks pulling at me too, or I'd stay and chew on your ear (or eyes) all day long Kimmy wimmie.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Digital Freebies Search List, under the Quick Page(s) post. Thanks again.

Peggie said...

This is gorgeous. I want to use it for our 48th wedding anniversary coming us soon! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

This is coool,
thank you!

Vana63 said...

waahoo, I Luv purple and silver :-) Thank You, Happy Holidays to you and your family!!!

Tammy Dunlap said...

Thanks this is lovely!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow Kim.. luv the new kit! Thank you oodles for the QP. I adore it. Always cool to read your blog.. really liked todays entry. Really nice. ;)


Anonymous said...

Purple is my favorite color, and this is gorgeous! Thank you!


Anonymous said...

What fun photos! Thanks for the great qp, love the kit!


Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 15 Dec [LA 09:00pm] - 16 Dec [NY 12:00am, UK 05:00am, OZ 04:00pm] ).

abhall76 said...

Love that new kit, going to have to think about getting it to make stuff for my Mom. Purple is her favorite color and her Birthday is New Years Day so I think it is meant to be!

Great job catching your son doing dishes... one of these days I hope to catch mine doing them too....

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Good morning Sweety!!!!!!!!!
LOVE the Photos!!!!!!!!
Yep you look like your Mom!!!!!!!LOL
You must have been thinking of me when you made this kit!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
After all its in my FAV color & I WILL HAVE TO BUY IT!!!!!!!!!
So be sure to let us know when its in the shop!!!!!!!!!!!!
TY so very much for this MAGNIFICENT QP!!!!!!!!!!!!
HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...


Andrea said...

Kim, LOVE the pics of you, your Mom & your sweet sister! I think your hair looks good! :)

Catching Nathan doing the dishes...too funny!

LOVE your new kit! So sparkly & fun! Great layout & QP!!!

Happy Day!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful QP! TFS, Kim! Your Mom must be a very special person! Grat family photos! Merry Christmas to you and your family!
Scrappingmamaw aka KYhawk2

Unknown said...

I just love your style!!! I am fairly new to the scrapbooking thing but used to do commercial layouts.

Thanks for sharing your time and talents.

Dana said...

Thank you for the beautiful page.

Being Mrs Miles said...

And I am so in awe to see pics of you and your Mom - wish I still had one to have a picture of. I had two and never TRULY got to appreciate them, for my WISDOM came with age, then they were gone. Do treasure every moment with her.

LOVE your top - that is soooo pretty! LOVE IT.

Thank you for sharing your friend too... Kim, I just read a book, and it would TOTALLY relate, re: your friend... its such a great book - if you go to the library you should take it out, promise me, you'll KNOW when you read it exactly what I'm saying. Its this book:

anywayyyys, I am having a quiet at home, catchin up day. I'll catch up with you again soon.

muah (thats Canadian for MWAH *snort*)

Anonymous said...

That's fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing with those of us who are less talented!!!

icedlatteprincess:) said...

OM GOSH!!! I LOVE your NEW kit Time Anew!!! I saw Flergs LO on her blog and hit the link to you and bought it!!! It is STUNNING!!! Thank you so much for the freebie add-on and the QP too:) You are now in my favorites list:) Today is our 14 year Anniversary and your new kit will just be perfect for all of those special "PARTY" occasions. THANK YOU!

Susie said...

Thanks Kim, love all the layouts made with your kit and thank you for sharing the QP, it's lovely.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful kit!! Thanks for the lovely quick page!