Thursday, 11 December 2008


I hate shopping, I hate shopping, I hate shopping- LOL! Yup, that feels better now- ARRGH, I really hate shopping in the December holiday season- the Schools here are now all on summer holiday- a lot of people finished work this last Friday past for their Annual leave ( the rest this Friday- including Wayne ;-), and EVERYONE is in the shops! lol- I went to try get my phone upgrade but after driving around the car park 4 times I decided it can wait till January- hahahaha- it's NOT that important that I need to frustrate myself to no end.

We did go into the mall on the other side (yup I went underground there for parking! WOOHOO)- as I really needed to replace my face cream- but as luck would have it- NOPE, the face cream I USE is not on any type of special or doesn't come with a gift for Christmas like all the other ones?- HUH?? WHAT??_ but every other one does- COME ON- lol? I of course put on a little *but you kidding, really, why?, and it's so expensive yet I can buy cheaper and get a whole pack,night cream and with eye creams etc?- hee hee,

WOOOHOOOOOOOOO- the girl at the make up house filled a bag- and I'm not talking three or four things here- she put in so many sample bottles of the same range that I won't need to touch the NEW creams till at least Feb! BWAHAHAHAHAHA- PLUS she went around and got me samples of ALL the new perfumes that have just come out- for men and woman! I felt like a kid opening a lucky packet now- Wayne has enough to play with too- So maybe I don't hate the shopping THAT much today- LOL

I re-instated my GRAB BAGS for DECEMBER


I'm leaving them up until the 24th DECEMBER for those that missed them- (please note this IS the SAME one that has been up for the Black Friday/Nov sale)

this one does have a few Christmas things in it- so I thought with Christmas around the corner I would just leave them as is.;-)


And of course the CHRISTMAS ONE- this one is full of Christmas goodies only ;-)

AND OOH OOOH- just look at this-


Bunny made this of her family using these two products-

My From Santa with Love kit and these-


It's her Christmas Template set- easy peasy to make up some great Christmas gifts and wishes- you can see them HERE

And our wonderful * Alpha whore* as we now call her- HAHAHAHAHA- has been busily creating THESE-


These are AWESOME! And there are THREE of them! WOOHOOOO- thanks Nett, and you can all pick them up here. Please remember to leave some love;-)

And check this little guy out-


Remember last years??- IT'S BACK- WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO- lots of Christmas gifty's - MAKE SPACE on your Hide drives NOW- lol, there are a TON of designers that you all love giving away tons of *co-ordinating* goodies! So tomorrow I will get on early I promise- with my portion too!

Hope you all have a super day further- Hugs and loves Kim


Crops said...

I gotta clean out this computer TONIGHT!!! LOL
Hey kimmyyyyyyy....I got something for ya on me blog, swing by and pick it up k! Now I gotta run to these other blogs...ohhh, it's not even xmas yet! LOL


eilajean said...

Thank you so much for stopping by, and the compliments. I have to laugh about your sample "score". LUCKY YOU! The stores are so cheap with the samples here in the states. A dear friend and I used to go to all the best perfume counters in Kansas City - LOL - that is probably why they stopped. I guess it doesn't matter too much, as I only am allowed to wear fragrances in the winter anyway (too buggy in the woods). Anyway, thanks again!

PS - no need to clear my hard drive - I have 200 GB free, just waiting for the train. well, maybe only 100 - but I am sure I might make a stop ot two- just really lookin forward to seeing what my fav designers come up with.