Friday, 26 December 2008

Still FULL! lol

Jumping on quick while Wayne takes Nathan back to his friends;-)

Did Santa spoil you??  I got really spoilt, and I wasn't expected it either- BWAHAHAHA, cause my hubby is usually a Christmas EVE shopper- he runs out here in the morning and comes back usually in the afternoon ( due to traffic and crowds- haha) but this year he was at home- and now that got me thinking too- When is the man going to go shopping dammit?- I at least want a book and my usual box of chocolates ( this is the Norm fill in when he can't think of anything else or runs out of time LOL )

Yeah ,he had done his shopping already BEFORE he even went on leave-and NO BOOK -lol, sheeeee's - the man really has gone soft! I got a bracelet that I'm tooo scared to wear! It's BEAUTIFUL! OMG- it's the first time he has bought me jewelry in about 5 years! We've always said any spare money would be for house renovations etc or spent on something WE BOTH could use- he decided I deserved it- AHHHHH- check this out-


He said it was so ME when he saw it - and he is right- I LOVE IT! WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO. (it's getting insured before I wear it though- lol)

Got a cordless keyboard and fancy graphics mouse from Nathan too and a Canon external flash for my camera! I CRIED! yup- like a baby- lol, I felt like a princess yesterday and Wayne even did the main cooking for lunch! He did I tell you! lol, I did the starters and the pudding and the table- he did the meats and Veg- it was really one of the best Christmas days I can remember having - it was only the FAMILY and we ate so much I got CRAMP when I BREATHED- bwahahahaha.

I thought I would share some of the photo's from my day yesterday with you-

Christmas 08 017

hee hee- he's a young man now- but like all of us a KID on Christmas morning.

Christmas 08 028

And our *fur Baby's* ALWAYS get a Christmas treat from Santa too- including new collars ( my kitty hates me at the moment- hers has a HUGE bell on it- BWAHAHAHAH)

Christmas 08 034

My housekeeper didn't want to go home this Christmas and stayed and joined us- she looked so cute dressed up in her traditional dress with her Santa's hat-hahaha

Christmas 08 038

The only time the family really have photo's taken TOGETHER is Christmas day- lol, but this year it's a TYPICAL one as the boys are now in this competitive joking STAGE- lol. Check the photo carefully!

Christmas 08 039

My Table- wooopie! lol

Christmas 08 045

See what I meant about my BOYS- hahaha- check Nathan nudging Wayne before he pulls the Cracker- hahaha

Christmas 08 052

With my Dad- awwww, we laughed as the cracker wouldn't BANG and we couldn't quite get it to tear-lol

Christmas 08 056

So I stood up to do mine with Waynes- my BIL is the one ducking as arms go flying as it tears- hahahahaha

Christmas 08 077

Trying to find space for AIR- hahahaha, we relaxed outside before coffee.


Loucee thank you, thank you, thank you for your GORGEOUS card and ornaments- -


She used my From Santa with love kit to make the card and the gift bag- how COOL is that!


And I got two of these Stunning Vintage handmade ornaments! Louise they look SO GOOD on my tree- thanks so much again!

And I got this in my mail this morning too-


Thanks so much Elle for this STUNNING Lo of your kids! It's BEAUTIFUL! Love the blending of the photo on the disco ball!!

And my Time Anew kit that Elle used is still 35% off- perfect for those up and coming old years party photos-lol


Check it out here.

And just a little something for you today- wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee-


Some *friends* word art to play with- . I hope you all have a super rest today and I'm now off to find something MORE to eat- hahahaha. Hugs and Loves Kim


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Good morning Sweety!!!!!!!!!
You sure did have a FANTASTIC Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE the bracelet he sure did SURPRISE you!!!!!!!! LOL
TY for sharing the WONDERFUL pics too!!!!!!!!!
When you have the time you can pop over to my blog to see the Cinnamon brooms I decorated as gifts for the female presents I gave this year!!!
TY also for the COOL WA!!!!!!!!!!
HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!

Me said...

This word art is perfect--thanks so much for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing your photos! Table looked beautiful and all the family shots are marvelous... your Christmas sounds like a fairytale, Kim. One really important question - does Wayne have any brothers??? LOL

You all look as though you had such a wonderful time...I hope your New Year follows suit and it's THE best ever!!!!

xashee's corner said...

Thank you soo much for sharing your Christmas!! i LOVE the photos and that bracelet is BEAUTIFUL!!! so is your table! :D and i LOVE that even the housekeeper was included in the festivities too!! HUGS!! i hope you have a safe and WONDERFUL New year also!!! :D

Kim's Scrappin' said...

Love the bracelet! Your table was beautiful and enjoyed seeing your Christmas photos. Thanks for the fantastic wordart :)

Yvonnewilt said...

I love your beautiful bracelet. Thank you for sharing your photos, your son and dh look like they like to have a lot of fun...Thank you for the wonderful word art.

crzymom said...

Sounds as though you had a lovely Christmas. Your bracelet is gorgeous!!! Thank you for the goody.

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

WOO HOO girl, you were a PAMPERED princess and I agree, deservedly so!

I LOVE your furababies Kim, they are TOO sweet and I thank you for sharing your Christmas day with ALL of us in SCRAPLAND. I am SO fascinated with seeing the different displays of decor from all around the globe! BEAUTIFUL!!!

KUDOS to our men for being such FINE chefs, eh?

Your pressie from Wayne is GORGEOUS and it is, indeed, YOU! You both SPARKLE and SHINE!!! ENJOY, ENJOY!!!

Well, I'm off for Christmas Day #2 and better get busy before everyone arrives as I am on my own this morning!!!

Lots of love and a BIG hug,
Linda :)

.:Bree:. said...

Thank you Kim! So cute!
And I'm glad that you had so much fun celebrating! :D

Happy new year!

Shanners said...

I'm so glad you had such a wonderful day. Yes, you DO deserve it! Thanks for always being so generous.

Marie said...

CUTE pictures! And you DID get spoiled!!! :D (as you so deserve!!!) Thanks for the WordArt and Happy Holidays!!!!

charlie said...

Mwahhhhhh glad you got the pampering you deserved..Have a wonderful new year too..Charliexxx

Vana63 said...

Kim, looks and sounds like you and your family had a great holiday :-) Thanx for sharing your pics and your friends wordart!!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely, thank you!

Snowsmoon said...

Well, I guess I don't need to ask if you had a great Christmas...WOW Kim...You are so luck and pampered. Your gifts are wonderful and looks like you family really enjoyed the holiday. Love to see the joy and love in all of your photos. Happy Holidays and have a wonderful New Year! Hugs

Anonymous said...

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Martie said...

Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful wordart, Kim!

LouCeeCreations said...

Hi Kim... Your table looks fantastic and what a gorgeous bracelet too!
my furbaby got a new collar with diamante bones on it and of course a new squeaky toy too! he LOVES opening pressies and opened some of ours too lol!
glad you like your little pressie.. it's just a little thankyou for all that you given us throughout the year...
Much love and hugs to ya!

Vicki said...

OMGosh! That bracelet is GORGEOUS you lucky lady you!!! Your Christmas looks FABULOUS - those boys look like they're having a hoot! Great to see your photos - I love seeing other people's Christmasses - I'm so nosey!! LOL! Hugs x

Judy said...

Thanks for taking some time out and showing us your wonderful Christmas piccies.
You deserve that is so beautiful. Your table looked great and it was lovely to see a photo of your housekeeper.
Thanks for the word art and a Happy New Year to you and your family.

Pattycakes said...

Love this wordart!!!!!!!!! Thank you! :)

Susie said...

I love the word art, thank you so much and what a fun time it looks like you all had!

txbubbles said...

Oh My!!! You must have been a VERY good girl this year! LOL!!!
Vicki in Texas

Andrea said...

Your bracelet is GORGEOUS!!! What a sweet hubby! You deserve to be pampered! Your table is beautiful!! We have so much family come over that we do the paper plates & plastic forks! HAHAHA

Love the funny pictures! We also ate ourselves into oblivion! LOL

Your dogs are SO CUTE!!!

Thanks for the awesome wordart!

FabulousTerrah said...

Wow Kim! What a fantabulous bracelet!!!! Thank you fr the freebie for it one that I can use!

HUGS from Texas, *Terrah*

Jenni said...

Hi Kim
Just popping by to say hi, hope you had a great holiday, love all the photos and LO's,and your bracelet is gorgeous, spoilt and lucky you!! We should be leaving here sometime next week, we have not definitely decided when. Hope to catch up on everything I have missed soon!

Crops said...

Well, somebody has been a very good girl this year!!!! LOL Good for you! That bracelet is to die for!!!! I LOVE it!!!! That color has my name written all over it....hahahaha
I LOVED seeing your photos, and that table....all your missing is MARTHA STEWART!!!!!! LMAO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
Thanks for the wordart, I snagged it too....couldnt resist! mwahhhhh

Anonymous said...

Love your page! Great stuff and ideas too! Thanks!

Luisa said...

Beautiful bracelet, good job Wayne!! LOL, Girl I am so glad you have such a great Christmas!! Thanks so much for the wordart!!

Judy said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog today and thank you so much for the word art freebie ! I love it.

Anonymous said...

Beautbracelt and beautiful word art. Thanks!

Vera said...

thank you for the wordart :)

Merry Christmas! And I just have to say, that;s a very pretty bracelet :)

Melanie said...

Now, I've been reading your blog all year and I KNOW you weren't that good this year. But Wayne must have thought so! (wink, wink) LOL! Great photos. Thanks for sharing them and for the wordart!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful word art!

Simone said...

Thanks for the beautiful wordart,
Wow! you better treat your Hubby real nice, that is a Beautiful bracelet. Happy New Year

Lynn said...

I'm so glad that you had a great Christmas! And, thank you so much for the word art. I think that I'm am the world's worst at word art.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the fabulous word art! Happy new year!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Good morning Sweety!!!!!!!!!!
MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm just poppin in to WISH YOU & YOUR FAMILY A SAFE, HEALTHY, HAPPY & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vicki said...

Hey Kim! Just passing by to wish you a wonderful new year! You'll see 2009 before me, so be sure to send it on it's way to England when you've greeted it! LOL! Have lots of fun! Hugs x

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Just me again letting you know I used your Time A New kit again for a LO for New Years on my blog!!!!!!!!!!!

xashee's corner said...

stopping in the say thank you so much for visiting me!! Also want to wish you the BEST New Year!!! HUGS!! :D

Crops said...


LouCeeCreations said...

It's 2 in the morning and DH and friends have gone to pick up our girls from a party,, so I'm stopping by aa few blogs to wish my friends a Happy New Year...
best of luck in 09 :)

CbhScrapbookFreebiesSearch said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Scrapbook Freebies Search List, under the Word Art post on Jan. 01, 2009. Please, notice that I've changed my url. Thanks again and Happy New Year.