Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Back to School

AWWW- and here we go- Last year of SCHOOL! I was feeling a little melancholy this morning- remembering Nathans 1st day at school! Goodness it really feels like Yesterday! And then remembering my mom and dad sitting in our lounge at home at 1.30am in the morning, waiting for me to come home with all my friends(including Wayne) after we had gone down to our news paper house to get the first edition print for the next day at midnight ,to see if we had passed Matric ( grade 12). WOW- that also seems like yesterday-lol

So I went and dug up some old photo's to find the ones from Nathans first day-


AWWWWW- all shiny and new.

And then I had to make him STOP this morning so I could get another shot of his first LAST year- lol


Also all shiny but not so new anymore- LOL


MOM!!!!- ENOUGH now- lol, yup that's my little man ( who now has FUZZ on his top lip and is asking me for a razor- ARRGHHH)-hahaha.

Used a frame by FLERGS.

And Mrs Miles- Yes here is South Africa the children wear uniforms to school- which I think is FANTASTIC! There's no peer pressure on what to wear each day - and each school has it's own identity too by the blazers/badges they wear. Even though they are expensive- Nathan's previous blazer before this one lasted 3 years! We hand them into the school for their second hand shop when the kids outgrow them ;-).

Dad missed the first day- and I had to do the EARLY morning traffic run- OMG, I think my body is in SHOCK today- BWAHAHAHAHA, it's thinking its already 3/4pm in the afternoon- not 12.30pm! WAY to early for this woman! lol


perfect for all those *love, Valentine kits or creations*- well honestly they will add nicely to ANY kit!


Made with Love 1-

(felt hearts, beaded wire hearts and charms, beads,buttons and ribbon)-

There are 6 PNG *original* files in each- large for easy resizing!

All High Quality and can be changed to suit your colour schemes easily with your HUE/SAT levels.


Made with Love- 2

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Hutchie used the goodies to make up this Stunning Lo of her mom and hubby on their wedding day.



Loucee did a LO too- WOOHOOOO, I just love those DANGLES she made!



Renee used some of the goodies above as well as papers from my Hearty Tarty kit too! Aren't they both Stunning!


And is some MORE eye candy from my team using my new Hearty Tarty kit!


This stunning Scraplift is by PK DOLL! and oh man I want to pinch those little cheeks sooo bad- lol



And a second one from the one and only Ms FLERGS!- hee hee- Just look at this face! LOVE the circle photos and the side journaling! TOOO CUTE!

Don't forget the kit is only on SALE until the 25th! So grab it while it's still marked down.


And here are the second lot of BB PAGES for you! WOOHOOOOOOOOOOO- isn't Beth the BB QUEEN lol ! These are stunning and you can grab them here-

Well let me find some CAFFFEINE to keep me going today- it's also my first day back at a TIME SCHEDULE- blah! hahahahaha. Have a great day further. Hugs and loves Kim


Bunny Cates said...

Im sad for you my friend. I think I will have to spend the day in bed with tissues and chocolates when Bub starts his LAST year.

and the fuzz, UGH! Dont they know they are NOT supposed to grow up!

thanks for hitting my blog AND my photoblog Kimmie. My photoblog is a barren land, I can totally hear crickets when I go look at it.

pkdoll said...

Kim they grow up way toooooo fast. Nathan has sure evolved into a real handsome young man. The last year of school usually holds lots of surprises for them and on graduation day parents will be going through lots and lots of mixed emotions. I like the uniform idea too--peer pressure can be devastating to some. They don't have to worry about what brand of jeans they have to fit in because that's what "everyones" wearing!! KWIM!?
Love all the eye candy!! The pages are all gorgeous. Take care and talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

Love the now & then pictures of Nathan. My teenager too is in his last year of school - your photos
gives me an idea for a layout. Wish we had uniforms - I hate the jeans dragging and their underware sticking out. These american trends are awful. Love all the layouts - Thanks for the BB pages.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Good morning Kim!!!!!!!!!!
AWESOME LO's!!!!!!!!!!!!
TY both so very much for both MARVELOUS set of pages!!!!!!!!!!!!
HUG HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristine said...

Morning Kim!!! Love the layouts but the pics of Nathan are the best!!! He's grown up! You're not OLD enough to be the mom of a grown up dammit!!!

Ms Kittie said...

OMG! What a good looking young man. My 3rd son is 8 so I have a while before his last day. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

Brenda said...

Many, many thanks - to Beth, for making these, and to you, for sharing :-D

xashee's corner said...

i LOVE Nathan's pictures!! what a handsome young man!
Your newest CU items look WONDERFUL & FUN!! i LOVE all the layouts too! they are FAB!! Thank you and Beth for sharing such BEAUTIFUL bb pages too!! Hope you have a GREAT day! :D

Andrea said...

Hi last year already? Sad. Time flies! I wish it would stop doing that. LOL

Fuzzy lip, that's funny!

LOVE your new kit! Fun colors & doodles!! All those layouts are GORGEOUS!!!

Love Beth's beautiful BB pages!! Thanks for sharing :)

txbubbles said...

Just got back from the store (I couldn't resist picking up Hearty Tarty while I was there!) WOW!!! You have outdone yourself again!
Vicki in Texas

Vana63 said...

sleepin' in, one of the good things when they've finally finished that last more early a.m. school runs!!!

ps...Luv your new Hearts :-)

Judgirl said...

wow how time does fly ...what a little cutey to a big handsome man. You must be very proud of him ... I know you love him lots. Well have your coffee and thanks for the new kit Hearty tarty ..stopped by DSO last night and picked it up ...hope to do something with it soon ...


Peggie said...

Thanks, these are beautiful.

Crops said...

If I was only 30 years younger!!!
What a handsome young man you got there!!! He tooks sooo sweet!

Love the BB's from Beth, she is way tooo GOOD at these! So a big thanks goes to her!! and of course YOU!!!

Chat with ya soon!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great BB's

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 21 Jan [LA 09:00pm] - 22 Jan [NY 12:00am, UK 05:00am, OZ 04:00pm] ).

Bonnie said...

Arw....cute, ha ha. Time flies I am sure!!! Put a couple of Bricks on Nathans head! ha ha.

Dana said...

Thank you so much - these are great!

Lvy said...

Merci pour ces merveilles !!!!!

Tina said...

Your son is growing up to be a very good-looking man! There are some schools here in the U.S. (California) that have uniforms. I wish there were more. It would make it a lot easier on the parents and there wouldn't be all the competition with clothes. Hopefully some day we will catch up to the rest of the world! :) Thanks for all that you do for us with all the freebies and beautiful kits!!

Mrs. Miles said...

Here, let ME make you a cuppa! I suspect we both like it BLACK and strong!!!

Oh Kim, would'nt it be cool for you to find a pic a year of Nathan and do like a morph or picture stack from small to big?

Do you ever call him Nate?

GREAT looking uniforms - NICE looking young man.

I could feel you puffing up with pride from all the way over here. You done GOOD, Mamma!

I think uniforms are a great idea also from a GREEN idea - they get recycled!

Thanks for another wonderful post, Kim! Wishing you a fabulous day, my friend.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good afternoon Kim:)
I finally got caught back up on your blogging and I want to thank you sooo much for all you share and for leaving the links up.I was gone for a week and am soo glad to still be able to get your goodies.I love your stuff!!:)
I know what you mean about your son growing up.My oldest is thirty four and I think he is still growing.The last pair of shoes he got was a size fifteen.!! Ay chee wah wah.LOL There's no choice either when you have that big of feet.You go in the store..see if they have any fifteens and then grab it before some other giant gets to them.LORL
On a serious note..No matter how big they are always their Mom.:)My guys let me know all the much they love me and I am sooo blessed.:)

Have a wonderful day!!


Toni said...

Thank you for the QP´s !!

Tracy said...

First of all let me say that you DO NOT look old enough to have a son in his last year of school!!

Second...thank you sooooo much for the Brag Book Freebies...they are awesome!

Erin said...

Hey, first time visitor through Digi Free! I love all of your South African icons! I'm not from there, but I have family in Joburg and Cape Town! Great kit, thank you!

bedaleigh said...

Thank-you so much for the goodies! This is great! I know how you feel about kids growing up. My boys are adults now but I have some cute grandies! Hugs to ya!

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Awwww Kim love, I am with Kristine on you are NOT old enough to be mother to an adult!!! ROFL! You seem just like a teenager to me!!! *wink* Nathan is QUITE the HANDSOME young man!!! LOL! Had to chuckle at the FUZZ about the upper lip! I've got some of that goin' on over here as well!!! He, he ...

Sweetie, thank you SOOOOO much for the WONDERFUL gift of *Hearty Tarty* and I TRULY cannot wait to scrap with it! You are just THE SWEETEST thang!!! And you can bet your SWEET BIPPY (whatever that is *smile*) that I am on my way to snag those GORGEOUS new CU goodies!!! MMMMMMMMMMM GOOD! YUM, YUM, YUMMYLICIOUS girlfriend! You BLOW the socks right OFF of my feet with your INCREDIBLE and NON-STOP genius!!!


Love and hugs,
Linda *hearts*

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Oh, oh, ohhhhhh ... I forgot to mention that I am SOOOO for uniforms! I wish we could adopt that here in the US, but only private schools use them. We should not dare interfere with the individualism of a child! I laugh as they all tend to dress alike anyhow and I SO agree with you and the fact that it takes away the pressure of having to keep up with or out do one's peer! Not to mention the monies that would be saved and as Barb mentioned, going GREEN and recycling as y'all are doing!

You ROCK sweetie!

Linda :)

bj said...

love your and Beth's work...thanks very much...your son is so handsome

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Thank you!

Pamela said...

AWWW, your guy's so handsome Kim. One of my guys graduated last year. It's such an odd time, your sooo happy he made it, so proud, but at the same time you remember that first big day of school when they were our "little guys". Then of course your heart stops thinking of them taking off on their own. That's where I'm at now LOL!! UGH!! Congrats Mom!!!