Tuesday, 20 January 2009

HELP lol

find me more time today- PLEASE hahahaha- We've been busy with the BACK TO SCHOOL goodies sort out and covering books ( BLUH!lol), still need to cut Nathans MOP- but that can wait till a little later. It's going to be like shearing a sheep- HAHAHAHAHAHA. And I'm still getting the *don't want it tooo short MOM!*- lol, Come ON - it's for SCHOOL boy and I'm not re-cutting in two weeks time -KWIM? , I don't think I'm going to have a happy chappy tonight. LOL


OOOOH and I had FUN last night- the DSO designers had a *meeting* via Paltalk last night- and of course we could all hear Bunny talking ( which still sounds all sing song to me-LOL) - but my mic didn't want to work on my PC-so I transferred it over to Waynes LT-

HAH!- I'm such a BLONDE dork- I thought Bunny was the only one that could hear me yakking and laughing away- DUH- just because the others were typing didn't mean they couldn't hear me- they just didn't have mic's available- UNTIL Beth sends through a note that I READ - *KIM-,you don't sound anything like I thought you would*-  HUH????, Oh goodness- lol, and uhum how would that be? Well more girly, not that you sound manly or anything- BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA- that CRACKED ME UP! That and a lot of comments about a few of my *slang* words that I forget no-one else uses. Thanks girls!! I LOVED it!

And I had just got into bed when the phone rang- and you know when it's LATE at night you sort of do the *heart stop* thing - Well I had a wonderful surprise of my friend Shelby giving me a call from the States too! Thanks girl- it was really appreciated!

I also managed to scrap last night- WOOHOOOOOOOOOO- it's sooo cool when that happens- LOL


I EVENTUALLY got to finish this LO using p365-ipack-1 (Check out the awesome Clubs) and freebie word art by Choukette,
Used my Heartfelt kit too. And I took all these photo's too! WOOHOO- I was sooo thrilled when I took them off my camera- and I gave them a slight Vintage feel too!

Mind you it was a GOOD challenge for me this one- I had to keep it simple and let the photo's do the *talking* and not crowd the page with elements. THAT's HARD for me as I love playing with elements- but I love the way it eventually came out.


All using my New kit - Hearty Tarty- 25% off at the moment.


This one by Jazzy- love the heart cluster on the frame!- she also used her new Word art- Humour Fest available at DSO now @ 30% off. These really tickle my funny bone! lol



This CUTIE patooty is from Crops- CUTE CUTE CUTE!



lol- now this LO is FULL of energy! It's Pamela's mom and dad taking over the dance floor! AWESOME side cluster work!



This Beauty is from Hutchie- Just LOVE the little element placements with the blocking!



This stunning LO was done by (Megs) Flergs ( she did TWO!!-lol)! I Love the outside journaling around the page and the white space! Thanks so much GF- it's GORGEOUS!!

My other fellow DSO designer BETH made up some STUNNING Brag book pages (4x6) and I will give them away in *instalments* this week ;-)There are 12 in ALL-


Here is PART ONE - 4 great Brag Book pages that coordinate with my New kit!- WOOHOOO, Thanks my friend these are AWESOME! Grab em HERE-

http://www.4shared.com/file/81595951/4bca6ed8/kb-BL-hearty_Tarty-BBpages_01.html .

Until tomorrow- hugs and loves Kim


xashee's corner said...

My dad used to cut our hair as kids and when we didn't want our bangs too short, he would act like he was listening and then oops, now he had to even it out and by the time he was done, my bangs were above my eyebrows EVERYTIME! lol
HOW cool to actually be able to chat! Must have been FUN! :D
Your wedding layout is STUNNING! As well as your newest kit is too!! LOVE Your DESIGNS!
i LOVE Jazzy's layout too! LOVE the heart cluster in the upper corner!! VERY COOL! :D
oh i LOVE all those layouts!! hehe
LOVE the bb pages and thank you for sharing (Thank you Beth too!) Hope you have a WONDERFUL day! :D

Peggie said...

Thanks for these glimpses in your world.
It's fun. These are lovely quick pages.
Great job Beth!!

Bunny Cates said...


charlie said...

your wedding layouts are stunning..love wedding pics!..thanks for making another wonderful kit for us all to enjoy!

Mrs. Miles said...

You cut your boy's hair? Braaaaavvvee! Does he have to wear uniforms and the such?

OY it IS strange to hear someone for the first time. The few times I've tried to chat with my friends, seems their microphones did not work only mine, and that was a way weird experience. 'cept for my friend JanMary from Ireland, she had a most lovely accent. Could have listened all day long.

Wow - that is a good friend who calls you all the way from across the ocean. and.. you mean you really DO go to bed, to sleep and don't stay up all night designing. I don't know if I b'leive ya girlfriend. *haha!*

What an ELEGANT layout - very nice, looks like it could be in a magazine!

ALL of the layouts are amazing, so neat how one kit can have all these different looks. Thank you for sharing Beth's gorgeous Brag-Books, they are simply lovely!

Oh, and if Bunsy says mornin, I guess I may as well say...

late afternoon.

EnchantedCropper said...

Thanks so much for sharing these beautifl brag book pages. I am going to have to come this way more often. I hang out at Digitals usually. Great bunch of gals. Can't wait to hear how the hair cut went!?

Susie said...

Love these brag book pages and the kit looks wonderful!! Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful, thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 20 Jan [LA 08:50pm, NY 11:50pm] - 21 Jan [UK 04:50am, OZ 03:50pm] ).

Anonymous said...

Thank you Beth and Kim, lovely kit and brag books. hsmema

Vicki (Chickivaney) said...

Thanks so much for the BB pages & yesterdays sampler!

Olga said...

Thank you for sharing!

demingglobal said...


Kay R. said...

Thanks for the pretty BBQP's!!

Shiloh said...

Thank you for the cute bb pages. The kit has great colors.

Tink said...

A big thank you to you and Beth. They are lovely. Loved your wedding layout, the photos are stunning.

Laramie said...

Hearty Tary is very cute. Love the brag pages. Thank you and congratulations on your son's completion of school.

Toni said...

Thank you for the QP´s !!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous! Thank you!

Riny said...

Thanks for the beauty hearts,greetings and compliments for your blog.

Bert en Joke said...


Where can I find the password.

What a nice lay out.