Wednesday, 4 February 2009

I'm flying!!

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee- I knew I was right- lol, When Wayne bought the new router and it was all installed etc etc the last few days I've had a few *time outs* and well just a bit of a hassle that I didn't have before we changed over - but OH Gee's- don't tell the man who bought you something BETTER and to help you - Oh no!!!, cause I'm just being a PITA_ LOL, But after some convincing he let me *borrow* the IT guy again from work- .

OMG- I had two modem cards in my PC- one that was the original one that came with my PC, and one installed by the *old IT* guy-(who doesn't work there anymore- UHUM.

Well the original card one got a plug in today and BAM- WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I'm now running at the fastest speed we have in SA! And I feel like a kid on Christmas- I just want to DOWNLOAD to keep seeing how FAST it is- HAHAHAHA. So guess what I'm doing this afternoon- PLAYING!!! YIPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEE!

Oh and Mrs Miles- I hope you feel better soon girl, and YES I have something BETTER than photo's of the weekend-, it's a VIDEO- but still have to download it for ya - hahahaha ;-) Beth I'll save an audio of my laugh for you too- I heard myself on there as the boys were playing squash and running flat into the glass-of COURSE I had to crack up at the squashed faces looking at me- BUT man- It could scare half my readers away- OUCH- lol.

I want to send out a WARM WELCOME to LIVIA ( hee hee, we all know her from DSO) - she has joined my MAD CAP CT team!!. Welcome Livia, I hope we don't make you stir crazy girl-LOL;-)

OOOOh I have some more eye Candy today-

Using Hearty Tarty-


Look at this stunning LO by Mrs Miles! It's beautiful my friend!

And this is a AWESOME freebie from non other than our busy busy friend



LOVE it and you don't even have to pull out the glue for this one-lol

Using Heartfelt-


Kristine(Wenchy) did this one of her *hubby's other wife* as his best friend gets called-lol. LOVE how the swirly clips over the photo!

And this one too- Using my Glam Tidings kit


And another- Using Just Because


LOL- wow girl- you have been on a scrapping mission- LOVE LOVE LOVE the extraction and the grass work! Stunning!

OOOOH- and today is only the 4th right??-

WOOOOOOOWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- check out what's in my Colour Challenge already!!-


HOLEY SMOKES MAKEREL!! lol- I'm in SHOCK and in HEAVEN! Just look at these AWESOME goodies these fine ladies are will to share with us! AMAZING!

so today's freebies I am sending you HERE!!

Just take 2 minutes to register and you can see all these wonderful  gifts and goodies available(please remember to say Thank you for their wonderful generosity ;-)- and if you make a LO using ANY of the above gifts and post it in the Colour Challenge gallery- I will send you my posting gift too! EASY PEASY

note of warning- make space on your HARD DRIVES as we still have a FULL month to go!! WOOPIE DOO! lol

Ok- off to see just how fast this machine is now- Hugs and loves Kim


Kristine said...


ROFL!!!! It's one of those kind of days...WAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Have a good one my friend!!! Mwah!

pkdoll said...

You go girl!!! SPEED! YIPPEEE! hahahaha! You just crack me up--and soooo happy you have speed now. Have fun playing today--I am off to work. Our son and his wife are in Mexico this week so we are staying at there house to watch the grandkids, so I am not going to be getting much done again this week!! But I do love spending time with them.:)

txbubbles said...

So tell me, Kim, do you by any chance like to go FAST? LOL! Isn't it wonderful when everything works the way it should? Glad you finally have it right!
Big hugs,
Vicki in Texas

xashee's corner said...

i am soooooooo GLAD your computer is running so FAST!! :D Thank you for the heads up on all those goodies too! Hope you have a WONDERFUL day! :D

Melberry said...

look how many people's lives you touch ... inspire ... laugh ... be good to YOU!!!

Mrs. Miles said...

COOL - now I have to make you some goodies so you can download FAST! Zoom - nah, no superhero woman, it was KimBeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Wheeee!

I am NOT feeling better, but I'm here anyhow to say hi and leave a hug.

Thx for posting my LO of Betty's Gorgeous DD - it was EASY to do, with your Kit being so Fab-O (AmyW's word) and her DD being beautiful too...

Nice to see Amy's Stuffies on your blog, we've sure missed that gel!

Yaya, Video. It will be like we are there with you as you make your hole-in-one, right?

Arrite, we will all go search for the balls as you fling them off into the ponds etc.

Well, I MUST take myself off to bed if I'm to rest up and get better for the weekend.

Thanks for ALL the goodies! They look amazing.

~ Barbs

charlie said...

Those kits so far are wonderful!!!!!!!yay at working at top speed!!!!!!!!weeeeeeeeee

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kim:)
Oh how cool!! Did you have fun playing with your speedy puter?:)I am doing close to the same thing today.Dh upgraded my puter yesterday and now I am having to reupload programs etc today.I am NOT complaining though.I have needed an upgrade for a lonnnggg time.:)It was really rough going without my puter all day though.LOL
Sounds like you had a really great trip to the golf course.I can imagine how sore you must be.Owww!! And you did that on purpose??LOL
Thank you so much for all you do.You are soo sweet!
I LOVE all the fantastic layouts too!Sooo much talent out there in digi land.:)
Have a wonderful day as you continue to play!:)


Lynn, LPand3dogs Designs-Digi Scrap Obsession said...

Oh I bet you are in heaven with that fast download speed! Congrats to Livia!! Can't wait to see some of your LO's!