Friday, 27 February 2009

net issues

ARRGHH- I'm alive- just frustrated- lol

Yesterday( now Wednesday-lol) I had my *Hospital Volunteer duty* so didn't get time to get on to blog or do anything else for that matter-. So I knew today would be my *work and chat* day right??- HAHAHAHAHA, think again Kim!!

Well early this morning(Thursday) was fine- I did my New Colour Challenge preview ( WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO- it's done and ready for ya-lol), and the IT guy called to say he was coming around at 10amto see why Wayne and Nathan's PC's kept dropping their lines or got no connectivity. OK- that's cool, that leaves me 2 hours to get some stuff done- WRONG! lol,

My dad popped in too to have his hair cut- and that was my day. The poor IT guy sat here the WHOLE day reconfiguring, re booting, reconfiguring etc etc but it still doesn't let him do *something or other beyond my grasp of PC knowledge*- HAHAHA.

So he has taken my new router home with him to test etc as it's already 7pm! I'm now on my old UNSTABLE router which I have had to reboot 2x just to send ONE mail- and now it has disconnected itself- AGAIN, so am doing this in Live Writer and going to re-boot and publish with the hope it will go through- HAHAHAHAHA.

Could kill Wayne, as MY PC was working just fine ( ok besides using up all my capping for the month - hee hee) LOL. But I know he wanted it done so I could sit in the lounge on the LT and not have to sit here in the evenings when I'm browsing or visiting. But man it has been a frustrating day not being able to get NEAR my PC as someone else was always at it- and because I didn' t get here yesterday either- lol TWO DAYS can kill a person I TELL YOU ! lol

OOOH- ok, I'm not going to add any LO's as it might not go through today- but I was TAGGED!

And it's such a fun one- I couldn't resist! lol

Thanks LOUCEE and MELANIE for this one


BWAHAHA- I got really *worried* when folder 6 was DEON's as there are some really *funny and censored photo's* in there- but this was no 6 in the folder- *phew!*- LOL

It wasn't taken by me and was a *net* pic taken on an evening out on the town. One of those GOOD fun evenings with the *gang*. lol

OK, so here's the rules of the game....

•Go to your photo folder in your computer
•Go to the 6th folder of photos
•Go to the sixth picture
•Put the picture on your blog and a description of it
•Invite six friends to join the challenge
•Link them in your blog.

So here you go- are you brave enough to play with???- hee hee

1.Chaos Lounge- Jenni Rousseau

2. Flergs- Megs



5. TX Bubbles- Vicki

6. The Wench- Kristine

Ok- frustrated enough- lol, had to reboot again to get links- HAHAHAHAHAHA. I'm off to watch TV and maybe sit and draw instead or I'm going to need a straight jacket in a minute- lol

OK- well this isn't going through either- hahah- ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGH, save me save me save me! - will have to send tomorrow as NOTHING is letting this go through tonight!! SOWWWWYYYY. ;-(

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- well two reboots and hitting publish as quick as possible did this one- will be back later hopefully or SATURDAY- hahaha.



Maryse said...

I have to do it too!You are lucky,nice picture :)

Jenni said...

I was wondering why you were so quiet, pretty much figured it was net problems, what else would keep you away! Thanks for the tag but Livia beat you to it and I have already done it - photo on my blog haha, mine could have been shocking as well, but I was relieved that it was quite mild!! Have a great weekend!

LouCeeCreations said...

darn internet! it can't keep you quiet for too long though lol!
glad you like this photo game.. fun isn't it! wonder what you would have done if the photo was censored... a lot of black tape I expect hahaha!
have a good weekend Kim

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Good morning Sweety!!!!!!!!!!
Boy I know what your going thru when we have hign winds mine keeps going out!!!!!!!!!
HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xashee's corner said...

Glad you're back! you were missed! :) Have a FANTASTIC weekend!

txbubbles said...

You are so right Kim! I have some pretty embarrassing photos myself! But I put my big girl panties on and took a look. It was a "one of these days I'm 'gonna show these to your boyfriends" pic of Miss Lilly! I hadn't seen these in quite a while. Thanks for the nudge!
Big hugs,
Vicki in Texas

Mrs. Miles said...

so GLAD you found some way to post, my friend.

I know its TEMPTING to be mad at your sweet, but just give 'im the BIGGEST kiss instead, ok? If it HAD worked you would be enjoying now, and what a sweetie for TRYING. Satan loves to work in this area, he pokes at you and gets you stirred up at what HAPPENED instead of what Wayne's HEART was for you. Truly, if you can block out the bad stuff and think only of this, you will be AMAZED at the change in your heart and mind. I'm hoping I'm not lecturing, I've had a few of these things that backfired on my sweetie, but after knowing some women who lament cause their husbands would not think of/make the effort... this seems so minor.

Sorry, Sister Kim, you KNOW I'll always open my big mouth to give another take on it... anything to do with marriage, thats my specialty.

Oh, and plus, once in a while I've tried to do stuff for the Mr. and its backfired too... the times he overlooked what it is and just THANKED and loved me for it, instead of being annoyed at a derailed outcome - well that spoke to me LOUDER than any thing we had to do to mop up a mess. And it brought us that much closer.

Thx for the share, I KNOW how frustrating is when our schedules get hijacked, but tuly God is in control... think about this... if Dad (God Forbid) got sick or died in the near future, what would you have been glad you'd done... cut his hair or uploaded product?

Don't be discouraged! Vent on me and I'll lift it up in Prayer.

♥ Barbs

Linda said...

Oh Kim girl, can I say I relate to computer woes, OR WHAT? He, he ...

I stopped over here to get the link to go and make my donation before I forget, as I am STILL trying to recover and catch up from all of my downtime. Yes, ALL things for a purpose and if I just sit, be still and tune in, I usually will come to understand why the interruptions happen! YUP! Uh, huh - another lesson learned! LOL! I can be stubborn too, believe me!

PERSEVERANCE - that is my BUZZ word for myself! Bring it on, cuz I'm not giving up! ROFL! :)

Love ya girlie and I hope and pray your IT is able to FINALLY figure out why y'all have had SO much trouble with connectivity. I LOVE me some DSL baby and I've NEVER lost it except the time I forgot to pay the bill! OOOOOPS!

HAPPY, HAPPY sweetie!

Linda :)

P.S. ROFL! I cannot play this game as I do NOT have a SIXTH folder on my new computer. I guess I could swing on over to my EHD and find one though! LOL! LOL! I'm SOOOO bad! MWAH!