Tuesday, 24 February 2009

no more FLOP

Ok- everyone knows I'm the worlds worst baker- the only cake I have ever got to rise came out a BOX! lol and all you had to do was add the egg, oil and milk etc! Everything else I tried from scratch either landed up looking like and upside down flying saucer or a large pancake! hahahaha.

So Nathan begs me to make him *toad in the hole* while Wayne was away last week-

I agree but remind him that it will probably be flat and stodgy as usual-and will look like a CRUMPET with sausages in. He doesn't care ,he say's - it's what he feels like and hasn't had it in a while.

For those that don't know what it is- it's a Yorkshire Pudding base with sausages baked in it(recipe linked)- it's soooo YUMMY, crisp and tasty and soft and bready in the middle. Served with gravy and veg, it's just a awesome easy meal- FOR SOME!  BWAHAHAHA.

So Nathan pr-cooks the sausages while I take out the recipe book AGAIN and decide to try something ELSE with it- hee hee, not that I'm that clued up on baking- I separate the eggs this time and beat the egg whites so they are stiffish- and folded that into the finished batter after all the blending of the other ingredients ( instead of doing it all together in one)-

WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO- it helped , for the first time in my life I got HIGH Yorkshire Pudding that was PERFECT!

Nathan couldn't believe it and told me to grab the camera as Dad would NEVER believe this one!!! BWAHAHAHAHA- the little sh-ONE-t! lol


Check it out!!! - WOOHOOO- it's risen above the sausages!! Now that is a first and I'm soooo chuffed- hahahaha.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm- maybe I will give a cake a try again- lol.


OOOOH I have some more stunning eye candy for you today using my ROCHE kit!


by Bydelstorp which made DSO Layout of the week too!! WOOHOOOOO- Congratulations GF!



ROTF- Livia - I love this LO- I still make those faces too! hahahaha



LOVE LOVE this manly LO - how awesome is that title too! Thanks so much Melanie - I LOVE this!



AHHHHH- I wanna pinch those cheeks- lol. AWESOME Lo Vicki!



This beauty was done by Elaine- love the way you used the beaded heart as a frame! Stunning


TOOO CUTE- just look at that face!

Elaine also made us a Freebie gift from her LO- it's a QP to match the kit-


You can grab it HERE. Thanks a ton for sharing GF! I hope you all have a stunning day further.



Maryse said...

Now I have to eat something!!!
Thank you for the recipe :)

Kristine said...

Morning Kim!!!

Toad in the Hole looks so yummy!!! and it might even be something I would try!!! My hubby LURVES Yorkshire pudding. Never made it. I always thought it was too fussy, kinda like a souffle...

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

CONGRATS on the baking & it looks so YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bunny Cates, bunnycates.com said...

make coffee too?

SuzyQ said...

I haven't had toad-in-the-hole in ages!

Another trick to help get fluffy yorkshire pudding--use hot water or let your eggs sit on the counter 'til they're at room temp. Works every time!

LouCeeCreations said...

a tip for your yorkshire pud batter is to make it long before you need it... it is best to sit around for at least an hour before cooking :)
Yorkshires are a big favourite in this house... today I'm making a similiar batter it is pancake day today.. sooooo lots of delicious pancakes either with lemon and sugar, maple syrup and double cream or mascarpone and strawberries.. whooopie.. love pancake day lol!

Jazzie said...

Yipppeeee glad you got your recipe right..doesn't it make you feel like you have accomplished something big when a recipe turns out right..it sure does me..I have a lot I'e tried and were a big flop LOL..thanks I think I will try that out..sounds great..

Mrs. Miles said...

Whoa - dont DO that, I WARN you Kim... hahhaha, you are going to get KIDNAPPED, find yourself living in the kitchen with an apron. Is that what you want for yourself? Quick, mess up a recipe again before its too late and your men think you're a GOOD cook.


No, honestly that looks so good I could bite your little screen. I LOVE yorkshire puds. My mom was English and made the BEST. But she's passsed now, so its ok if I say that maybe, after seeing Nathan's photo of yours... well, I'll reserve myself till I get to taste it... o ya, girlfriend, one day I'll git ta taste it, right???

O happy day to you - its all raining and melting here. Spring is on its wayyyyy! squeee!

geezee said...

Yay you. I am on my way to pick up that Fab Collab. I got my link and I had to make time to go download. I hear it's a doozy. Don't want to clog her email, but kudos to email handler. Pass it on when you can, Please?

txbubbles said...

Morning Kim!
Toad in the Hole? What a strange name for something that looks so yummy! Better watch out,they're going to start expecting you to cook on a regular basis. LOL! I'm so pleased that you liked my newest "Roche" LO! Thanks so much!
Big Hugs,
Vicki in Texas

xashee's corner said...

Big CONGRATS on getting that recipe to work right for you! :)
LOVE the layouts too!! Have an AWESOME day!

Melberry said...

WooHoo! Good show!! My husband loves all that but I haven't even tried his favorites like YPudding, toad in the hole, etc. Glad you took a pic. What a nice surprise to find my layout in your posting today -- thank you for your kind comments about it. I've still got to post the word art that I made for it,but will send it to you when I get back to it. hugs. Melanine

Bydelstorp said...

Woohoo, your Toad in the hole (love that name, haha) looks sooo yummy, CONGRATS!..man, I AM HUNGRY..have to get something right away before I stuff myself with sweets or chips again, lol. Bookmarked that recipe (thanks for the link) and I think I might try that.
Wow,what a nice surprise to see my LO on your blog, thank you very much!

Haha Bunny, I'll have to hop on right over to her blog to see whether she dared to have coffee.
Hugs Karen

Urania Maris said...

Your blog is simply fabulous!
very beautiful.

Urania Maris

ps. I have one, come to know it!
(my english is very bad) sorry

xashee's corner said...

Hi again! :) Stopping in to say, i have a couple of things on my blog for you! Two awards! i hope you play along! Please stop by and receive them! hehe
Have an AWESOME evening!

Mel said...

Hi Kim!
Congrats on your cooking success! That looks so good, I'm gonna have to go eat something now, THANKS VERY MUCH!! Hahahahah
Swing by my blog when you get the chance chicky, 'cause you been tagged! Hahahaha

Lynn, LPand3dogs Designs-Digi Scrap Obsession said...

OH that sounds and looks yummy, might have to try that recipe! There's an award waiting for you on my blog.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Oh Kim!! Say it isn't so..no internet??!!! Bummers!:(
Well..now you have a great excuse to take a couple of days off and make another wonderful dish for Nathan.:)How sweet!


Lainey said...

Congrats on your cooking ... it looks yummy. I tried making my first trifle last weekend and it was not a success.. Thanks for the kind words about my LOs. Hugs, Lainey

Laramie said...

Love the Look Ma, We're Twins. So Cute and the pictures are a hoot. Always have fun reading your blog. Goodluck with all your frustrations...