Tuesday, 17 February 2009


Just a *stop in* today to show you what else my wonderful CT have done with my ROCHE kit.

I've been out all morning with Wayne(passports etc) and just dropped him off at the airport- boo hoo! I hate goodbyes! Even if it's just for one night- and this trip is longer. I enjoy my own company -,don't get me wrong, but it's always feels like there is a *hole* missing when he's gone. Got to run now and fetch the other MAN too- lol. So will try not to be late this time- hahaha.

All of the LO's and goodies below where made with ROCHE-


Still 30% off for a limited time. ( check store for further previews and close ups ;-)



This stunning Lo was done by Jenni- and it's of her sister Bonnie!

LOVE how you used that bracelet GF! and I think this LO depicts Bonnies nature sooo well! AWESOME JOB!

(Jenni also has her Pixel pouch Freebie up on her blog ;-)



Oh man- don't you just LOVE this Vintage styled LO- it reminds me of an old postcard! Stunning job Pamela!

And if you pop on over to Pamela- she has a stunning freebie up too!- woohooo


This Beauty was done by TX Bubbles ( Vicki)!! I love the torn paper and the re-coloured frame! Great job GF!


This beauty is from Renee! Love this wedding photo with that matt GF! STUNNING



We have this AWESOME QP from Hutchie!! Doesn't it look STUNNING!- you can grab it here-

And we have a second page from Bonnie- WHEEEEEEEEEEE


LOVE how they both make a stunning DPager!  You can grab it HERE.

Please remember that some might not be up yet- but please give them a chance and try again later ;-)

Roche's box

Now this I would BUY in a shop!!- I LOVE LOVE LOVE this- Loucee made up a jewelled box with Roche!! How stunning! And you can make one too! WOOOPIE!,

Loucee has full instructions on how to do it on her blog and a *show and tell* on just how she made it . So pop on over HERE and grab your goodies to try one yourself!

Please remember to leave the girls some love ;-)

Until tomorrow -



Maryse said...

Love what Louise have made!!!
Thank you for the qps :))

txbubbles said...

Oh my gosh!!! Another one of my LO's published on your blog! I am so excited, thank you so much! This is a really fun kit to play with and very versatile, as you can see from everyone's stunning pages.
Big Texas Hugs,

Bonnie said...

gorgeous layouts everyone is doing. I hope Wayne isn't gone for too long...we all know how whiny you get when he is gone...ha ha!! kidding girl!

xashee's corner said...

LOVE the layouts! Thank you for sharing all the freebie info too! Have a LOVELY day! :)

geezee said...

Thank you again. Love that box. I gotta run leave some love for those layouts. I am impressed.

Andrea said...

Awwww those flowers are gorgeous! LOVE your new kit & all the beautiful layouts!!! Oooh that little jewel box is amazing! I'll have to go check out her instructions!

Thanks for the sampler :)

Melberry said...

Hey, you. I hate to do this, but I find that I must GUSH once again about the awesome ROCHE kit. It's so stunningly versatile and eyecatching. You never cease to amaze me, MissKim!!!! Awards on my blog for you today.

Marie said...

WOW! That box is gorgeous!!!

Mrs. Miles said...

My gracious, every single layout here, and project is EXCEPTIONAL - your kit lends itself perfectly to so many things! Wowzers!

I've been having to tear myself away from my BIG PROJECT every now and again to play too (hehe, don't tell!)

I know that sad to be away from my hunny feeling. Want me to pop over for coffee?

Bunny Cates, bunnycates.com said...

*tap tap tap* is this thing on?