Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Admin day

Hee hee- well I suppose it had to be ONE DAY and today was the day that I got stuck in. Catching up on some mails ( EVENTUALLY- lol, you girls got some replys)- I know I know- my bad, I just haven't found the time to sit and chat at the computer the last few days- but I did this morning while waiting for clean ups and scans etc. WOOHOOOOO- and I did some DSO stuffies too- so I actually feel much lighter on the shoulders now!

Do you also start feeling guilty when you KNOW things are there to be done and you just can't get to them straight away??- I know it doesn't worry some people - but MAN it makes me feel guilty as hell- lol.

AHHH guys- some of you left messages about leaving the ALPHA FREEBIE up on 4shared. I know there have been lots of hassles with virus's etc, but as I mentioned before- it's safer using FIREFOX- it blocks all those banner ads with a simple plug in ;-) Not only that but you can download more than 2 files at a time! I know we all have our *favourite* browsers we use- but I'm so glad I switched over- I haven't had any problems at all *looking around and touching wood too-hahahaha*-

I Just feel to spend money every month to give out a freebie is not viable for me- we have to pay in US$ and with the conversion rate- well lets just say it works out to quite a bit to give out stuff for free- KWIM? ;-)

I can try Media-fire- but I don't like it - I'm forever getting pop up's blocked with my Anti-virus- some make it through too ;-( So I'm not a big fan.

OOOOH- and goodness, the CT team and I have been really enjoying my new kit-

CAmping Out-


The comments and the story's behind them have been AWESOME and have had us in stitches- lol

Wanna see -??


ROTF- this is the WENCHES(Kristines) humour-

I don't CAMP-- I want a Holiday inn- hahahaha, - how awesome is this!?


Calling all campersRS

Jazzy is putting together a Brag Book for her Grandsons- and this was one of the pages! TOOO CUTE!



Renee used her Bike Rally pictures for this one- Love it!



This beauty is by Beth- I LOVE it! And she is such a Cutie pie don't you think?

And WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO- here comes some pressy's for us-


You can grab this AWESOME freebie QP from Beths Blog HERE.


Croppy did this one too- LOVE how you used the frame from the tree!!

And we have MORE GOODIES- woohooo!


This is a freebie QP from Croppy and you can pick it up on her blog HERE.


Camping Out is 30% OFF

for a limited time only- you can check it out HERE>

And my sister Gaye managed to get her freebie up yesterday afternoon!

Another YIPPPPPPPPEEE- lol She's finding all those toes she lost one by one at the moment- hahahahaha


LOVE this heart leafy frame! You can pick it up HERE on her blog.

Please remember to leave some love to all the girls for their generosity! I'm off to do some more *clean up* and will catch you all tomorrow .



Maryse said...

I feel guilty too!!!
Thank you so much for all the freebies :))
LOVE wath your sister have made!You are a good teatcher too :)

By Dezign said...

OK, now you've done it. My home filing for January hasn't been done. I owe Bunny some documentation. I have a CC to finish and a whole lot of folders on my pc that got started and left. Thanks for laying a guilt trip on me. LOL and thanks that I can blame you GF - hee hee

Let's just say I've been playing with beautiful kits and freebies.

Bonnie said...

someone is in the crap house *and it ain't me!* ha ha..check your email girl...
LOVE your new kit, it is bloody awesome!!!!!! Did you do some water colors with this one?? Looks like you did.
Anyway going to go and cry now...(again, check your email)
singing "* nobody loves me, I think I will just eat worms*....

Mrs. Miles said...

Gracious - do I KNOW that feeling of having something 'to do' LURK overhead, boy DON'T I. Then sometimes I kick my butt to clean up my to do list and it feels just like you say... like "why didn't I do that right away!" A HUGE relief!

Kim you are so WAY generous with your designs and I agree, beggars can't be choosers and its up to us to keep our computers safe and all. You worded everything so nicely... hehe... I think what people have to realize is that you would never knowingly post any place that would put them at risk - its common sense to never click on ads etc. Its anywhere they surf on the net, really.

I enjoyed visiting your Sister's blog - what a bunch of talent got blessed into one family! I begged for loads of baby pics :)

The layouts being created from your new kit are phenomenal. It all makes me long to get outdoors - something that AIN'T going to happen today with us sitting at -21

brrrr... seeeend sun!

~ Barbs

xashee's corner said...

just stopping in to say thank you so much for ALL that you share so generously! Have a FANTASTIC day! :)

Angels Digi Scraps said...

Hiya GF!
Well, now you are making me feel guilty for not taking care of backing up and cleaning my computer! LOL. I guess I should figure a day to do that soon. Like you said once you get it done you always feel so much better!

I've been using firefox for 2+yrs and I tried to go back to Internet Explorer after upgrading my computer, and well, I hated it from the minute I went online. I had problems with pop-ups, tracing cookies and all kinds of stuff. After fighting with it for about 4 hrs, I went and downloaded my FireFox browser and haven't looked back. :) I love it.

Great new kit you have! Love all of the neat elements! You are so talented Kim!! I don't know how you do all of this and never run out of inspiration! I hope you have a great week and I'm off to see if I can get some work done. LOL.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Morning Kim:)
Wow!! You sure have got talent and it must run in your family too!!:) I just clicked on your sisters link and WOW! How cool!!:)
I just love seeing the layouts everyone is making.Such wonderfully talented scrappers out there and it helps soo much to have such fantastic designs to work with too..YOURS!!!:)
Thank you sooo much for sharing your cool camping alpha!!:)You know I LOVE your stuff!!:)


Bunny Cates, bunnycates.com said...

Good, you should feel guilty. Now...
get to work!
*cracks whip*


Laramie said...

Love your new camping kit, especially the Squirrel. My husband and I call each other that. It's a long story. Love the kit.

Jenni said...

Morning Kim! 5am here!Looove the LO's with camping out, they are such fun! I am also way overdue for a PC clean, just never seems to be enough time.Thanks for all the awesome freebies, I am so impressed with Gaye's colour challenge, talent definitely runs in the family!

Snowsmoon said...

Hi Kim....your sister freebie is adorable. She is very talents. Thank you for sharing with us. Going to leave her some lovin as well! Stop by and see the collab Linda and I did together. It is the first one.

Thank you for sharing!
Dawn aka Snowsmoon's Design

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

ROFL!!! Somebody up there should be in bed and IS NOT!!! My BFF! She is three hours ahead of me and I am WAY past my bedtime - but then, WHAT'S NEW!!! ROFL!

Kim, my new buzz work is "BEHINDEDNESS"!!! Welcome to my club!!! Membership is rather simple, eh? Ah, yah, just have stuff lurking about your TO-DO list and you qualify!!!

Okay, enough silliness! WAIT, NO, NEVER enough! That is why I come visit you!!! Guaranteed to make you laugh or ELSE!

Hmmmmmm .... one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, FLOOR!!! He, he ...

Love your CAMPING OUT kit and I'm thinking I just need to get on over to your store and pick this puppy up! Will be great for some of our family reunion camping trip photos and lots of other outdoor adventures!!!

You ROCK darlin' .... BIG TIME!!!

Love atchat girlie - may your day be just as BEAUTIFUL as you are!


Linda :)

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Oh shucks! I forgot to say that I am on my way to Gaye's - how AWESOME is this to have your sister joining you in the ranks of DIGITAL bliss!

I also use Firefox and have for four years now with NO troubles. You could not pay me to use IE! My tech told me years ago that if I wished to stay virus free, make sure to use a good anti-virus and FIREFOX!!! SO glad I listened.

You are such a GENEROUS spirit and I cannot imagine that anyone would elude to your paying for a file sharing service when your services are FREE!


Love ya girlfriend ...

Ruth said...

Oh KIM...This is FANTASTIC new kit!!! and great alpha too! THANKS!