Monday, 16 March 2009

Call me Mrs Murphy!

Ok- I've decided my middle name is actually CHAOS and my last name should have been Murphy! hahahaha. I had a wonderful quiet weekend at home- boys going fishing so I had a chance to get some solid creating and playing done in Photo shop- did a blog train freebie (completed) - played with some awesome Bunny *toys* that she has created, and started on a Mega contribution too ( which was nearly done!)- PLUS did a few extractions that would take my time as I knew I wouldn't be interrupted- lol

Where are they NOW??- GONE -lol, Yup - nowhere- in a cyber graveyard somewhere- hahahaha.

I got up this morning to quickly finish a paper that had me *gritting my teeth* yesterday and I wanted to finish it while I was still FRESH- go straight to my External drive- which is where I keep all my digi workings- UHUM- YUP- you guessed it- NADA - bugger all- nothing!

It can see the drive there- but it can't seem to read it!  So I turn it all off- re-boot and try again- hear it start and get the little *searching through* icon up- get all excited and even say a YAY out loud to myself- hahaha- then BAM disappears! hahaha- I phone Wayne actually laughing and asking if this thing has a guarantee as it's not even 6 months old yet- that's when I had my last Crash! YUP_ AGAIN! hahahaha and yeah- it's guaranteed for 5 years so I can get another one no hassle.

Then want to quickly send a mail and my keyboard isn't working!! WTH??- I'm hitting keys and nothings happening!- HAHAHAHAHAHAH- the battery's are FLAT!!- All THIS in ONE day???- well not even a day- within an HOUR! can you say LAUGH HYSTERICALLY?-

Long story short- it's been sent for recovery at the moment ( they say it might be ok due to it being read etc and not DEAD- lol) but I'm not really holding many thumbs for that at this stage- LUCKELY I have back ups of all my tools and important work bits since the end of FEB ( hey, once bitten twice shy-KWIM?) but I've still lost all this months work ( and new kit!)- and some other odds and sods that I hadn't copied over - which does amount to quite a bit.

So I think the once a month back up is a little tooo LITTLE_ BWAHAHAHA- I'll be doing it weekly from now on!

Are you still reading??- what ya doing???- RUN, go back up all your files- lol.

OOOOOh- I got to play this weekend ( and at least this LO is up in the gallery's that I could go and fetch again-lol)

I used Bonnie Van Esch's new kit A breath of fresh air-


Available here at ESS. And there is a give away too- check out Bonnie's blog to read more about it.



My gorgeous little niece Caden.

I loved the whimsy styled watercolour papers and had great fun creating this story book page. (Thanks for my stunning niece sis! lol)

And you know the worst part- lol, I had a freebie for you today made from some STUNNING new templates by Bunny! But uhum- they are 6 foot under somewhere and I will have to beg Bunny now for my files I sent her so I can re-download- BWAHAHAHAHAHA. Keep a look out- it's coming!

Ok- I'm off to go and *sort myself* out and do some transferring and copying ( which should keep me busy for a day or two- lol). Hope your day starts off a lot better than mine ;-)


From Mrs Murphy today- hee hee.


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

HUGE GIANT HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Boy when the shi- hits the fan it hits with a huge splat!!!!!!!!!
Last Fall I thought I lost my external hard drive so I bought & when I got it I tried the plug with my 1 that wasn't working & it worked so I than bought the cord for it & now I have 2 external HD's!!!!!!!! LOL
Hope your day goes better!!!!!!!!!!
MORE HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Snowsmoon said...

Miss Kimmie, you need to get Mozy. It backs up your system daily or as often as you want....After Linda had all that trouble, so was so thankful she had it, and I rest easier having it as well. It is very cheap to, but so well worth it. I have found it only has one down fall, it doesn't back up zip files. I don't keep them anyway, here is the web address:

I hope you have a better tomorrow and never lose your work is AWESOME and we all love it so much!

Dawn aka Snowsmoon's Design

Maryse said...

I'm married with a computer scientist so I had never troubles with my computer :))
How cute is your little niece!!Love your page :))

LouCeeCreations said...

Damn those EHD's.. isn't it never ending
updating takes forever too lol!

Your layout of Caden is absolutely gorgeous!

Have fun retrieving those files.

Melanie said...

(rotfl) When you do it, you really do it up good, huh! If I lost all that work, I'd be crying hysterically and here you are LAUGHING hysterically! Ah well, that's why we love ya, Kim. You're always bright and cheery and this is a great place to visit for a laugh! And I love that storybook page. I might just have to pop in and get that kit! Thanks for the heads-up on it.

GSCreations said...

Hey Sis, sorry you having a bad bad funny day, if i were there id give you a huge hug and pour you your favourite beverage, will even make it a triple! (think i would have needed the whole bottle if that had to happen to me!)

LOVE the layout of Caden, she looks so angelic LOL (um talking of which i must go feed the angel!)

xashee's corner said...

big HUGS to you with all that trouble! sure hope it doesn't give you too hard a time in recovery! Have a BETTER day! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm soooo glad you keep your humor - no matter WHAT goes wrong!!! I LOVE reading your blog - as I spit my coffee all over my monitor at Friday's shopping story.

The crash wasn't quite as comical, cuz I can only imagine your frustration. I back up to two external teribyte drives every night and I don't have any super hard work to back up. Just lots of digital album pages and about 400 MB of scrap kits etc.

That's three drives I have full of my "stuff" and I figure if three go all at once - I'm not meant to have my goodies.

Thanks for sharing your adventures, Kim. Makes my morning each and every day :-)

By Dezign said...

Oh HECK!!!! What next???? You want your feathers???? I don't like externals, so I have the desktop I work on, our "server" which is mainly my stuff and flash drives. Flash drives are cheap enough to replace.

Sue said...

I can somewhat relate. I'm not a designer, but I do download a lot. After carefully saving my stuff onto TWO EDHs, I deleted 80% off my computer. You guessed it; I lost all the stuff on my EDHs. So now I too try the recovery process. BUMMER!

lainey said...

Hugs and hoping that your stuff can be recovered. I've been down that road too many times. Seems when it rains, it pours. Have a question, what tool do you use for palettes? Thanks, Mwah!!!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Kim..I am soo sorry you had this happen..again!!!..bummers.:( I just had my NEW hard drive replaced cause the original one went kaput. It was only a little over a month old too.It had 500 gbt and I am soo glad I hadn't had time to fill it up.YAY. Fortunately..I had been transferring files to an EHD and I think...I have them all on disks.Not sure though.HOPE so anyway.LOL Jim got me a new one and hopefully it will be okay.My brother keeps up with computer info and said that there had been a LOT of complaints about the brand that we had before we replaced it.He said they were having a LOT of crashes with it.I will have to ask Jim what the brand was cause I forget.You do that as you age.LOL

Sure hope they can recover your files for you.I know you work really hard and it's a shame to lose any of it!!

Great big bear hugs!1

Mrs. Miles said...

I come to VISIT you anyways - you're always too generous, its nice just to come and love on you cause you're my bright, witty, a little clumsy (so you tell us) fun, chaotic and exciting, Kim. Thats all what makes you fun to visit. Your blog could be a book in itself.

Poor fang, I've been there too, sister :( You know, I have this little recovery program I found for camera chips, and it works for flash drives... so if you would like to try that sometime? I recovered over 150 pics for a lady one day from a card she deleted them from.

MY Caden too, member, sister is sharing, sharing - with me *neener!*

wishing you some giggles today!

♥ Barb

charlie said...

oh no not again...hope all is sorted soon hun!((hugs))

mmikes said...

So sorry to hear about your computer problems.

I guess I'm pretty lucky as my computer backs up every night.

amber said...

Argh! I SO totally feel your pain! My big project for the weekend was to archive all my scrap stuff to disk.. So what's the first thing I do Saturday morning? Drop my EHD on the floor! Brilliant! Everything gone! Until I fork over the pretty penny to have it recovered! ;) Well.. best of luck.. :D

lynda said...

There is a process weird as this sounds about putting this in the freezer (20mins) and then plugging it in and quickly getting your stuff off the drive. Also if you crack the case and wire the actual HD inside the EHD directly to computer you can retrive info. and backing up making sure you have 2x HD space. HD=hard drive both only work if the drive is ok and not affected often times the circit board dies on the case.