Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Gas problem and 2 year bloggerversary FUN!

(Grab Coffee and keep reading today- we having some THANK YOU FUN STUFF today!)


Well not the type of GAS we all complain our men have to much off- but the kind you need to cook with! Last night I tried to get my soup- I really did, I could TASTE it-lol, But Wayne's reply was- I want FOOD not a starter! AHHHHH- well then YOU cook it then- hee hee,

Which he did actually- and took out pork chops and even crumbed them from scratch- and was making mash potatoes, veg and gravy! Yeah my man can cook- lol.

So I'm chatting to Bunny on msn and Renee via mail when I get this KIIIMMMM, we have a problem- HELP!!! Oh gosh- I think he's burnt something- NO, he's run out of GAS and is staring at his NON boiling pots! lol

So we have half cooked everything on the stove- and he gets Nathan to fetch the gas bottle from the heater ( which hasn't been touched since winter last year!)- connects it up and OOOOOPS- that ones empty too. Now I'm laughing as the original bottle has been standing at the backdoor since last week for him to drop off to be filled and the *spare* was what was being used! So I take the chops to put in the oven under the grill on low heat and sit looking at the HALF COOKED potatoes and veggies and trying to work out how to pop them in the microwave ( YUK- lol).

When Nathan comes running through with his BRIGHT IDEA- His TINY hiking gas cooker! BWAHAHAHAHAHAH.

And you guessed it! They wouldn't let me TOUCH the rest of the food and cooked the rest of it on this thing!


You can see that's the size next to a SMALL coffee cup!


We had fits of laughter here last night.

And our *INDOOR camping cook out* was actually GREAT even if we had to wait for each individual item to be cooked!

Thanks for my fun supper boys!- hahahaha


It's my TWO YEAR BLOGGERVERSARY today!! OMG, can you believe it??-

I can't ,and it seems like YESTERDAY that I felt soooo nervous I could have pooped in my pants to write up my first blog post! lol It took me over two weeks to work out how to put my header up at the time - hahahaha, Ok I still battle with all that CODE stuff ( allergic I tell you). But I think I've learnt quite a bit about the net and my computer over the last two years.

I couldn't have done it with out you guys!

WOW- the encouragement when I started, the friendships that have grown from that first week of blogging , the new ones that have developed over the last two years and the ones that are happening now - all from this little blog in the middle of *nowhere* on the net! How cool is that!

I treasure each and every one of you and can't thank you all enough for *making my little dream* come true! To be able to create, share, talk , love and laugh - goodness, what more could a girl ask for!

THANK YOU my dear friends!


To Celebrate today-

I'm Giving away

3x $10 Gift Certificates to my store

( please note these are only valid for MY store and can't be used to purchase other goodies at DSO)

will end FRIDAY MORNING MY TIME!) so that gives everyone two days to get here.

How can you win one???-

hee hee, I couldn't resist this as I went and looked last night myself!

All you have to do is tell me


Leave the name of the freebie PLUS your NAME and E-MAIL addy( for those that don't like to leave mail addys, you can insert the . as (dot) and the @ as (at) ) in my comments section of TODAY's Post,

so I can get hold of you promptly on Friday!

That easy! lol You just got to go look in my Archives and I will get Nathan to do a RANDOM number pull on Friday morning before school ;-)

And I made something today for you too!


Just for you- a little freebie kit to say THANK YOU for all those days that all your encouragements and comments have really kept me going .

It has 8 papers, 9 elements, 1 grungy photo mask ( or background graphic) and one word art to do as you will with ;-)

Here's to another TWO YEARS??- HAHAHAHAHAHA



GSCreations said...

CONGRATS SIS!!! Hope you celebrating 2 night and not gonna work 2 hard - let wayne take you out for your SOUP LOL!!!

Rebecca said...

Was your first freebie African Sunsets?

Kim said...

African Sunsets. Happy Anniversary!

By Dezign said...

Happy second bloggerversary!!!! Oh boy I couldn't wait for your post today, I just had to see that cooker and I'm pimp where I'm sitting. Never a dull moment in your house.

And as a CT I don't qualify for the competition, but that kit is still one of my all time favourites!!!

Jennifer said...

Congrats on 2 years!!
Your first freebie was African Sunsets!
On a side note my first freebie I ever downloaded was your Bug-ing Freebie. (From then on I was hooked on your designs)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kim!!! Two years is quite an accomplishment when I see all the work that goes into your WONDERFUL blog. I know it's the first place I visit each day when I sit down to my computer. :-)

Your guys are quite inventive huh? Sounds like a dinner you'll all remember -

Thank you too for the lovely gift. As always your awesome generosity is sincerely appreciated.

xashee's corner said...

AFRICAN SUNSETS! :) took me awhile to get there but i found it! hehe
Thank you so much for sharing your AWESOME designs! HAPPY 2nd BLOGAVERSARY!! and a GREAT day!! oh and FUN story about your supper last night, bet it wasn't fun at the time though! thanks for sharing!!

Beth Long said...

CONGRATS Kim!!!! Woohoo!!!! Considering half of my hard drive is full of your amazing gear.... guess I don't need a gift cert. to your store eh??? LOL! Thanks so much for all that you do.... and most of all for your friendship!!!! ***awww.... warm fuzzies*** Your designs ROCK and your blog is so fun to read! Thanks for letting us 'peek' inside of your head each day... wahahaha! HUGS!

Joni said...

Happy Anniversary!!! and tanks for your wonderfull gift.

Joni said...

Ooops tHanks :)

txbubbles said...

Oh wow! Thanks for the blast from the past! Once I went back I couldn't help but read some of the older posts. GF, you are even funnier now! Love the pics from your "camp supper". Your first freebie was African Sunsets!
Thanks for the luverly gift, and here's to MANY more years!
Big Texas Hugs,

mmikes said...

This is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

Maryse said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maryse said...

When I saw the title of your message I thought "I HOPE it's in her kitchen!!!" :))
First freebie:African Sunsets?
Thank you so much for what you have made "just for me" ;p
(I deleted my comment because I forgot to give you my email adress:

Ruth said...

Hi Kim, HAPPY 2nd BLOGAVERSARY!! That TINY hiking gas cooker really make me laugh! hahaha Oh ya... Your first freebie was African Sunsets! *.^

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Thanks so much for your freebies.

Kari~RDG said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I always luuuuuuurve reading you. OMG, 2 years!!!!! GO YOU!! And I want you to know that it's ALL YOUR FAULT. I want soup now. I had this thick creamy tater soup at a dinner show Nick & I went to (no silverware!!) that you just drank (sipped?) from the mug. Ohhhhhhhhhhh I would lurve a mug of that soup. And it ain't just you guys..OK, it ain't just Waynie. Nick's all the time running out of gas on our grill. Not quite the same as running out on the main source of cooking tho. lol
So, if you've been bloggin 2 years, then I must have found you right after you started! hehe And I have loved watching your style change since that African Sunsets freebie. MWAHS luv ya bunches hun!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, beautiful :o)

Tammy said...

Wow!! Two years... time sure flies by fast when you are having fun!! I believe the correct answer is African Sunsets. Crossing my fingers Nathan pulls my Here's to many more blog anniversaries! Cheers!

Melinda said...

Has it really been two years? wow, time flies! African Sunsets was your first freebie. I think I have it in my file archives somewhere ;)
mmbbcstaley at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Wow you have provided some great freebies over the last couple years ... and it appears to have started 2 years ago w/ African Sunsets!
major2 @ juno dot com

kristine said...

OMFG!!! I can hardly wait to get home ...I have missed your emails and your wicked sense of humor all week!!!Should be around sometime on Friday....two more big sleeps...:P

Sue said...

Happy BLOGGERVERSARY and many more! Your first freebie was African Sunsets. Thank you again for all your wonderful stories and the great goodies you always give.

Breeoxd said...

I think it was African Sunsets...
Thanks so much for the hilarious gas post. That is something that has happened to my family before but we are so not campers and didnt have a mini stove lol. Thanks for the chance!

Melanie said...

Happy Anniversary! Wow! Has it only been 2 years? You're such a pro at this, it seems like you should have been doing this forever! What a pretty anniversary gift, too And since I don't have EVERYTHING you ever made yet, (close but not all) I'll sign up for the certificate, too! LOL.

Your first freebie was...... African Sunsets.......did I get it? Yea!

O2BNGdHope at yahoo dot com

Renee said...

Congrats! What a milestone!! The best part is that I've enjoyed every minute and hope to enjoy for many more to come!

The first kit was African Sunsets.

Love ya!
Renee P

beulahmom said...

Hello..... Your first freebie kit was African Sunsets.

I really enjoy your work! Thank you so much for sharing!

sirmeyer at dishmail dot net

KrisG said...

Happy 2 Year Anniversary! How exciting can that be! I can tell by the "tone" of your writing that you've definitely become MUCH more comfortable here. Soooo many wonderful creations here! No wonder everyone loves you so much!

First freebie... could it be African Sunsets? Too bad it's not available anymore!!!! Thanks for every day of smiles you give.

Kim's Scrappin' said...

LOL love the story of your "indoor camping cookout". Happy 2nd Anniversary to you and your blog. The name of your first freebie I think was - African Sunsets My name is Kim same as yours and my email is kimscrapping at gmail dot com Thanks for the chance to win and for the GORGEOUS freebie today. :)

KendiRN said...

Happy BLOGGERVERSARY!! You are hilarious! Thanks for the goodie and after a walk down blogger lane, the best I can figure is your first freebie was African Sunsets.

Dinphy said...

HAPPY SECOND BLOGGERVERSARY!! Sorry you had to miss out on the soup, but glad you had a warm meal... ;) And thanks the story!

Aw, your first freebie... I could have just read the comments, but I wanted a look for myself.

African Sunsets.
Yep, as I'd thought. Not bad for a first!
LOL. From when elements were still called embellishments! Well, at least I don't see that used so often anymore. ;)

Thank you for the beautiful gift, I LOVE that double-bow!


dinphy (dot) scraps (at) mailtje (dot) net

Vicki said...

Happy Bloggerversary Kim!! Love the indoor camping!! mwah!

geezee said...

WoW you are having fun at your house. Did you ever get your soup? I wasn't following your blog when you started so I got to go back and investigate a bit. African Sunsets looks like it was a great start for the fun we have now. I like thinking I am in that group of new friends. I have so much fun here at your place.

charlie said...

wow and to think I only stumbled across your blog just over 10 months ago...the start of my excited for you..Happy Blogiversary!
and keep the stories coming love them
((hugs)) mwahhh Charliexxx

crzymom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
crzymom said...

Congratulations on 2 years Kim! Love coming here every day to see what you have to write about. :) Your first freebie was African Sunsets. Looks like an awesome freebie too.


Golden Delicious Scraps said...

Hey was African Sunsets and I still have it, unused and in its original wrapper. Does that count extra? Congratulations on the two years of blogging, but mostly congratulations on two years of bring happiness and joy into the lives of countless other people who read your blog faithfully

charlie said...

African sunsets charlie
charlen49(@)gmail(dot)com :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim and congrats!!! Your first freebie was "African Sunsets". I also want to thank you for all your beautiful freebies!! Helps so much since my hubby and I were both recently laid off from work. Anyway, many more years of happy blogging and have a truly blessed day!!
Debbie B.

caz38 said...

Congrats on your two years Kim. Time flies when you're having fun and I love to come here and have a laugh and a cry sometimes, with you.
Thanks for all the awesome freebies over the years and I am a huge fan of your CU stuff, it has inspired me to create.
Your first freebie was African Sunsets, any chance of a re-release as I hadn't found you back then and I would love it.
Caz388@bigpond dot com

Vana63 said...

Luv'd looking back and cant beleive you've only been here 2years! Everyone whos anyone knows your first was African Sunsets :-)

Thanx for sharing your wonderful art...and heres to many more years for you!

Jazzy said... doesn't seem possible thats its been that have come such a long way..I look back at your first kits and I can really tell how much better you have gotten..and they were beautiful! I am so proud of are a special lady..hugs and love meeee

Magnolia said...

Thank you so much for sharing.

Peggie said...

Hope you are around for many, many more years! Thank you for this lovely freebie.

Mrs. Miles said...


I could have SWORE (well not really swoorrrre in words) that I was here already and congratted you on your two year bloggaversary and all... - I look back and see no evidence of that. Amazing, I had a brain burp or something.

WAY TO GO - what a milestone. Woo - hoo, what a LOT you have packed into this short window of time. It must feel pretty cool!

I've cooked many a meal on that "thing" while camping, they are pretty efficient. Somewhere I even have a photo of me making pan-bread out in the middle of nowhere.

Your giveaway is sooooo gorgeous - can't wait to d/l it and put it to use. Its been a wonderful two years getting to know you and WE are the benefactors (more than just things you give us) - getting to know you has been a joy and delight.

Here's to many more years! I'll be here for your 10th, 20th...

♥ Barbs

Boo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Boo said...

Holy Camoly, has it really been two years already??? Happy Blogaversary gf and many more to come.... hehe, African Sunsets was numero uno and yup, I got it in my stash.... love ya
Boo xx

Michelle said...

Happy 2 years!!! Wow time really flies when you are having fun. It seems like only last week when I found your site. Your first freebie was African Sunsets. Thanks for everything you do!!
chellechelle89 at

juno said...

Well, I've had fun looking back through your "History", Kim! Incredible to trace the development of your work - and the Scrapbooking World, too. I think you have grown and matured as an artist along with the whole industry, and your sis now as well. It's been a hoot! African Sunsets was your first, unless you had another blog before? I like your second part to AS, and you had a really cool peacock element in Flights of Fancy. Yum! Anyway, it's a big achievement. Enjoy your Anniversary :)
Thanks for all the Fun!

Rona said...

Congratulations on your 2nd Blogversary! :)

Your first freebie ever was African Sunsets!

Thank you sharing your creativity with us!

Anonymous said...

If African Sunsets was your first freebie, I guess I have been here with you for two years! My how time flies when you are having a good time! Thanks for the lovely freebie today..hope you have gas now!!

merMarie said...

Your first freebie was African Sunsets. I wish I was around for all the Kim goodness. Only about a year for me. I love your stuff. Thanks.



It was of course African sunset, did a layout of hubby and friend, and of course yourself. You gave as it was your way of giving back for all the freebies you recieved. you first used scrapbook maxi to. would love to win as your stuff is great and read your blog everyday.hugs Jeanne.


Sorry Kim forgot to leave my email in previous blog.

And Happy Anniversary.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Congratulations Kim!!!!Happy that right?LOL

I was thinking after reading your story of the gas going off and only having a burner that will cook one pot at a time....isn't soup...cooked in one pot?LOL If they would only listen.hehe


Nancy said...

Congrats on two years! Thank you so much for this beautiful gift! The colors are stunning!

Elizabeth said...

It was called African Sunsets! Many happy returns Kim!

Addicted2Scrappin' said...

Been reading your blog since first posting and freebie -- African Sunsets!!! Thanks for all that you do to brighten my day!!!


Anonymous said...

The first freebie you gave away was "African Sunsets." Wow, it was only the second day of your blog!

Thank you for the fabulously beautiful freebie today! (Have you ever counted the number of freebies you've given? Just curious - I saw scads of them, but didn't stop to count, lol!)

thescrappywife (at) aol (dot) com

Judy said...

Congratulations Kim on your 2nd bloggerversary!!!!
You are the Number 1 blog on the net....ever since I discovered you, your blog is the first one I visit each day.
Thankyou for the lovely little giftie.

twoboyz00 said...

Happy 2nd bloggerversary! I haven't been reading your blog for quite that long, so it was fun looking through the archives at your earlier posts. African Sunsets was your first freebie. Here's to another 2 years! Thanks for the gorgeous kit today.

cmkscraps at gmail dot com

Ummaro said...

Congrats on your 2nd blogaversary! Here's to MANY more years of your fantastic humor and perspective on life! Your first freebie African Sunsets was one of the very first I downloaded when I first got 'hooked' by digi-scrapping! And I've loved having so many more over the last 2 years.
Thanks Kim, you make traveling the internets a lot more for Kim!
Oh's hawthro(at)yahoo(dot)com...:)

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 18 Mar [LA 08:00pm, NY 10:00pm] - 19 Mar [UK 03:00am, OZ 02:00pm] ).

Dracowin said...

Thank you for the lovely freebie!
Your first freebie was African Sunsets

crlin said...

Congratulations Kim!!!!! Thanks so much for the gift!! Here's to many, many more!!

Terry said...

Happy Bloggerversary, Kim! You started your blog just about the same time I started digiscrapping, and I've been following you from the very beginning. You have always been one of my favorite designers. I love everything you do. Thank you so much for this beautiful kit. Your first freebie was African Sunsets.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kim - and thanks for all the gorgeous things you have given us over this time. Your first kit that I could find was African Sunsets

Hugs - Maggy

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say thanks so much for this gorgeous freebie - Hugs - Maggy

nancypinct said...

Thank you Kim for your continued generosity! I wonder how many goodies you have given out in two years? A thousand I bet!! Thank you for today's goodies and I wish you many more blogiversaries! thank you!

blondy said...

Thank you so much for sharing this great freebie!!! Your first freebie was African Sunsets.
blondy at bak dot rr dot com

lynda said...

congrats on 2 years hard to imagine seems like yesterday I started reading your blog. Your 1st great freebie (1 of many fab) was African Sunsets. Digi Scraping should be honored having you in it as you are not only a great designer but a great person too. hugs lynda

makeyesup said...

Wow, 2 years blogging, great job on all that you have accomplished during that time. Followed you from SBM and love your sense of humor and color challenges at DSO. Thanks for the freebie and thanks for the interesting and funny story on the gas. It's a guy thing when it comes to grilling and how they protect their turf.

lynda said...

wasn't sure on space (blonde moment lol) hope EHD gets up and running, you are not alone (me 5 before success). again thank for all you do maybe without knowing you are precious. and keep those georgous designs coming for many years to come. PS your sis rocks too ;)

Anonymous said...

Why stop at 2! Go for 20 at least..he he! Thank you for your incredible generosity, I have accumulated many of your goodies, and your first one was African Sunsets.
Happy Blogiversary!
hsmema at bigpond dot com dot au

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Good morning Sweetthing!!!!!!!!!!!!
WOW its been 2 years that Ive been coming to your blog!!!!!!!!!
TY so very much for this AWESOME goody!!!!!!!!
I also hit a milestone I finally posted my 100th post on my blog on Tuesday!!!!!!! LOL

Your first give away was a mini of African Sunsets which I just finally unzipped the day before!!!! LOL

HUGE GIANT HUGS FOR MANY MORE YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Snowsmoon said...

WOW, this is adorable. I love it thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talents with us. Off to go play with it!

Dawn aka Snowsmoon's Design

Lark said...

Congratulations on two years. Wow it only seems a bit ago. Love your site. Latest adventures sure sound like fun. African Sunsets was the first post. Got it in my stash. LOLOL

Designed by K said...

Congratulations sweetie :)
What a journey and a wonderful milestone! The first freebie was African Sunsets. Heres to another great year of marvelous designs!
Hugs, K


Van said...

Congratulations on your blog anniversary and thank you so much for the beautiful freebie kit!

Angel said...

I bet today you will have record breaking comments!!

Oh my your gas story is so funny!! I'd said forget it, let's eat out!!

African Sunsets was your first freebie.
How fun of you to do a contest!! Thanks! TY for the newest freebie as well!
Have a great day!

demingglobal said...

Congrats on your anniversary! We love your blog and thank you for the sweet giftie!

Anjana Anna said...

Congrats! Thanks for the freebies. Your first freebie was "African Sunsets'
Anna J

Ladye said...

African Sunsets was the first freebie I found. As I read back over the blog, I realized I have been with you from the start and for me that is something else...LOL and my hubby says I never stick to anything.
Congrats on the 2 year anny, and I wish you many more years doing what you do so well. I am TagsbyLois at

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your two years blogging. Isn't that some kind of a record? A two-year-old blog? Will you be going through the terrible two's next? Now, for the name of the first freebie. Wait...I am getting a message from beyond...could it it...might it be...African Sunsets?

You do what you do so well Kim. You are a remarkable and gifted lady.

Angels Digi Scraps said...

Hiya Girlfriend!!
WOW 2 yrs?? Where has the time gone? It's amazing how fast time flies when you're have a ball huh? LOL.

Talking about laughing until you fall out of the chair.... ROTFLMAO. This story had me in tears laughing as I could totally picture everything that was going on and seeing you running around the house with the camera taking these pics! You goof! LOL. Thanks so much for all of the laughs you have shared with us over the last 2 yrs. I hope that you have many more years with us and who knows what else you will come up with to make us laugh! You're awesome, luv ya girlfriend.

bj said...

wow...I thought I would never get to the end of all the nice comments so that I could post a're a great designer...I have always loved your work...God bless

Rachael said...

It was African Sunsets :)

I just "discovered" you about 6 months ago, but I totally fell in love! Your blog is one of only two that I follow :)

I hope you do have two more years bloggin!!

Daddoo said...

Kim- Sorry about using the wrong name in the E-Mail that I sent to you. What can I say? I was a blond in my youth (typical dutch tow head.)

Lots more Love. Daddoo

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your 2 year anniverary!Were has the time gone.....
Your first freebie is called African Sunsets.
Thank you soo much for all your lovely freebies.
I hope to enjoy your blog for a long long time...

LouCeeCreations said...

Two Years aye! well well I'm just thinking about all those crazy stories that got me hooked lol! Can I just say the 2 years have been pleasurable, giving lots of belly laughs along the way, just what a girl neefds when she has her coffee break... cheers girlie, and yay to many more!

LouCeeCreations said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LouCeeCreations said...

the comment deleted was me lol!
having a Brunette moment and pressed the button twice... heehee!

Bonnie said...

Congrats Kim! And thanks for the laugh about the gas cooker...hee hee. It's been great having Jen here, but I am sad now cos she leaves in the morning...Thanks for the cute freeb...

Lil said...

Wow, time flys when you are having fun~! Happy 2nd Anniversary Kim. Even though I'm older then you I wanna be like you when I grow Thanks for the 'Just For You' Freebie kit too, very nice.
The name of the kit was
African Sunsets
lilslittleluxury at hotmail dot com

KayJay said...

Indoor camping, now that sounds like fun, all the fun of camping but with your own bathroom!! sounds like it was a great fun meal - never boring at Kim's it was I often think whilst giggling over your antiques! thanks for the read for the past year and a half for me and two years for others. I too looked for myself to see what your first freebie was "African Sunsets" - now to work out how to bribe Nathan to pick a high number!! ;)
Take care,
And here's to many more blog-aversaries!

Candy M said...

Cograts on your first two years! I love reading your adventures on your blog and of course getting your fabulous freebies! Thank you so much for the one today. I would certainly enjoy getting a gift certificate to get some more stuff from your store so I'm crossing my fingers and toes. LOL. You started blogging before I found out about digiscrapping but I think the first kit was called African Sunsets. My e-mail is redaztecmom at yahoo dot com.

theresaclare said...

Oh my, I had to scroll quite a bit to get to the bottom so I could write you a comment!!! Congrats on your 2 year anniversary. You are so talented and I've enjoyed getting to know you through your blog. Yah, the gas grill thing was histarical! Thanks so much for sharing a part of your life with all of us :}

Keryn said...

Thank you - this kit is beautiful. I just love your designs.

catschwartz said...

Thanks for the great little kit! I love your things. Happy Anniversary, too!

plbeary said...

thanks for two great years - sorry I have been MIA lately. Your first freebie was African Sunsets. To many more years....

Shanners said...

Congrats on 2 years! :)
First kit - African Sunsets.
Shanners (Shannon) email tigger99us @ gmail

rosmarie said...

Happy bloggerversary and many thanks for the lovely freebie!

Dane Ann said...

Goodness, I'm waaay behind this month. From African Sunset to now, really shows your growth as a designer. Of course even that was beautiful. You so stink! (((HUGS))) LOL!!! Love ya girl. Dane Ann

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Scrapbook Freebies Search List, under the Kit(s) post on Mar. 20, 2009. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your blog anniversary!!

Thanks very much for this lovely kit! You are very generous to share your designs.

Lynn, LPand3dogs Designs-Digi Scrap Obsession said...

Congrats on you 2 year Anniversary!!

Amy W. said...

Wahahaha! I loved you African Sunsets kit. Fabulous! Happy 2nd blog day!

lalangela said...

Thank you! What a beautiful kit!

Anonymous said...

Thank you - this is just darling. (shamilton)

*Ingrid* said...

Thank you verry much!!

So~Inkin~Cute said...

Dang girl!

I have been missing out big-time by not visiting your blog!!! Shame on me! Damn!

The only thing that is almost as good as friends, is your freebies!!!!! I soooo can't wait until I am back "on my feet" financially so I can raid your store! You are the diva-digi-scrappin'-Queen! oh yes indeed!



Paula said...

Well I had to pull out my 500G removable hard drive to sift through the hundreds of freebies that you have given away and I narrowed it down to two - African Sunsets and/or Fudge loved them both. Congratulations on 2 years of blogging. I've never taken the blog leap. Started following you because of Max. You and I started there around the same time. Hard to believe it was 2+ years ago. Seems like yesterday. Thanks for today's goodie - beautiful as always. I'll file it with the rest of your freebies. Gosh, I should count them. I know there are a bundle. Congrat's again! Here's to 20 more years. (thats how long it will take me to get caught up with scrapping)!

April said...

Thank you for the great kit.Wow, two years! Congratulations!!! With your help I actually found your first kit, African sunsets. Cool. You do awesome work! Thanks for sharing with us all. I'm too late for your contest, hope it went well.