Wednesday, 4 March 2009

He passed

WOOHOO - Nathan passed his exam with only one question wrong-lol. BUT- OMG, he had us in stitches last night narrating  with facial expression on how he had to pass the eye exam.

Nathan is short sighted and is BLIND without his contacts or glasses- and what does he do yesterday- FORGETS to take his glasses with him ( and he didn't put his contacts in as he thought it was an eye exam like at the optometrist -lol). He said he stuck his head into the viewer and couldn't see a THING- *just a blur of gray* as he put it- I couldn't even see the first E ( which is the biggest one - BWAHHAHAHA) I squinted, closed one eye, tried not to blink but nothing helped- hahaha, Of course my child says nothing to the examiner and fails it hopelessly!

The woman looks surprised ( I mean he is young-hahaha) and asks if he wears glasses- YES, I'm blind without them- he says- lol. She laughed and told him tooo *sssssssssssh*- and pulled the eye exam plate as close as she could to his eyes and he could do it again- hahahaha. He said he *JUST* passed it as he was looking at which side the E's stripe was by squinting- BWAHAHAHAHA. OMG, he wouldn't have been able to write the practical without passing it.

So now he has his OFFICIAL permit and my gray hair starts! lol. I'm sending him to driving school as the rules here have changed so much on "what and how" in a car ( we all basically drive stick shifts as you call it in the states) that I don't know all the new rules. And it will save on my NERVES- hahaha.

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OOOH and oh dear- we had our first hic cup with lol. I used up my MONTHS bandwidth in about 3 hours! hahahahahahaha- Thanks for letting me know last night guys. I had NO CLUE!

So I did re-up it to 4shared for you all ( both the alpha and the overlay) as soon as I found out. ( even tho some are still moaning about the *bandwidth issue- sheeee's, please take the time to read at least-lol).

Hope you all have a stunning day. It's a perfect summers day here today and I'm on my way out again to take Nathan to golf- mmmmmmmmmmmmm, maybe I won't mind him getting his license so much- HAHAHAHAHA.



Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Good Moring Sweety!!!!!!!!!!!
Boy I sure needed a good laugh this morning!!!!!!!!!!
HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

txbubbles said...

Congratulations to Nathan! Now you just keep the Valium handy and you'll be fine! LOL!
Isn't it amazing how many people won't take the time to read your blog or say a simple "thank you", but they can sure find the time to gripe about not getting the freebie? I will never understand!
Big Texas Hug,

LiviaY said...

Woohooooo!!!! CONGRATULATIONS, Nathan!!!
hehehe... is the hair dye ready to cover up those whites??? LOL

Jenni said...

hahaha, congrats now the fun starts, I have 2 with cars and licenses and my 16 year old almost 17 and ready to write his learners!!!

Maryse said...

Just like your son,I'm totaly blind without my glasses!!!
Just one thing to see...!!I know I will buy this bag BUT I have to see what inside :))

Peggie said...

Thank you. I love it.

xashee's corner said...

big CONGRATS to Nathan! :)
Thank you for re-uploading! i LOVE your creations! Have a WONDERFUL day!

Vana63 said...

Yeah for Nathan! All 3 of mine now drive, eeek. Oh Crap, I feel old, hehehe.

Thanx for uploading to 4 shared, from those of us that sleep in :-)

Bunny Cates, said...


Katrina said...

Thanks for reuploading them to 4 shared.

Congrats to Nathan on passing the licence. You could use him as your sober driver when you go out.

Lainey said...

Two more Mucha overlays ... how can I resist such treasures???

JamWest1007 said...

Oh I feel your pain, Kim! My oldest got his permit in 14. YIKES!!! Thank God he's an overly responsible, cautious type. Of course, my gray hairs don't seem to know that. Jeesh! ;-)

Love the freebies and the new grab bag. Thanks for always sharing your talent with all of us!

Michelle's Angels said...

Hey Kim,
Congrats on your son passing his test. How exciting!

You have an award on my blog Sweetie, you really deserve it!

Stop by to get it when you can!

Andrea said...

YAY he passsed!!! Woohooo {for him}!!!

Get ready to start pulling your hair out! HAHAHAHAHA

By Dezign said...

Congrats NATHAN!!! That designated driver idea sounds just what you need Kim!!!

Those overlays are gorgeous and they work like a dream.

Carjazi said...

Congrats to Nathan. I'm sure it was his charm that got the lady to "fix" the eye chart for him. LOL

Love, love, love the grab bag as always. Thanks so much.