Thursday, 26 March 2009

what happened to this week?

oooh, I have been SLEG as they would say here this week! Lazy or just slack in English-lol. Besides recovering from lack of sleep - which I must admit took me a little longer than normal to do- HAHAHA ( yeah Deon I hear you dammit! -lol), I had my Hospital duty yesterday. It usually leaves me feeling a little *flat*- not so much physically/energy tired- but more spiritually/psyche flat if you know what I mean? It saddens me to see so many sitting for hours in the hopes of seeing a doctor. Most are old and have nothing more than the clothes on their backs. I love to at least leave a smile on their faces and it takes a little more *energy* from me- so I usually spend the rest of the day *recharging*. 

And now it's Thursday!! ARRRRK- lol. Deon's already mailing me with *where we going Friday?*- UHUM - NO WHERE- HAHAHAHAHA. I loose half my week when I go out with you these days-lol\

Which brings me to something that happened on Friday night that I haven't had a chance to tell you-  * ducking my head so Deon misses*- lol

We had all decided to go out on the town as you know after Roche's farewell thingy- right? All in seperate cars at this stage as it was after work for some etc etc.

Charmaine needs to go home to make sure her kids have food etc and to get a key for the house she is staying in for the weekend ( her eldest daughters lol),and tells us all to meet there for a drink or two before we head for town. So we are in our car, Deon in his and Ant in hers ;-)

WE arrive and I rush straight to the guest loo which is just next to the front door - when I hear a *peep peeeep peeeeeep*, and Charmaine running back to the door-shouting

Someone's car alarm is going off, Wayne I think it's yours!!

So Wayne's footstep come rushing to the door - saying it doesn't sound like his.

Next minute I hear this shriek of laughter from Charmaine who comes rushing in to the bathroom (yeah, while I'm still sitting trying to have my pee- lol) and tells me to hurry up- I HAVE to come SEE THIS!

Still laughing her ass off! So now being ME- I'm so intrigued to see what's going on- I mean, she's laughing without me, I'm trying to hurry up a pee that's been held in for over and hour ( you know how those go don't you!!)! lol

When WAYNE bangs the door open and tears rolling says the SAME THING!- Hurry up- got to come LOOK!

What's wrong with these people! Don't they know you can only pee as fast as you can pee! hahahaha-

I'm COMING!!! - lol, I rushed out the bathroom still trying to do my jean zip up, and look outside and CRACK UP!

Deons brand new Audi is sitting in the middle of the road at the bottom of the steep driveway with all it's *flashers going* and it's alarm going off! WTH? lol There was just enough space in front of it to let a car get past!

Deon standing next to it shaking his head BLUSHING saying - I checked the handbrake, I did, I swear!  ( YEAH DEON!!!! lol)

He forgot to put the car in gear though- and it's STEEP! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA>

So yeah- we all went out in Waynes TANK that night! And Deon decided parking his car on the grass verge was maybe a little safer than on the driveway that night! lol

( love you Deon- hee hee, ducking again)


OOOOH- and I got a Stunning surprise in my mailbox last night-


this LO made by Nighty using little bits from all my kits in it! HOW STUNNING is this?- I love it!! Thanks so much for sharing it with me!

And my Sis (GS Creations) has something new in the store too!

She has made her stunning Arty Mushrooms into a Designers Resource!


These come in the usual separated Black and White PNG and PSD template format-

BUT, she has included the ART worked templates too! AWESOME!

They are 25% off for one week only and you can see them HERE.

I think I've yakked enough again today- hahahaha ( see what happens when this girl catches up on sleep- she talks the hind *end* off a donkey! BWAHAHAHAHA) Until tomorrow-



LouCeeCreations said...

Morning Sweetie... crumbs can't a girl pee in peace....haahaa!
Just love reading your stories in my coffee break lol! thankyou for putting a smile on my dial :)
Already popped to the store early this morning.. Gaye's work is outstanding and just can't be missed!

Snowsmoon said...

Good morning Kim....I so Loved doing your color challenge I can't wait to see next months....Everyone did very well. I posted my to my blog late last night and over at DSO....have a wonderful day and I have a second part to post to night...Thank you!

Snowsmoon said...

PS...Yup the week is GONE....LOL

Bonnie said...

you are such a card!!!! Thanks for the laugh.

xashee's corner said...

stopping in to say hi! :) had to laugh at your story! :) Thanks for sharing the info on your sis too! Have a GREAT day!!

Anonymous said...

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KrisG said...

OMG, you crack me up! Ohhhhh, to have a life as exciting as yours, LOL. Thanks for the chuckles and have a great weekend!

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

OMGosh Kim, I think I need to PEE after reading this GREAT adventure!!! ROFL!!! I have SOOOOO missed you and I was doing my hospital duty too (only "I" was the patient!) and my goodness, my week is GONE and nothing to show for it!!!

I've done it girlfriend!!! I've gone and taken the plunge!!! I've been waiting to do this for just about EVER! Although I've not signed up in the forum (I will explain why later), I am working on something for your March Color Challenge and MAN, that color palette is HOT!!! WOO HOO! Thank you for the INSPIRATION that I DESPERATELY needed after my past week's fiasco!!! MWAH! I hope to finish late tonight or in the morning!

Thank you SOOOO much for ALL that you do for ALL of us in SCRAPLAND darlin'!!! You make it all SOOOOO much FUN!!!

And to Deon, ROTFLMBO!!! Tell him that I can TOP his BLOOPER so not to feel SOOOO badly!!! You would not believe ...

Love atcha girlie,
Linda :)

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Oh GOODNESS, forgot to mention that I need to catch up with Gaye as well. Her creations are FABULOUS!!!


Being Mrs Miles said...

Hi Gurlfriend!

I totally get what you mean about taking care of the folks who have to wait. I'm so glad you can leave them with a smile.

You are such a HOOT! Lol I can just see your antics, you have such a great way of describing them. When you talk of car alarms it always makes me think of when we are camping.... invariably in the MIDDLE of the night someone's car alarm will start to go off and we just ROTFL in our van. We fondly call them 'honkers' now.

Your sis's templates are AMAZING - whoo hooo all this CU - use stuffies... which leads me to tell you - I ACTUALLY USED something and so pointed over to HERE my friend. I am SO SOSOSOSOSOSO sorry but forgot to put it in my tou, but DID note it on my bloggie.

I'll be back to find more of your antics. Happy weeeeekeeeeend starting tomorrowwwww!

♥ Barbs

GSCreations said...

Your WORK is INCREDIBLE!!! Thanks sis for everything, there's 2 awards waiting for you on my blog: