Monday, 20 April 2009

Chilly Monday

ARRGH- bring back summer-lol, Winter is slowly showing her stuff and not sure I like it so soon. It's raining and chilly and one of those days that the couch and a good DVD looks really inviting! hahaha. Also because I feel like a tired, slow old woman today. BOy, it's been a *long and full* weekend.

Friday afternoon we joined Deon, Dad, Ant and some other friends at our favourite *watering hole* for a pub lunch and at 5pm we got a phone call from Deon's brother to say that we needn't hurry home, there was NO electricity in our area and he was on his way to join us! OOOOOI- lol, Lunch landed up lasting till 8.30pm! With still no electricity in our area due to someone trying to steal the cables, everyone followed us to our house. (Company in the dark is much more fun than sitting in the dark on your own right??) Man, I have realised that Unplanned get togethers are REALLY bad for ones head!

We lit all the candles I had, and Wayne opened a bottle of pure Russian Vodka that was given to him as a gift 3 months ago- Can I just say DANGEROOS!! This bottle had been in the freezer for the whole three months and it didn't even have an *icicle* in it! lol. This stuff is smooth- but has a kick like a HORSE- not a mule! Tequila is like JUICE compared to this stuff! I cried with laughter as we tried to play 30 seconds ( a board game) with *forfeits* being a shot of Vodka!. It took most of us 30 seconds just to make out the first clue let alone try and guess as many answers as possible in 30 secs! HAHAHAHA.

Sat was spent trying to keep that *little man from playing those drums in my head* and cleaning up wax all over the house from me blowing out the candles tooo hard ( yeah, well, I didn't think I was at the time- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH)

AAAHHHH- But yesterday was a very special day,

Nathan is now OFFICIALLY the ONLY responsible adult in this house- Bwahahahahaha, ( He say's so I tell you-lol)


Standing with his Dad and his *second* Dad Deon.

and of course he is getting a poke in the ribs from Dad. These boy's can't be serious in a photo!


You can see where they get it from - just look at his *Grand fathers*

My Dad's hair is all fly away and we were teasing him that he looked like an Advert for the *wool board*- BWAHHAHA.


NEARLY got a serious one- but Yup- Wayne's dad just couldn't hold himself back- he had to blow in Nathan's ear and my Dad seriously needs some hair gel- LOL


NO mistaking this lot! WOW - like Grandfather, like Grandson!

And then my battery died! What a dork I know! At least I got some for Nathans *keepsakes* ;-)


And I want to send a dear scrapping friend RUTH a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish for today too! Ruth I hope you have a wonderful day my friend.

And we have a gift from RUTH!


How Awesome is this QP!! She made it using my Colour Challenge posting gift- I love it, and you can pick it up here on Ruths blog today. Please leave her a little Bday wish as a thank you ;-)

Phew- and tonight we are going to the IPL pro 20 cricket match being played here in PE. OUCH! At this stage I think I'd like it to carry on raining- at least then I would have an excuse to sit my ass at home! lol

Until tomorrow,



Kristine said...

Morning Kim!!!

Hangovers once you hit 40 are the flippin' WORST!!!! Glad you had a good weekend and I'm also glad there is at least one responsible adult in the house...anymore than that is really going overboard!!!


LouCeeCreations said...

Hangovers... Mmmmmm... and pure Vodka... sounds lethal to me lol!
I agree with Kristine, the older you get the harder they are to deal with!

txbubbles said...

Thank goodness you have one responsible adult in the house now, although I do believe Nathan has his work cut out for him! Love the photos!
Big hugs,
Vicki in Texas

Ruth said...

Thanks Kim! Glad you love this lil gift:)


Bunny Cates, said...

Poor Nathan. I dont know how he will ever control you two.

Well, on the good side, after "raising" you two, he will probably wait a VERY long time to have kids. hahahaah!!!

Happy B-DAY NATHAN, enjoy being an ADULT!!!!


charlie said...

Happy Australia its the legal drinking age, voting age..omg its a scary thought to some parents ;)

xashee's corner said...

Thank you so much for sharing! :) Have a WONDERFUL day!

Vicki said...

OMG I had some Dominican rum like that before - WOWEEEEE - blow your head off stuff!! LOL! You need a big fry up to ease the hangover Kim!!

Melanie said...

rotfl!!!! I'm so glad you're home. I need my morning laugh! LOL!

Happy Birthday, Nathan!

Bonnie said...

Hey Kim....
30 seconds is bad enough...I would HATE to know what it is like with vodka!! ha ha!!! Must be a blast!
I love your family photos, how special. The two grandads together is so cute! Your dads hair is a riot!! Hugs!

Bonnie said...

oh by the way it is freezing here too!! I like it for the first week and then wish for summer to come already! Time for those potjies and stews!

Beth Long said...

LOVE the pics of all your 'manly men'... hee hee.... CONGRATS on all of the fun life landmarks! Hope you're able to have SOME fun tonight at the game... LOL! {{{HUGS}}}

Vera said...

Sounds like fun!!! Remember me? I haven't been by in a LOOOONNGGG time I think I forgot who I am too! haha :) It's always nice to visit your blog Kim, always makes me smile :)

Anonymous said...

LOL... no sympathy here Kim :-)
Self induced "illness" is just the price you pay the piper. (I know, cuz it happens to me all too often).

These are wonderful pictures of all the men in your life. GREAT memories. Nathan will be so glad to have these to show his kids someday. Thanks for sharing -
Have a GREAT day. Hugz

xashee's corner said...

stopping in to say CONGRATS on two years of FABULOUS designing!! :) Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!

Mrs. Miles said...

Ok, trying to send you some summer here. Well, it has been painful watching you bask while we froze our noogies off over here the past six months, but ah, what the heck!

I sure feel tired lately too - just overwhelmed and realizing I'm NEVER goina get it all done, so must set priorities?

Boy, you sure get your share of power outages, I take this SO for granted here! With your energy you should get hooked up to a pedal thing and then you could power your computer and get into shape all at the same time ROTFL!

Erm... the vodka sounds downright dangerous haha - you won't go for the rubbing alcohol will ya? *snort!* JK of course hahahah - and no sypmathy here for your hangovers girl!

What a milestone for your Nathan - can we say he's the ALPHA male now? hehe! Is this honour cause he's the one with still a good strong back? LOL! His honour means he gets to carry the beer, right?

Ruth's gift is simply beautiful!

I missed you - I'm still in semi-CFT mode, but waking up slowly (shut that durn alarm OFF! haha!)

mwah from moi

Ummaro said...

Kim - you have an amazing family & extended family that so obviously brings you a great deal of joy...Thank You so much for sharing that joy with us.