Monday, 4 May 2009


that's my credit card! BWAHAHAHAHA-

oh boy, I missed most of the one day sales on Sat - (which was a good thing as I would probably spent a LOT MORE in my *happy state*- lol), but did a great job of making it up yesterday- WHEEEEEEEE!

I missed the NSD sales last year as we were away and I wasn't going to miss it ALL this time- Did you do some shopping?? I can't WAIT to play with some of my goodies.

But at this stage I need to give *my girls* a bit of *breathing room* huh?- lol,

AWWWWWW man, I want to HUG each one of my CT TEAM! Goodness did they go beyond their *call* this last week.

I just kept throwing kits and bag goodies at them and they produced in my opinion some of the best LO's I have seen in a long time!

Thanks soo soo much my TEAM, for the outstanding work and goodies you got out in less than NO time( as I didn't give you much lol), and *for standing in* for this party girl while she got her joints oiled- BWAHAHAH

MWAH ( and yes some story's to follow- hee hee)


*lots to see- GRAB more coffeeeeeee- hahahahaha*

Breaking NEWS-

Don't forget that Bunny and My collab Grab bag will only be available till Friday-


Its $10 for 10 brand new quality product!

No strays and jaggys!

Don't kick yourself when all these products go up full price.


And of COURSE I have some hints and tips from my girls-


I'm FAST becoming Hutchies number 1 fan for her cluster frames! She made THREE and they are all just amazing!

you can grab it HERE ( scroll down a bit for some other fantastic freebies too)


Dance into my heartrs

Jazzy used my NEW Antoinette kit, her About Girls word art and the bag goodies in this LO!

Isn't her GGD just the cutest!

Dance Into My Heart preview

You can pick this gorgeous cluster from Jazzy HERE.



Ruth has got one for you too! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, and one is pink and one is blue-pigeon pair! lol

you can pick this one up HERE>


And this Stunner is by Jenni- Using ONLY goodies from the NSD collab GRAB BAG!- WOW


Simply stunning!

And Jenni (Chaos Lounge) still has her store at 50% off till the 7th!


Tons of amazing kits and CU goodies!


For those that missed my Antoinette kit @ 50% off on Sat -

it's still on SALE for 25% off at the moment-


There are 19 papers in all-

a little funky and a little warn and warm.

53 elements and a FULL ALPHA too!


Another 100% close up ;-)


SOME ANT Eye Candy-

And look at this beauty from Bonnie!


Love how that frame is hanging from the branch!

And Bonnie STILL has her store off @ 50% at the moment too- ( shows at checkout)


WHEEEEEEEEEEEE- aren't we the lucky ones!



I found this in the DSO Gallery this morning and I KNOW Vicki ( txbubbles) isn't going to mind me posting it here- I just HAD too! lol

Don't you think this is amazing! LOVE it! Thanks GF!



Kristine (aka the Wench) did this one- OMG, I LOVE this- hahah,

just look at those two with their blue teeth and tongues! Kristine has this knack of hitting my funny bone a lot when it comes to her LO's!

Love the *bowties* too!



This one by Renee, and WOW_ just LOVE that blending and the pink matches her lipstick perfectly! Another stunner!

Oh Golly- LOL, I'll bring you some more eye candy from the ANTOINETTE kit tomorrow again. ;-)


My other new Release was

MOODY DAYS. Also 25% off until Friday.


I suppose it's a lot like it says- MOODY- lol

10 papers and 35 elements make up this very neutral and earthy kit.



OMG- just look at that! hahahaha-

Nett is the the other *funny bone hitter* and this one is NO exception! LOVE that little piggy tale and the title work!



This is another stunner by Renee of her BFF's!

Stunning work on the extractions!



Another Beauty by Jenni! WOW, Love the blend and the smaller photos! And Hide her away GF! lol


WOOHOO- and we get these stunning QP's for you made by Jordiann


You can GRAB em HERE.

Please please leave my girls and friends some love if you download their goodies- ;-)

Ok- I think tomorrows post will be smaller- BWAHAHAHAHAHA- man these last two have taken me AGES and thank goodness NSD only comes around once a year! lol.

I hope you all had a great one and please send me your LO's using my goodies- I really really do love to see them and would love to show them off too.

Until tomorrow



txbubbles said...

Hey GF!
Yep, I kept that card hot on Saturday, I made quite a haul at DSO!
I'm so glad you liked my LO! When I saw your Antoinette kit I knew it would be perfect for this photo!
Big Texas hugs

charlie said...

omg havent you got rsi yet lovely lady? was one hell of a post..wowso many awsome goodies!Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oh ya! My credit card is worn out from Saturday and Sunday... LOL. I bought your last grab bag and the new Moody Days kit, plus some CU items. I had such fun. I think I own just about all of the things you have in the store now, Kim. Maybe I'd better go and check out the grab bag that you and Bunny have for sale. After all, I still have SOME bucks left LOL...

Have a great day!

Jenni said...

So many gorgeous goodies on your blog!!!And ja, I shopped up a storm!! And had so much fun doing it, my CU stash is full to the brim for the next couple of months LOL!But honestly nothing beats yours, and yours and Bunny's grab bag is a must!!

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Oh YAH!!! What a way to start out my day on the computer!!! Kim B's CT EYECANDY!!! WOO HOO! Oh wait, I forgot to grab my cuppa joe! He, he ...

OMGosh! I left to get coffee and ended up spending the past two hours cleaning house!!! Well, at least now I won't feel guilty sitting here at the computer for the rest of the day! HA, HA, HA, HA, HAAAAAA! I also had an unexpected visit from son #2! We spent some time catching up!

I did not start NSD shopping until nearly midnight and I SURELY made up for it the next 24 hours! Of course, I purchased yours and Bunny's NSD collab grab bag and OH MY, OH MY, it is chock-full of YUMMYLICIOUS delights to start playing with!!! REALLY loving the WRAPPED FRAMES!!! :)

Thank you SO much for making NSD extra special for us CU junkies girlfriend!

HAPPY MONDAY ... hmmmm .... almost Tuesday in SA!

Love atcha girlie,
Linda :)