Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Still cleaning up

Well- I'm slowly getting all my old previews re-done ( OUCH, that is taking forever- hahaha), and now I have my favourite ET Guy coming in 20 minutes to do my PC too,! WHEEEEEEEE - Oh and that's not a mistake- I've jokingly named him my *ET guy* instead of my *IT guy* ( well Wayne's but I like to think he works for me too- BWHAHAHAHA). His name is Evelyn and he is sooo into computers and Sci-Fi, so the name sort of stuck- lol. He's now being called the ET guy by some of the people at Wayne's work too- hahahaha.

I'm getting LOW MEMORY errors all the time and photo shop refused to save to web this morning - said no RAM memory- BLAH! And this is AFTER my PC has been cleaned up- so I think it's time for a new graphics card and more memory! lol. ( and trust me my PC is not by any means OLD or out of date- it's USED to it's full capacity all the time!)

YIPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEE, got the go ahead from hubby for Mr ET guy to come and see what I need etc. Can't wait! ( sssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeee's , I'm turning into a computer geek slowly- :-P)

I had a quiet Mothers Day, spent at home with the family. Wayne sort of forgot- hahahaha, but has promised to make it up ( hee hee- see ABOVE), but Nathan bought me a ton of my favourite candy and choc's ( which both my boys HATE- so they won't eat it)- He even used his own money which made it special to me.

OOOH I know it's the middle of the month- but I forgot to show you my Colour Challenge this month-


Come play with me and see all the STUNNING kits and creations made again this month!

You can check it out HERE-

and I will give you this little gift as a thank you for playing with me ;-)


I got to scrap again too- YAY!


I eventually managed to do Ant her LO with my *Antoinette* kit. made specifically for her- She LOVED it!



100's of products marked at 60% off!


Grab em NOW because they will be gone for GOOD on Sunday.

OOOOH and my sister (GS Creations) has some AWESOME new templates out again

( man I'm IN LOVE with these- not just because she's my sister- but because they are soooo original and so well worked!)


she has this freebie sampler for you on her blog!

Grab it HERE.

Will chat more tomorrow- the doorbells just gone and I'm ready to see if I can *tune* my PC- lol



Bonnie said...

Hey Kim.
I got those memory low messages all the time! It makes me want to chuck my pc out the window! ha ha....Luckily it doesn't slow anything down.

saucystarr said...

Hi! I have a question.
I just read through your color challenge thread, and I don't know how to match a color swatch. If I want to enter a LO, can I use one of the freebie kits that your other contestants have already entered for the month?(with credit, of course). Would I still get the part. prize?

Thanks, and thanks for the wonderful scrap stuff!


Anonymous said...

Oh boy! Hope all goes smoothly with your computer upgrade. Enjoy your chocolate!

Mrs. Miles said...

HI My Friend,

I hope you fix your computer woes,
Not enough memory -
Thats how it goes,
With brains of computers,
Brains of us humans,
I'm sure its much worse
For a mans than a womans *snort*
I hope you get fixed
The ET man repairs,
For we can't have you pulling
Your sweet golden hairs!

I am heartily surprised and encouraged each day I turn my computer on an it keeps going, its been sorely abused and misused and not serviced in ... FOREVER.

LOVE your sunny skies b/g - now if its raining here I'll just come to your blog and pretend. :)

love the bull things - we call them bullrushes here!

Happy day to you my friend. I'm thinking of you!

♥ Barbs

Mrs. Miles said...

I had to come back to gaze at your pretty background again *grin*