Wednesday, 1 July 2009


OMG, I tried to sit up here last night and finish what I started- I DID, I DID, but then Loucee offered me a sip of her wine at about 11pm and man just the thought made me go SLEEEEEEEEEEEP! lol So I got up early this morning , with the BEST intentions to get stuck in my JUNE colour challenge so I could send out the last posting gifts to all the girls! UHUM, yup, it's still not done! HAHAHAHA- WHY?? Oh I don't know, maybe because a certain BUNNY WUNNY got me yaking here for over two hours this morning- BWWWWWWAHAHAHAHA.

Well ok, Bunny did the talking- I had to type as my mic doesn't work! But when I looked at the time and Nathan had phoned already to be taken fishing from a friend- I WAS- AAAAAAARRGHHH, PANIC! lol

I don't think Bunny is going to be up tooo early either as it was near 4am her time by then- OOOOOOOOPPPPPPSSSSSS, Told you I can yak!

Ok- I have tons to show you today- OH boy-

Lets start with this one-


DSO is having a designers call drive.

If you are looking for a really friendly *home* to sell your goodies in, then give us a go!

YOu can read more about it HERE, application forms are linked on this page.




if you want to work with all of our kits for free and LOVE creating pages and goodies-

then what you waiting for!

We would LOVE to hear from you.

(I'm early with this post and the details haven't been put up in the forum yet - hee hee, told you I kept Bunny up tooo long this morning - please just check back in an hour or two for all the requirements.)

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- told you there was  lot happening today- hahaha


OK- I have a new product out of my Mini Grab BAG #5-


Mish Mash 4- golds

$5.50 $4.13
Save: 25% off

9 quality realistic GOLD mixed designer elements.
from large frames to charms and confetti.
All Quality checked for peace of mind- no strays or Jaggy's.
9 PNG @ 300ppi


Nanas HeartRS

Jazzy used some of the goodies from above in this cute LO of her GGD.

She also used her own word art and made us a freebie too!! WOOHOOOOO!

Sweet PinkFramePreview

YOu can pick up this CUTE freebie cluster frame HERE on Jazzy's blog!



BWWWWWWWWWAHAHAHAHA- well I thought I would *TWIST this month up* and asked each one of my CT TEAM to give me ONE COLOUR each ( be it their favourite or their worst!)

OMG, lets just say I started to panic when the first few came in - BUT, once they were all there, Hell, the ECLECTIC mix of colours WORKED!! lol- THEY did!! It just took me some time to sort them out into swatches.

The reason I'm sooo BEHIND with everything today is that well I had enough for TWO swatches!

Which means- TWO COLOUR CHALLENGES this month ( ouch- what was I thinking- hahahahahaha)



Yup you can get this posting gift by playing along with the girls and me with this SWATCH HERE in the DSO forum

and you can do ONE or BOTH this month-




You can find SWATCH number 2 HERE.

Talk about ECLECTIC mix this month huh?- but man I was sooo thrilled how they worked once I got to using em!

Thanks girls- this months one kept me BUSY but it has been FUN FUN FUN!!


Ok- I really really have to get a snooze in here somewhere today- or get someone to make me more coffee?? Any takers?? HUH?? PWEASE- lol. Until tomorrow



Jazzy said...

I still think you are a glutton for punishment with 2 color challenges in one month..have you noticed how many replies and views you have had the past few months..LOL
Boy everyone better make some room for all those awesome kits that will be coming soon!!..Thanks for the mention of my word art.. I give you permission to go take a hugs and love meee

Kristine ♥ said...

I'm already done my color challenge're right, my green was a huge PITA!


then am I!!! HAHAHAHAHA

Tammara said...

TWO color challenges?!?! You slave-driving wench! ;-)

Bunny Cates, said...

omg Im up. let me get my eyes open...

xashee's corner said...

thanks soooooooo much for sharing the FUN!!! :) Have a good sleep!!

Darleen said...

GOOD GRIEF, Lady!! What WERE you thinking??? Trying to run us into the nearest wall? Ok, now that I've griped about it, I'll jump right in and have twice as much fun this month. Heck, it's too hot to go outside, here in California and I can ignore my DH some more. Now where did I put my glass of wine? LOL

Kim's Scrappin' said...

Love the colors for the color challenge. Should be very interesting this month with two color challenges! LOL I've already sent in an application to be on the DSO store CT. :)

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

ROFL! You are WAY too funny girlfriend! I'm holding my eyes open with toothpicks at the moment so I KNOW the feeling!

On my way to bed, just saw your post and wanted to say GOOD MORNING to you before I close up shop!!

Still LOVING those PB's girlie!!!

Linda :-D

Melberry said...

TOOOOOOOO cool ... love your colors for July ... so fun! I'll be going through withdrawal because I'll be computer-absent for the next 10 days but look forward to participating and hearing from you as soon as I get back! Good thing you are familiar with a local hospital, keeping yourself in stitches all the time. :)