Monday, 31 August 2009

25 years past

But oh Lordy the mind still thinks we are 18! lol. I had my 25 year school reunion this weekend. But Mr Murphy decided to put a real spanner in the works on Friday morning just before all the festivities - yup, he just can't seem to leave me alone the bugger- hahahaha-

You know how you always want to look your best seeing your old school classmates again after so many years???- Well uhum, I go and break a tooth in HALF late Friday morning! I packed out laughing in disbelief  and made an emergency phone call to my dentist (after phoning Wayne first who couldn't stop laughing at me!) and who said he would fit me in at about 2pm! OMG, that only left me 3 hours before we had to get there!!My dentists injections are GOOD ones and no ways in hell was I going to do a tooth rebuild without one- KWIM??  I only got feeling back in my cheek on the way to the function- BWWAHAHA!

Can you say *HUNGOVER* on a Monday from the weekend! OUCH, it was a great weekend (LONG and definitely not good for my liver or voice)and I LOVED meeting everyone again. Everyone sort of just picks up where they left off the last reunion- yes, we all have more wrinkles and a few more gray hairs or bald heads- but we still carried on as if we left school yesterday! But by the mails this morning we all seem to be feeling the same- HAHAHAHAHA. Tired, worn out and a little ragged around the edges ;-) Photo's to follow- lol

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And I have some more eye candy for you today too! YIPPEEEEEEEE

jodian18 Jodiann used her Freebie word art to make this LO of her Mom and Dad.

bergstromfarmsBy Bergstromfarm. (thanks so much ;-).

090827113801665934334081 By Maman-de-Lena


By Hutchiewarning!

 By Loucee

Who also made this into a stunning Freebie QP for us-


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Until tomorrow with some new photo's for you-lol

HUGS and Loves


LouCeeCreations said...

Haahaahaa! now I know why you were MIA girl!
Glad you had a blast...

Anonymous said...

You should sit down and write a book one day, Kim... LOL Only you have such great "adventures" in your life. Just reading on some days exhausts me! Hope you had a blast!

Sibylle said...

This is such an awesome kit. Thank you for the extras and the examples.