Wednesday, 12 August 2009

40 days

OMG, Nathan has only 40 days left of school. I remember my 40 days as though it was yesterday-lol. All dressed up in fancy dress, blocking traffic all the way to school singing and sitting on car bonnets like in the movie Grease. Creating as much havoc as possible before the bell went to start the day.

And this little man here is now all grown up and ready to celebrate his own!! BOO HOOO!

n1Well his school celebration *fancy dress* part is Friday- but they are having a party tonight to celebrate it. He asked me to help him dress up- and has said that most of the guys in his class are going as women, Sheeeee's ,Well that's easy enough- I've got enough to fit ( besides the shoes that is-lol)- but OH NO, he's not going as a woman- no ways in hell was his reply. Now we got to figure out something more *manly for the boy* this afternoon- aaargggh, a *woman* would have been too easy right???- BWahahaha.

Do or did you celebrate 40days?? It's a big thing here and most Matric's ( Grade 12's) can't wait to reach that milestone. lol.

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WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEeee -Wayne arrives back tonight thank goodness. I had to get up when it was still dark first of all, which totally makes my brain think it should still be sleeping - lol, but something ALWAYS doesn't work- like the garage door this morning- YUP, running late and you push that button and zippo- nada, nothing- kaput!. Run like a banshee inside to find a remote that held such a small battery-  eventually found one in another remote and JUST made it to school with Nathan on, Had the poor boy sweating. Now I feel like it should be late afternoon already - not lunch time! OY! Going to be a long day- lol

Hope you have a good one

Hugs and Loves


Kristine ♥ said...

OMG how stinkin' cute is Nathan in that photo????

We didnt do anything to celebrate the end of Grade 12....

I could hardly wait to leave high school. My dad was a teacher there and I couldnt get away with anything. I spent the better part of my high school years being grounded or punished for something or I made up for it in my twenties.


charlie said...

lol we dont have 40 days here..but we do have Year 12 "muck up days" in the last few weeks before th magor exams.Year 12 also finish many days earliar than the rest of the years.
Hope nathan has an awesome time, and yep year 12 is something you remember forever!

Veelana said...

No, we don't celebrate the 40 days either! What we did just after finishing the final exams (also earlier than the others) was a "Abistreich". All the students of the final class come together and play a practical joke on all the other students and teachers.

We build a classroom in the middle of the schoolyard, kidnapped all our former teachers from their clases and made them go to school with us as teachers. We gave the silly exam questions (trick questions and jokes) and for PE they had to do a race on baby trycicles. They where all great sports and played along, the rest of the school had a couple of hours off and watched what we all did. We brought cake and coffe and everyone had a god time.

Its so much fun to hear about other traditions, isn't it?

LouCeeCreations said...

sounds like a lot of fun, this 40 days thing.. I can just see you back in the 70's/80's dancing on the cars lol!
lol Nathan, so he doesn't want to be a girl... heehee! hope you can find a costume and not have to make one.
Hey GF... thanks for pimping.
many mwah's!

Snowsmoon said...

HI girl....I so remember these days...mine are all grown and out of the nest at this time but I do enjoy the empty nest...they do all live close by.

Just passing through to say Hello!


xashee's corner said...

i never heard of the 40 days thing but it sounds FUN! :)
Thanks so much for ALL that you share! Have a WONDERFUL weekend! :D

Anonymous said...

Kids grow too fast, I agree!

Thanks for the links to all the freebies!