Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The next instalment

LOL- How can I NOT, seeing that this week will be filled with my Friends Series Deon kit and freebies too, that I have to share my friend with you.

Well you know how we met now from yesterdays post and lets just say we got on like a house on fire. I was dating Wayne at the time (who was doing his two year military service) and couldn't wait for Wayne and the group to meet Deon. Which happened the next weekend when Wayne came down on his pass! OH BOY! Deon say's he will never forget it ,as he was *pooping* himself that Wayne would want to kill him for befriending his GIRL! lol .But it was never like that and on that first night after Wayne dumped a case of beers in front of him, the rest is HISTORY! They too got on like a house on fire and my circle of friends loved Deon ( and yup, 24 years later that group of teens are now still friends!)


BWWWWWWAHAHA- OMG, this was when we were 19 and still in Varsity taken at a Beerfest camping trip at 8am in the morning- hence the bottle of coke in Deon's hand for the hangover! lol


At my 21st - ( and yeah, that's me crying from my dad's speech!)lol


Deon moved to George with his folks before he completed his studies and worked for a engineering company there -He then came back to PE a year later to do an engineering diploma and stayed with us while he was here. During that time I was pregnant with Nathan and Wayne was away on business a lot- so it was great company-

BUT, Oh man, I went into labour at 5am on a Friday morning and Wayne had to drop some important business documents off at the company- so left POOR DEON with me- BWWWWWAHAHAHA, the poor man was in more of a tizz than I was- but sat on my bed next to me and timed my contractions which went WAY WONKY! No lies, I didn't have a easy time- but I think I was offered more tea and toast in the 5 hours that Wayne was away than in the 24 years of our friendship- BWWWAHAHAHA. He phoned Wayne eventually and said you better get here NOW or I'm landing up next to her.

At the hospital he even walked straight into the LABOUR ward, which in those days only the husband was allowed- still watched me pushing, huffing and puffing against the wall with my ass hanging out the back of my gown- asking politely- Hows it going! HUH? How's it look like it's going dammit and all I could think of was * AND you can see my ASS!* lol. The nurses eventually clicked he was an *alien* and kicked him out with much laughter - but it's something I will NEVER forget. He was also the first one at the hospital the next morning at 5am to see Nathan who is Deon's Godson.

OK OK_ I can go and on - so more tomorrow ;-)


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Papers- not all shown.

Check Yesterdays post for all the EXTRA's in the BUNDLE- it's a HUGE SAVING.!

And OMG- I SO SO love the LO's with this kit done by my CT!!

Deon & Open Spaces By Renee

jody (600 x 600) By Silvia

Rockin Roller Coaster LO TN By Vicki

TheBoys-July2009RS By Croppy

Pockets By Bonnie

Who also made this into a QP freebie for you! WOOT WOOTBvanEsch_KimBDeon_QP_PREVIEW copy

You can pick it up HERE.

Remember to Grab the BUNDLE (30% off) or the Individual kit (25% off) or extra's(25% off) while it's on still sale ( limited time only).

Until tomorrow with the next instalment- lol

Hugs and Loves


Rachel said...

Kim, your stories are always so charged with humor. It is so wonderful for you to give us a glimpse into your life on your blog. I really aspire to be like that!!!


Rachel said...

Kim, your stories are always so charged with humor. It is so wonderful for you to give us a glimpse into your life on your blog. I really aspire to be like that!!!


geezee said...

OOOH girl I am spending more of that money I don't make. You got me goin' again. Wish I had a lifelong friend from my youth like you have Deon. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Kristine ♥ said...

Hee Hee!! Love the pics and the stories! Keep 'em coming!!!!

charlie said...

omg..I am so glad I'm not wearing makeup right now..blubbering I tell you..You are so so very lucky to have such an awesome friend Kim..cherish it always ((hugs))

LouCeeCreations said...

Aaah! he really has been with you all the way......... Kim, it is so lovely of you to share your stories of Deon, it just makes that amazing kit so much more personal!
I'll be here tomorrow lol!
Ooh Yeah! the layouts are jaw dropping... as ever!

xashee's corner said...

it's COOL learning more about you! and you know i think your kits are AWESOME and this one is no different! Thank you for ALLL that you share! Have a GREAT day!! :D

Sue said...

Wow! What a story! Thanks for sharing it.

Nett said...

Just stopped by to rub some lub all ova your blog :D I wanna smack you kinda now though because you got me all wussy and needing a box of tissues. That picture of Deon and Nathan did me in, that's when I lost it and lost it gooooood! Big squeezies and lotsa mwahs!!!

Snowsmoon said...

I so enjoy reading your blog Kim. And you are so lucky to have a friend so close for so many years. As so I get caught up I will get my layout done for you that I promise and get my blog updated with the teams blog links...Hopefully I am done and fixed my problem with the jaggys.

Enjoy your day and thank yo so much for all your help.