Wednesday, 19 August 2009


Well it looks like it's world wide at the moment- Poor Bunny sent me a message *via via via* to let me know that she is flooded and all her PC's are fried and her office and bedroom is under water- OUCH! She was sucking up water till 4am this morning but has more rain on the way. STAY SAFE BUNNY WUNNY!

We have storms and heavy rain here today too and it flooded in the Cape yesterday. Sitting here with the heater on and my little glass of sherry- hee hee. Nothing like a glass to warm you up from the inside ;-).

Just a quick reminder my MEGA CU GRAB BAG will be gone on Friday- kb-megagrabbag

And yes Dinphy- there are of course overlays in here- lol. So I'll show em to you with another product too! WHEEEEEE

folderREVEAL 1 - Lavender bits


REVEAL 2- Graffiti Styled textures


REVEAL 3- Paper flowers, string and staples

Grab it ALL now ( all 8 products in there) for ONLY $8, don't miss it.

And WHEEEEEEEEEEEE, I can't WAIT to get to my dear hairdresser Andrew tomorrow- (yup, I've remembered so FAR-hahaha)

Hope you all have a fab day further and if it's wet where you are, stay warm and dry.!

hugs and Loves


Anonymous said...

Hi your grabbag...looks awesome as storms and rain is all over the world I man is in the middle of a hurricane...thats even worse...and we have a heat wave here...phheewww...and I think it drives people nuts too...some crazy guy lit two bombs about 5 min from my house this was scarry...the helicopters are still circeling the area since he hasnt come out of his house yet...well you stay save...sending kisses your way...wish I could send you some of the heat
MWAH Silvia

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Kim love, WOW, storms, floods and fried electronics, OH MY! Hoping and praying that clean up is not too difficult and that all of Bunny's computer equipment is okay.

I am just making my way back to SCRAPLAND, have GRABBED your MEGA CU goodies after asking Bunny if I'd missed anything from you the other day! LOL! What kind of FAN does that make me??? ROFL! CANNOT miss Kim B goodies! CANNOT! LOL!

I have SO missed everyone and am hoping for some rather UNEVENTFUL days the rest of the month!

Your Andrew sounds divine and I'm SO happy that he's found an opening for you SO soon! What a GEM, eh?

Okay, I am half-wittingly rambling and have a doctor's appointment today and MUST find my way to the shower before time runs out on me!

Love your girlie, have missed you like all get out and hope to catch up with everyone soon! MWAH!

Linda :-D

Dinphy said...

Aw, thanks Kim! These are really great! I'm working on something I could DEFINITELY use it in... Okay, off to DSO I go again... ;)

(just got from there... check your designers gallery, lol. Oldie BUT a goody!!)

Poor Bunny... Hope it doesn't get any worse than this... Which is bad enough. Ouch... All her pc's fried!

Judy said...

wow ...I can't say we have storms like that ...but I know I am tired of being at 36 to 40 for temperatures...please send some rain this way ...the forest and us could use it ...stay safe all of you ..


Twin Mom Scraps said...

LOVE all your news stuff in this post!!! thanks for the cute freebie:)