Monday, 21 September 2009

Quality and on a more serious note today

Today I thought I would do a *show and tell*- on what Quality I expect when buying Commercial use tools, as well as in Personal use kits. With such an influx of CU tools out there it's hard sometimes to know who's stuff you can trust and who's you won't buy again. I've been burned a lot, I don't buy anymore except from designers that I KNOW give their 110% into their products.

DSO has always had a QUALITY CHECK system in place since I started selling there over 2 years ago - Bunny refuses to up any kit into the store that hasn't been Quality Checked- it's her policy, and I LOVE that. It has also made me extremely fussy about my own work. And yes ,we all learn more as time goes on- don't get me wrong. Everyday is a learning curve for something new and how to improve on my stuff.

You've wondering where the hell I'm going with this aren't you- lol

Well on Saturday I had a comment in my inbox- which I would usually ignore as it's not worth getting upset about. I don't usually take a stand on a soap box and am usually the *bystander* listening and reading etc. The big pacifist - uhum.........

Anonymous Anonymous said... For $10 I hope this grab bag is better than the (useless) bits in the grand opening grab bag. I hope the old 'you get what you pay for' saying is true!

But I decided that seeing it was an ANONYMOUS comment that I couldn't at least answer her by mail or make her complaint right- I would answer here instead ;-)

Yes you get what you pay for and a lot more - I spend a ton of hours making sure that I get my extractions to the highest quality you can use - keeping them realistically correct too.


For only $1.50 - you received 13 items in all. Now that's less than 12c each??? For the amount of work that goes in to them- I think 12c per item is actually really CHEAP. I'm sorry that you found them useless. I tried to give a *variety* of products in it so that it was cheap enough for everyone to test my quality.

So I thought I would REVEAL the whole lot here now-


It's an eclectic mix of elements(both feminine and masculine) and a CU4CU texture plate.

So I decided to make up TWO FREEBIES today- one with this BAG-



Qualityclose up with stroke

(STROKED product image- to see Quality of items.)

I just feel so sad that a lot of people out there expect so much for so little. It's a hobby for a lot of people yes - but like my other hobby oil painting- I  still pay for my paints and canvas etc? Why do a lot expect digital work to be so cheap - the hours are just as consuming.

OOOH - I got off track today - back to the quality issues out there ;-)

What issues do I find that bug me the most -and ones that get sent BACK from our quality department at DSO?- ( please note I've tried to recreate these and have not used any given designers goods but my own for showing purposes)


#1 -Ever bought some of these??- Textures that are blurred and fuzzy at 100% - Well I have and have saved a LOT of them by adding some of my texture plates over them- it not only sharpens the fuzzy image but you give a *texture* to the paper as well. So not a bad buy I think at 12c?



That perfect Element looks GREAT at around 45% on your screen and on your windows viewer- which is how it will show it to you when you open it.


I usually click the FULL VIEW Button on my windows viewer and then again at FULL SIZE in photo shop. (I have recreated the stuff that bugs me the most here- )

# ROUNDED and left over bits in corners.

# Fuzzy soft out of focus edges which means the whole item has a feathered edge on it which is any designers nightmare.


I Apply a 1pt stroke to everything to check to strays and feathers ( my own and any bought products as I know they have to pass a quality check for both my personal use kits and CU kits)

You can see here that the stroke looks bigger than 1pt as the edge is feathered- the *active selection line* does not reach the element itself- there's that (feather gap*).-


What the edge should look like with all bits and corners realistically done. Yes, this is how I do my extractions- I spend that extra amount of time to actually make sure that all those little *rounded bits* are gone and it looks like it should.

Do you get what you paid for?- Yeah I think so again and more.

Having a Commercial License on these products means you can make money for YOURSELF off them. At the prices digital-scrap-booking CU items go for- it's a real STEAL!


GIVE IT HORNS- Collab Grab Bag , with only the HIGHEST QUALITY commercial use tools and products by KimB and Disasterpiece Studios.

10 FULL SIZED products

all Quality checked and ready to use with peace of mind.

EXCLUSIVE to DigiScrapVault.

Full product previews are available in store!

EVERY DESIGNER AT DSV has ONLY QUALITY products up for sale! Every kit or item up in the VAULT has been quality checked for strays, jaggy's, feathered edges and are there to save YOU money ,frustration and TIME.

I've added a little Quality SAMPLER FEBBIE here for CU use- kb-GIH-samper


Full view with edge stroke.

You can pick it up here.

Ok that's my *soap box* speech today- lol. I'll be back to myself tomorrow I promise. But just felt that this had to be said and shown.

BIG HUGS if you read it all the way through. MWAH


Anonymous said...

Of course I read it all the way through, Kim. And I must say here - I've spent loads on digital stuff, and I'VE NEVER BEEN the LEAST bit disappointed in your goodies!!! THE BEST!!! I seriously will not buy any other grab bags because I don't usually like buying a "pig in a poke" BUT I do purchase yours because I love the special things I get. It's like Christmas morning when I open them. Thank you, and don't let the spoil sports get ya down. For every ONE of her there are literally hundreds out here who love and appreciate your talent and hard work!!!

Bunny Cates, said...

Now Kim- Dont you know that $1.50 is more then your time is worth. Why, with $1.50 I could buy a sodapop to hold me over while Im making

*my OWN stuff from scratch*.

Oh wait a minute! No it wouldnt! Soda pops are $1.89 now! Shit!

I think its so strange that someone would bitch about your quality when we actually take the time to quality check, and the others.... well... you know. LOL

I have to say though, woohoo! Im glad the anonymous fucktards have moved on from my blog for today! woohoo! Thanks for taking a slap for me today! woohoo!!!

Love you girl, and your "shit"!!!

Shel said...

Love ya on your soapbox, girl! :)

A good read and I know I appreciate you attention to detail--which is always outstanding. I've never been disappointed in anything I've bought (or gotten free) from you.

Thanks for all your hard work, patience, and attention to detail! There are many of us out there who love ya for it! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim. I am not a designer but I found your description of the quality check process compelling. Thanks for the education! Joyce

Kristine ♥ said...

I think all the whiners were out this weekend Kim. I got an inbox full of stupidity too. Blech.

charlie said...

Well Hun you know know my view on the has mad me a better designer and as a fellow CU seller..I know the pain staking hours that goes into perfection.
I can honestly say I own every CU item Kim ever made(well almost a few to catchup on..heheh ;)
I am sick and tired of the shoddy work. I have stroked..some popular CU sites *crap* and sent screen shots of crud and have had little response or excuses. I know because of the extremely strict QC at DSV and DSO I will never have some dissapointed in my quality and thats thanks to the QC process.Your $1.50 grab bag was stunning, unusual , unique!!! *Miss Unknown* must not have seen the stunning DEON kit you made , with a lot of those items. A kit that totally rocks and puts all the garbage repetitious crap to shame out there. Ok of my soap-box and going to sharpen my stakes before I go to bed. (Hugs) Kim and remember hun I am your #1 fan(stalker..bwahhh)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim. I'm no longer designing, but I have purchased many items at DSO, including several of your grab bags and I have never been disappointed. You were highly recommended to me by another designer and that's how I stumbled upon your commercial use items and I have to say that I was very pleased. If they want cheap quality crap, they can go over and buy some actions at Designer's name starts with an M LOL. When I first started designing, I got hooked on actions (huge mistake) and bought up several of this designer's work and it was not cheap in price, but it has loads of fuzzy edges. I think I got like $30 of unusable stuff just from that one designer. So, hopefully the whiner will hush up.

createdbyjill said...

I myself have been burned buying CU items and grab bags that look great on screen, only to find that they are complete crap when opened and viewed at full size. It's sad that store owners are more concerned with the quantity of designers versus the quality of the their work. Being a designer at DSO has opened my eyes to what quality should be and I only wish more stores and CU designers would take your points into consideration before putting something on the market. Kudos to you Kim for your post and your where are your templates plates????

Andrea said...

I agree with the other comments left already. For one whiner, there are hundreds of happy people out there! I am so glad to have strict QC at DSO. It has made a me a better designer and I look for high quality items out there too. It's hard to find them. I appreciate all the time & effort you spend making very high quality items! You never disappoint. THANK YOU!!


Bonnie said...

Sometimes you just have to put your foot down and have your say. We all know you and love you. You are fun,crazy and hilarious and you NEVER bitch or moan or whine! I love that about you. But sometimes you just have to say what's on your mind. If that person doesn't feel what she is buying is worth it, then really, she doesn't have to buy from you again. (why I have no idea why, I am on your CT for goodness sake and see every little product and they are always perfect and stunning!).

Maurine Stettler said...

I came here to leave a comment -- and now I see I'd basically be echoing what has already been said, but I'll say it, anyway! I've only missed a couple of your grab bags, and I was so sorry once I saw the full reveal. That's been my only "complaint" -- I'd love to see the full reveal (like with your latest $10 bag) before I buy; sometimes I just need a little extra motivation to spend more money! I probably won't use everything I've ever bought from you, but it will NEVER be because of the quality or variety. I love your work and appreciate all the time and effort I know it takes to create such high quality product -- keep it coming! My only suggested change: full reveals! : )

Jodiann E Cates said...

Whoo HOO! *round of applause*

Thanks Kim for pointing out to us all we take for good we have it at DSO and DSV!!

LouCeeCreations said...

Okay.. my pennies worth now! Shit!! whoops am I allowed to swear.. I apologise if not! Kim, You work is second to none and the bits in the sampler bag are not mean't to just cut and paste into any old kit one is making but to add that little bit of designer creativity to make it your own, obviously Anonymous doesn't have much imagination other than spinning her heads with thoughts on how's the best way to leave a nasty comment!
And YES I have bought so much shit too! and am so glad Digiscrap Vault is there as I can buy with confidence and ease, I wish I had more time in my life to spend the HOURS and HOURS you do extracting quality, sharp, prestine items but alas I don't.. so where do I like to shop for fantastic items I can use to please my customers.. yeah YOU of course! $1.50 is NOTHING to pay for what you recieve and $!) for a collab grab bag between you and Nett.. hell thats a f***ing BARGAIN!

Roselily said...

I agree with ALL the above and just wanted to say Thank You for all the time you put into designing and then offers us gorgeous kits, grab-bags etc etc + wonderful freebies !!!

Andrea said...

I purchased the $1.50 grab bag, and I am not disappointed! Now all I just have to find the time to put all of the goodies to good use! Thanks for the great freebie today too!

Kirsten said...

I'm not a designer - I'm a buyer *SS* - and I have bought many of your kits Kim, and they are all OK! if this person isn't satisfied with what she gets, why buy again??? some people has just too much time!I love your things and don't let this person spoil anything for you. Thank you so much for the lovely freebie!

Gina said...

Your quality checks mean so much to me. I have spent a small fortune on CU's only to discover that I should have saved my money and tubed it myself.

clubiani said...

thank you so much for the lovely cluster frame!!

BrittneyFerguson said...

well I did buy your vault opening mini cu bag..and well I loved it! I could see myself using every piece and prolly over and over, esp in layouts. And you are my favorite cu designer out there, because I know I can trust your work and what im paying is worth it! I have been burned several times also. But anyways I'm sorry that you had a message like that ..its just plain rude! Keep up the awesome work and know that you will have have people behind you! Love ya!

txgwen said...

I concur with the comments made already - your work is top-notch and ALWAYS worth the money. You give enough hints for a person to know whether the items are ones she would use or not and can make a reasonable decision on whether or not to buy the bag. True, sometimes I get items I'll probably never use, but that's not the fault of the PRODUCT - just my personal preferences! And there are always enough products I WILL use to make the bag a bargain - and fun in the buying, to boot!
Thanks for the informative instruction on quality control as well as the fabulous freebies! Hugs!

Elsina said...

I have bought some of your CU grabbags as well and I am so pleased with them. They are original (items you not find elsewhere) and top-quality. I have bought many times items that had jaggies and stray pixels and found them useless. Your stuff is topnotch!

Shannon said...

(((KIM))) - Rude people are just that - rude! People seem to have forgotten the old adage "If you can't say something nice..." Seriously though - we all know your work is top-notch! I personally love QCing your stuff, because in addition to being fabulous - if I do find something I have a question about, you are always so gracious when rechecking. I have never been disappointed in anything I have from you - NEVER! Walks away mumbling about stupid people and their idiotic comments...

By Dezign said...

Ugh, "Anonymous" may you develop a nasty itch and may your fingers turn to fish hooks.

You are an inspiration to many people. You think outside the box, create the most divine and unusual kits and the scrapping community benefits by ending up with some of the most gorgeous LO's because they can only create greatness with your products. I LOVE the ethics of DSO and DSV and the scrapping community as a whole can only benefit if all stores adopted the same ethics.

Maybe slip-shod ethics is a large contributing factor to the slump in scrapping as a whole.

THANK YOU for having me on your team, inspiring me to come up with beautiful LO's and your patience to share your knowledge when anyone asks.

Darleen said...

There has NEVER been a question as to the quality of any item you sell, in my mind. You're a stickler for details and it shows. Since I have just begun learning about quality checking my extractions and how to do it, I appreciate all you do. It takes so long to extract an item and make it perfect. And for the price you sell them to us, it's truly a bargain. Thanks for all you do. Ignore the "anonymous" comments. They are usually hiding behind their computers anyway. Big girls leave names.

Judgirl said...

wow ...I can't beleive anybody could found something wrong with any of your girls that design and share your talent. I don't design wish I could ...and I am so thankful for all of you. All of you be proud ..and has for the person who has the ugh comments ...get a life.

Amber said...

Kim - I have ALWAYS loved your stuff and I KNOW it's probably the best quality out there! I bought the Grand Opening grab bag, and LOVE it! I already have 3 or 4 kits in mind that I'd love to use some of those items in.. Thanks so much for taking the time to go through this all, and I hope no one else leaves you a nasty comment.. HUGS :)

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Kim,
I've read everything. "Grab bags" should be called "Surprise bags"...
This "person" just didn't like what was inside, the best she can do, being disappointed, is buying embellishments that are...shown !
The main fact i dislike is that she doesn't sign her message. Why didn't she just wrote personaly to you that she was deceived ?
Like someone wrote, thank you for the "quality check" description. (I've just thrown away a full "Circus" free kit, everything was blurred or jagged, except a real tiger and a wooden horse from which i'm going to extract all the strayed pixels). Of course, i was disappointed but the main question for me is : "Does the designer see what i see ?!"
Now i'm going to look up in the dictionary to see if "To take a stand on a soap box" is an English idiom...I understand all the words but not the meaning of the phrase... ;D
Thank you very much for the beau-ti-ful flowers !!
C from Paris :D

Manu said...

Oh sweetie, of course I read through! *BIG BIG BIG HUGS*

Please don't take those anoymous comments personal. You do really GREAT work and I loved everything I bought yet - and it's MUCH, I have most of your CU stuff and use it over and over again. I can't say this of many designer, those high quality items are rare and your new store already has most of the designers in I really trust.

I'd always buy your bags, because I know it's really worth the money I spend.

If people are disappointed by your stuff, it wasn't just what they like, but hey then they should go for a grab bag and wait till it's revealed!? They don't have to complain, because taste is different.

Whatever, love ya!

Manu said...

Oooops... me again! Thanks bunches for the freeeebieeee *hugs again*

Rachel said...

I find such humor in 'anonymous' comments. I have never been anything but elated with everything I have purchased from you both PU and CU. Thank you so much for all the hard work your put into your products and just remember, you can't please everyone. The moral of this list of comments is -- you please so many.

Dinphy said...

Oh I love the way you're telling that anonymous off by showing what YOU can make with it!!
That cluster is fantastic!

Honestly, I can't imagine she was actually complaining about the quality. That would be just SO wrong!
I think, she probably couldn't see what to make with the items.
Well, it's not supposed to be a designers-starters kit for crying out loud!
Put a bit or your OWN creativity with it... Do you want people to say 'hey, she used all Kim B stuff!' ?
I don't, and I LOVE Kim B stuff! But I want to be able to make it 'mine', or it feels useless to create a kit.

Oh, and thanks for the inside-info!
I love quality check, but I didn't know exactly WHAT, and certainly not HOW to check it!
I feel I got a view behind the camera's, and am very grateful for it. :)

Love both freebies, grabbing as I type! :) Thanks girl!

GSCreations said...

Sis, you the master of CU products and design, supplying us all with a new, exciting and wonderful world in which we can create with, its such a pity that anonymous does not understand the creative and imagination process that enables one to actually create and design with such beautiful and fun variety of elements. I love your work and the energy and time you put into it shows, your work just shouts top quality and VALUE for money!! ALWAYS. Hugs to you

Dorothy H said...

No pleasing some You and everyone at DSO has great quality products..great quality control by Bunny who pioneered QC in the digiscrap world years ago. How many times have many of us been burned by poor CU purchases. DSO (and now DSV) are always on my "safe" list to buy from. You all should be on EVERYONE's top list who buy digital scrapbooking products.

puffinliz said...

Sorry you let the whiner get to you, and sorry so many people had to go on and on about it, being vulgar. It was most unfair of the anonymous whiner who probably has never attempted an extraction and quality checked it before. It takes so much time! Thanks so much for the freebie, the great quality freebie, and know that many of us admire your wonderful work.

Anonymous said...

HI Kim - Oops I am also Anonymous but only because I can't figure out how to use any of the other bits LOL - I always sign my name. I ditto everything everyone else said and I can just say that I have been buying your goodies forever (well so it seems) and have never been disappointed. I have even got kits that I have not used yet. Jeepers if you get something in the grab bag you don't fancy just don't use it - you would have received plenty of value from the other things. Anyhow you never know how your taste changes and you might use it later. Thanks bunches for the pressies today they are beautiful - I just wish I could design but it ain't going to happen so I am glad we have all you clever guys to help us produce beautiful scrap pages - Hugs - Denise (Maggy)

Angels Digi Scraps said...

Good Evening Kim,
First of all I wanted to say that all of your products that I have ever bought, got as freebie samplers or as a gift for purchasing your products, has always been 200% worth every bit of my time and money!! I come back time and time again to buy your products, simply because I KNOW I can trust your products for quality and NEVER ever worry about not getting my money for what I buy. And It's amazing that people can sit here and think that they have the right to complain about something and yet has to be anonymous!?

Dear anonymous,
Oh please if you are going to act like you have the balls to trash someone's hard, long hours of work, be "woman" enough to use your name! Give the person you are attacking a chance to stand up for themselves instead of being the chicken *hit you are by hiding behind the "anonymous" name.

Oh sorry for sticking up for you, not that you really needed it, but I had to say that. LOL. Girlfriend, you know that you products are more then worth the few dollars you sell them for. All of us that have bought your products knows it's worth every single penny and then some!! I only came by to say hi and see how you were doing, sorry to come on such a crappy day for you. I hope the rest of the week brings you lots of love and many smiles!!
Your Friend,

jayleigh3 said...

uhhhhh useless? Her comment is what was useless! i have never found a flaw in anything i've received by purchase or freebie from you! Thanks for taking time to explain at length your process, but it wasn't necessary to the majority of us - we already knew your standards are high! Chin up, ol' girl! You're tops in your field!

Anonymous said...

WOW! I came here to see how your weekend was and to laugh a time or two!! Guess not today...oh well. One of the fun things about buying a grab bag is not seeing what you get and being surprised. You always take your chances there! I have learned over the years that no of these days I just might find a use for that something different that I didn't think was useful in the beginning. As far as the quality goes, I have never been disappointed in anything I have purchased or received as a freebie from you. I would take QUALITY over quantity any day for anything!
Thanks so much for all you do and for the lesson on quality today.

Oh yes...and the freebies too!!!!!

MandaK said...

I just want to say thank you. The reason for your post aside, I found it really interesting to see the Quality issues many products have. I appreciate you showing and sharing. Now if only you'd share the secret for getting that smooth edge. I keep practicing, but it's not up to your quality!

Anonymous said...

My oh my! I couldn't take time to read all of the comments but I have purchased quite a few of your CU and personal use products. I think somebody must have just been having a bad PMS day. I can always count on your products to be the best quality. Sometimes when I purchase a grab bag it may be a while before I use a product from it, but I eventually use them all. BTW, I can't believe I read the whole thing LOL!

Sue said...

I LOVE your work! You do a fabulous job! Just reading your post today made me appreciate even more what a wonderful designer you are. Don't let "Anonymous" get you down. Thanks so much for today's freebies! :)

dumbum said...

I had a 'digi orgasm' when u opened the vault cause I knew it would only stock the best. I've bought so much crap from others that I'm 'scared' to go elsewhere.

It's obvious that Anonymous has no imagination & just wanted more of the same old, same old wheras your bag was full of different, interesting, unusual bits - a true designer's dream.


Numbumm Sue

scrapcat said...

I made a vow that I wouldn't buy any more digital scrapbooking kits until I had finished a lot more pages...then found your site.

DAMN YOU!!! I LOVE your stuff. I have spent wayyy too much money on it, but I adore each and every thing I've gotten, free or paid for.

Your extraction process explanation was really interesting too, and I hope I learned something I can use in my own scrapping! Thanks for all you do and for making me poor but happy :)

JamWest1007 said...

Hi Kim,

I just want to say "Thank-You!" for all of the wonderful products you create for all of us. I have purchased nearly every CU bag you have released and never been disappointed. I can't say the same for bags I have gotten elsewhere. You rock!

And as for your soapbox... sometimes you just have to go there. I love reading your BLOG entries, and getting a peak into the fun and festive life you lead. But I also like seeing that you have no problem putting yourself out there and telling it like it is. Good for you!

You and your work are cherished.


Carjazi said...

I can't tell you how bummed out I was when you opened the Vault. But only because I'm no longer designing. I am thoroughly amazed that anyone would complain about A) the quality of your work and B) the "usefullness" of your grab bags. There are only a handful of CU designers that can consistantly be counted on for quality work and you are high on that list. Shame on anyone who says otherwise in such a way. Hiding behind an anon posting. I'm sure that while the OP really bugged you (I know it would have me fuming) I hope that the 44 comments left let you know that you are a VALUED member of this community and very much appreciated for not only your attention to detail and pain staking QC, but your talent for giving us what makes our life a tad bit easier and your encouragement for those just beginning. On a personal, scrapper note, also thank you for your freebies and your sense of humor. While I haven't gotten over here as much as I used to, I always laugh a little bit when I read your blog. Except today. Today I'm pissed off for you. I truly hope that you don't let 1 person get you down and also that your demonstration of true QC helps others that are not as thorough as you.


Scooter59 said...

All I can say is anyone who signs themselves as anonymous doesn't deserve your work. I tried to design in a contest recently and know full well the amount of time that goes in to extracting elements correctly. Bravo to you Kim for speaking your mind and for bringing to us quality CU items.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful breakdown of how your products are designed. I learned something. :) Thank you for that .. and for the luvly gifts.

Your quite a talent! I have been coming to your site to collect your gifts for a long time now, and I adore your creations.

All I can say about Anonymous is that "mean people suck!!!" It's my hunch they are not a very contented person in their lives, and need to lash out at people that they may be envious of.

They could have taken a more mature way in addressing their concerns with your work Kim. Blah to them! :P

Grinz, Di

Rose said...

I'm honestly a little leery about buying a grab bag (whether it be for CU or a scrapping kit) just because I don't know exactly what I am getting. I know that for myself, I like to know exactly which elements are in a kit, and how many etc. But then, I also don't buy grab bags and then complain about them lol. If they wanted something specific for their money then they shouldn't be buying grab bags!! And I don't think $1.50 is a lot for what they got. Tell them to suck it up. Have a happy day!!

tajicat said...

Your products are great! I have enjoyed the grab bags and kits. Thanks so much for the freebies. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 21 Sep [LA 07:00pm, NY 09:00pm] - 22 Sep [UK 02:00am, OZ 12:00pm] ).

Anonymous said...

I have never had any issues with the quality of your items I've purchased. Wish everything I've bought was the same quality! LOL!

Thank you for the 2 gorgeous goodies today!

Lulutoo said...

Kim, I think "anonymous" was taking out their bad day on you or something! They can't be serious. If they really had a legitimate complaint, then the thing to do would have been to contact you privately about it. Since they didn't, I'm thinking that they knew they didn't have any real grounds for their complaint. That's my take on it. Oh, and thank you for the beautiful freebies today, too!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for the gorgeous gifties today, and I loved the examples of how things should look up close. I always appreciate the clarity of your work, it's never even a question in my mind, I know you are always on the ball!!! And I know, as do your many fans, you care a great deal about making a kit that is a good value. Love, love, love your work!!!

dumbum said...

I've blogged about this Kim.



Dinphy said...

Just checked my extractions. I think I SHOULD say thanks... but I don't FEEL like it...

For extractions, I work with 500% - 1000% zoom, I've always thought it would be very nice.
But NO-WAY. :(
My program has a neat little feature... 'Quality' and I always had it put it on 'Very High Quality' (Sounds right?)
But... it stands for making bitmaps looking more smooth, great for scaled-down images. Yeah. That includes... the edges... They're "Anti-alias" Sounds neat? What it means are: feathered edges!
So EVERYTHING I've ever exported, has a slight feather! AAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!

Right. My new standard will be 'Full Color Quality' as that does the trick...
If I want to make quality, I'd better get busy! ;)

Still... Thanks...

TerriM said...

Yeah, I read it all the way too, LOL and some of the comments here. You have a big support group that love and adore your work. I for one don't know much about the templates and cu stuff since I'm NOT a designer. But, when I buy kits, which I've spent a ton of money on, I do expect a level of quality. Of course when buying cu items I would expect as much too. I can't say anything about the goodie bags and products of that nature, although this is one thing I'll say for sure. I think our Designers don't get enough credit and thank you's for all the hard work that goes into creating, sharing, selling, etc., of their products. I think we are very lucky to have prices we can afford and to boot, make money from the cu items that are being bought. So to those people who bitch about quality...please check yourself and make sure you know what your talking about before critizing someone's work. Kim, if I ever get into designing (which I really doubt) but 'IF' I do, I'd totally trust in your products. Okay, I'm off my soapbox now. I've had my say and hope I didn't step out of line since I'm not a designer. Had to get this off my chest too : P Hugs!!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

LOVE YOUR WHOOP A--!!!!!!!!!
TY so very much for taking the time to explain it all to me just as a plain scrapper I now know how to check for the quality of goodies that I get or purchase!!!!!
One thing that I dont have to worry about from DSO or any of the designers that sell from there!!!!!!!!!!!!
TY so very much for these MARVELOUS goodies!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HUGE GIANT HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carol B said...

wow....I'm a novice at doing my own designs....thanks for showing me how much I need to improve in the quality area. eek!

krcurten said...

I love all your stuff and have bought all your grab bags at DigiScrapVault, they are way worth the money. I have even recommended you to my fellow designers at STS.

Jenni said...

Well anonymous stand alone in her viewpoint of your grab bag!!!
Yours were the very first CU grab bags I purchased- even before I was on your CT, and as you know I am a CU hoarder and I have never been disappointed with anything of yours,always brilliant quality and variety!! Far more than my money's worth. So Kimmie, don't let one pathetic viewpoint bother you, with all these other comments you should be so proud of your work, and of the quality DSV requires!! Thanks for the gorgeous freebies and outstanding collab grab bag with Nett's!!

Melberry said...

Ditto...ditto...ditto...ditto...ditto...ditto...ditto...ditto...the ungrateful haven't a clue about the time, effort, energy, talent, and heart that goes into your work. Bravo, Kim!!! big hugs, Melanie

Scrappin Mommy said...

Thank you! I read all the way through too! I have become more picky with my CU items, now I suppose I will be more so :)

Missty said...

Thank you for all your hard work, I don't know anything about designing and really haven't done a lot of digital work to say that I have noticed any "quality" issues. But I do know that I appreciate all the hard work the designers do to put out products, and the fact they are so generous to put some stuff up for freebies. I would never leave a negative comment on someones blog, even if I thought it. I try to always say thank you for the time and effort the designers put in on giving out freebies. I just wanted to let you know that you are very talented and your time and work is appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 10 post on Sep. 22, 2009. Thanks again.

melliel said...

I agree - your items are always great! I mostly get the freebies but try to always leave a comment. Some of the others look good until you enlarge them or put them on a dark background and then they can look pretty bad. I usually just delete them but don't complain since they were free and I can't make my own. But I don't go back to their site after that and don't recommend them to others (free or pay). Thanks for being so kind as to providing the freebies.

Joni said...

I can't imagine why someone would say such a thing about your work. Your work is perfect!!!
Thanks for explaining the quality check. Now I'm off to download your freesias, they are fantastic, I can almost smell them.Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work.
hugs Joni

RebeccaPSP said...

I was going to leave a massive comment about how your stuff is the absolute best and I wish all CU artists took the care you did, but it would just be an echo in a very LOUD canyon!!! Thank you for being exactly who and what you are, and thank you for always delivering the utmost quality. I will continue to buy everything CU you release!!! I am a huge fan and want to Thank you for always making your products THE BEST!

Faerie♥Kat said...

Excellent work; thanks for caring and sharing.

pkdoll said...

ditto-ditto-ditto-and ditto!!! You rock my digi world and I love you GF!!! I truly love your examples of quality checking too! Anonymous doesn't even rate a comment from me---but you-you rate an absolute WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!! Need I say more?!!! It's you that makes me truly want to improve enough to some day design some QUALITY things to give away! Love you girl and absolutely love-love your stuff!!!!

Monika said...

sympathy you get for free, envy has to be earned.

I love your work :-)

Magnolia said...

You do beautiful work! Thank you so much for sharing.

geezee said...

Wow I missed out on so much. I can't add anything, but that I love you bunches. You are awesome( that means your work too)!!!

Diamonds said...

Your tut on how to 'do it right' should be making her want to crawl away and hide. I also read it all the way to the end and all the comments before me. You have every right to pull your soap box out and stand tall. Your designs are awesome, so don't let a little nobody wreck your day.

Rubypat said...

Thank you for sharing your talent with us poor mortals who don't know how it's done - but who DO appreciate the effort that is made for others to use. Keep up the good work!

elnorac said...

Good for you, both for getting it off your chest and for (hopefully) straightening out the twisted thinking of the anonymous poster. The quality of your items is beyond reproach! Thank you.

JE McManus said...


Thanks for sharing your processes. I had a bit of a different take on the anon complaint, as I believe it points more to his (HER) disgruntlement with quantity and content than quality. As an altered art scrap designer and former experimental video artist, I know how much time, thought and effort can go in to JUST ONE "paltry element" and it far exceeds .12 for the finished work. As for the content, there are those who see limitless possibilities in even the most basic items...and those that cannot see beyond the limitations of having more than enough hand fed to them...Stay the former...Be the former :-)

Crystal said...

Kim, I love your work. I think that your quality is amazing and everything you create is always so beautiful. I check your blog almost every day. You've become one of my favorites! I always find it so amusing when a person chooses to complain or write something nasty, they usually are listed as anonymous. Step up, have some backbone and voice your opinions, but not in a hurtful or derogatory manner. I think you rock Kim! Thanks for sharing with us.

nansee said...

Beautifully done, thanks so much for sharing! Too bad Anon didn't stick around to talk to you instead of spouting off.

nonascreations said...

I'm still a newbie in digiscrap, but I thank God that at the beginning I entered digiscrap world I found your blog. Since tht day, I became one of your fans. Why? because of the beauty & QUALITY of all your designs & products. Thumbs up!!! Thank you so much for everything you have shared with us.

Anonymous said...

I just have to say that I think your work is fantastic, and I am so thankful for you and other designers that are willing to share your hard work and artistic talent for free when possible! I love looking at your color challenges, and I hope that someday I'll be brave enough to post something! Thank you again:)