Thursday, 3 September 2009

Remembering- being 17

LOL- well ok most day's my brain tells me I still am- a couple of drinks, throw in some old school friends that I grew up with- and HELL yeah, I think I'm 17 again- hahaha. My 25 year School reunion was this last weekend, starting on the Friday afternoon, with the official School Reunion Function starting in the evening.


It's just the SCHOLARS, no partners at this stage, starting with the 10 year and I think the oldest bunch there was the 30 year reunion ( yeah we weren't to oldest bunch-lol). Those are some of my class mates in the top photo chatting and checking out the boards full of photo's of us at school ( SCARY!!lol), and some of our teachers where there too ;-)

They only served BEER/WINE and CIDER that night and like me, most of us don't drink them as *party drinks* so we sat complaining loudly that a Brandy or a Vodka would go down well. Which of course got heard and one of the youngsters who had just finished school said he would go to the SHABEEN (home bottle store) for us- hee hee, OOOOPS- this was like being back at school-


We hid it under the table and OMG, even the teachers where coming over with their glasses asking for refills- BWWWAHAHAHAHA.

Class of 84 (my class) were also the LAST to leave! You can see there is NO ONE behind us in this shot and they closed the doors behind us! LOL - of course it didn't end there- full of *party Juice* and lots of old friends meant NO ONE wanted to go home yet -


We landed up at a pub/nightclub with our partners who we had phoned to fetch us, until 3am! OY- lol. We sort of forgot we had to be at the RUGBY tent the next day at 12pm again to start all over!

OMG- I chewed on my first drink at lunch time and managed to sneak in a afternoon snooze before the Sat night Function-lol


This one was with our partners and a lot more class mates arrived from out of town. We filled the pub/restaurant. And here is my  friend Frank (who I have stayed in contact with through the years)- making Gordon and I EAT, as we sort of got a little rowdy again during the coarse of the evening(!those photo's are in hiding- hee hee.), But I mean, who wants to eat when you having fun right??? BWAHAHAHA- I had a blast! And it was soo good to see the people I grew up with-KWIM?

Ok- I've made up for the news yaks this week haven't I ?- lol LOOOOKY HERE-bagweek

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- WE have our ANNUAL GRAB BAG WEEK starting at DSO tomorrow! Tons of Grab bags for only $3 each!


hee hee- ok it's a little sneak peek of ONE of the goodies in my bag ;-P

But be sure to check out my blog tomorrow for further hints and of course a freebie or two- WOOHOOO!

And I Scrapped too! BvanEsch_MyVintageDream_PREVIEW

I used Bonnies *My Vintage Dream kit* which she has for sale from her Blog store here.kb-Dressupfun

Remember to check out DIGISCRAPVAULT here for some BRAND NEW PRODUCTS on sale at the moment. New stuff being added daily ;-)

Until tomorrow, have a super duper day

Hugs and Loves


geezee said...

Wow you did better than me at my reunion. Looks like you had a blast. And yes I think you are making up for last weeks lack of news. Keep up the great work. I am thrilled about the VAULT. Will have to spend more of my husband's money when I get my computer resurrected.

Dinphy said...

You sure know how to party!
Gee, I wonder who has been the driving force behind your class ending up extending the party ey? ;)

Ehm, this DigiScrapVault... Does that mean you're no longer an exclusive DSO designer anymore? ;)

I'll see to sneak in tomorrow, but it's a busy weekend. My girl is turning 7! :)

Manu said...

Wheeee!! Congrats on the new store, hun!!! A few days I don't read your blog and then such great news!
Off to check it out now *g*
Have a great day and big hugs,


Joni said...

Looks like you had a great weekend.
and congrats on opening your Vault.

dumbum said...

OMG, I dreamt about the VAULT last night (someone needs to get a life - ha, ha). I was walking down Diagon Alley (from Harry Potter) but each store was a store in your vault. I was in 7th heaven & bought computer bits, cords n stuff which I've been wanting for ages. This morning I read your 'new stuff added all the time' & went to the vault to see 'Boys Toys' which is exactly what I want. This is totally TRUE! I'm wondering what other goodies I dreamt about will appear. How WEIRD is that!!

Luv ya Kim

Numbbumm Sue