Sunday, 27 September 2009

Yup it's gonna rain-lol

I know, I know - it's a Sunday and here I am posting on my blog right??. -RAIN??_ Yeah, it is raining here actually- lol. Go figure! hahahaha

It's been a CRAZY week since Tuesday as Nathan finished school on Wednesday for his holidays and I had to fetch him at 10am, then it was take all the kids fishing-OY, now let me tell you this takes patience! Each one wants different things or needs different bait- so you ride around for an hour before you even get to their favourite fishing spot- only to find that the wind is blowing a little tooo much for their liking- so it's off to find another one- hahahahahaha. Most of my day was spent in the car looking for fishing spots and bait! lol

Thursday started off a LONG weekend here in South Africa- being our Heritage Day - or National BRAAI DAY as we know it.


( We braai ALL the time, to celebrate, to just socialise, to mourn, actually at any excuse just to light the fire ;-)

Braai Day is a celebration of our great country and its unique national pastime. It aims to unite all South Africans on 24 September by encouraging them to partake in a fun and tangible activity shared by all demographic groups, religious denominations and body types.

So of COURSE that is what we did- lol

1The fire that is lit- no matter WHAT the weather-lol3

Everyone sits around it socializing, waiting for the fire to die down so we can cook on it- but most times more wood is thrown on- lol.  Of course a *social* braai isn't without a few *shooters and drinks*-  lol . Here Deon decided to be a little patriotic and burst into our Anthem! hahahaha


*Pink drinks* Dave ( a South African advert joke ;-P)


The *girls*


EVENTUALLY, someone (Gary) decides it's time to put some solid food in our stomachs and took charge of the tongs-lol


Chicken kebabs and wings on sticks- which usually get eaten straight off the fire before they even reach the table-lol


Lots of Yakking and laughing and more pink drinks after everyone has eaten ;-)


TOOO MANY pink drinks- BWWWWAHAHAHA, Ant fell on her *ass* trying to catch Wayne- lol

Friday was a *sleep in* morning as you can see by the pictures above and Friday afternoon was Nathan's best friends ( my *second* son) 18th Birthday party. He wanted his friends and his favourite parents at the pub for his first official *legal drink*- lol. We all had a ball, and I learnt that Nathan takes after his mom TOO! hahahahaha- One beer and he was talking the hind ass off a donkey! lol So he isn't ALL WAYNE after all ;-P

Okies- enough yakking and a little news on the business front-lol



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Loucee made us up a little element with my new goodies ready for Christmas that you can pick up on her blog HERE.

Okies- I need to get off here now as Wayne is cooking the family lunch- lol- WOOOHOOOOOOOOO!! The smell is driving me NUTS and my stomach more so! Roast Pork with veg and gravy! YUM.

Hope you all have a fantastic Sunday and get in some good rest and family time.

Hugs and Loves


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Good morning Sweety!!!!!!!!!
So you werent lost at the awards assembly just hijacked by Nathan & his buddies to go fishing!!!!!!! LOL
Hope you have a FANTASTIC Sunday well whats left of it over there!!!!!!!!!!

Kristine ♥ said...


Ya think if I laid my lips on teh USB port that Wayne could smush some pork and gravy thru for me? I'm STARVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi GF...just droping by to send you lots of sunshine and heat from St. Lucia in the caribbean...yeah Im on a 3 week vacation here and loveing it...the heat is killing me as you know I dont really like the sun but hey I had to come had my 40th Birthday here too...its a beautiful place with tons of yummy food and very nice people.
Well I hope everything is well with you and your family...sending big hugs and kisses

Bunny Cates, said...

are my eyes deceiving me? Is this a post, on a SUNDAY? *grabs chest*

Bunny Cates, said...

are my eyes deceiving me? Is this a post, on a SUNDAY? *grabs chest*

LouCeeCreations said...

Glad the rain doesn't dampen your enjoyment and festivities, a great set of piccy's!
I have already taken advantage of Redju's sale at DSV.. could never resist a bargain!

Mrs. Miles said...

Ha, I KNOW Braai now *wink* I might have to just go have me one of them now when we get to camp next - possibly the end of this week for a night! If not, for sure the next.

The wings on sticks looks like a fab way to do things and I'd be the same not waiting to make it to the plate.

One thing I admire bout you Kim (among the vast many things) - you always take LOTS of pics and capture the fun. Thx for letting us have fun with you!

Can we have a pic of the mashed and gr too?

pkdoll said...

OOOOH! Wish I would have checked this yesterday to see you posted. I'm sooooo hungry right now and all your festivities are over!!! It's raining here too and we are heading into fall weather. Brrrrr! cold and wet today. Am getting settled into my new home and loving it!! Talk to you soon!!! Congrats go out to Nathan too! All grown up!:)

Laramie said...

Wow, Happy Anniversary! And love all the new designer resorces. Just Beautiful.


Karen said...

Love this twig thingy - thank you!
Karen from Moscow