Monday, 16 November 2009

Party's over

PHEW! lol, well ok- that's until everyone goes on Summer leave here next month ;-). Then it starts all over again- hahaha. We had my Dad's Birthday Braai here on Friday night as he wanted to watch the Rugby match against the French as well.

OMG_ you must know how bad it was if the singer of our National Anthem managed to pee off the WHOLE Country this weekend - BWAHAHa. They had chosen a Rastafarian to sing our National Anthem - OY! -it was NASTY to say the least and we sort of all looked at each other in the lounge and went HUH?- then started laughing at the poor rugby players on the field trying to sing it with him! Man the looks on their faces near the end of it was too funny, some looked like they wanted to go and hit the poor singer- others where trying not to laugh. Straight after it finished even the commentators said they didn't think the South Africans had ever heard their Anthem sung quite like that- NO KIDDING- lol. You can see it HERE if you want to listen ;-)


My Daddy (centre) and some friends outside waiting for the rugby to start and for the food of course-l4

My little sister Kerry and my brother in law Shaun ;-)


Waynes Dad(right) and my Dad's friend Wayne keeping and eye on the cricket score too- OY talk about a sports mad family huh?


Deon, Deon's Dad and his Aunt Brenda who came down from JHB on holiday.


OY- this is MUCH later and AFTER the rugby as Brenda and I tried HARD to sing like the Rasta ;-P

The funniest was that Deon left BEFORE the folks! Yup- they left at 1.30am!! hahaha- I sure see who I take after ;-)

I got to SCRAP this weekend too, I turned off my mail yesterday and just sat and did some good therapy scrapping- kb-laugh-web

Roche and Lorraine, doing what they do best- LAUGHING!

I used The Create a Collab portions- APPLE PIE by Chaos Lounge ( Jenni)ApplePieEPPrev-ChaosLounge

And Design by Tina's portion-

Design by Tina_CAC_Apple Pie_preview

And Check this cutie CARD out made By Bunny-


man don't you just LOVE that photo- hahaha

You can pick up the FREEBIE print and plop card on Bunny's blog too-


Pick it up here

And Beth has the last of her FABULOUS Brag books up too-



Pick them BOTH up here and don't forget to leave some love for both girls ;-)

I Also Want to wish CHARLIE a Happy Birthday today! I hope you have a fantastic day GF! Be sure to check out Charlies store and blog for some great Bday Specials ;-)

I hope you all have a super Monday. Hugs and Loves


VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kim:)
I came earlier and got sidetracked before I left a message.So sorry.:(
I watched your video and know now why it was hard to keep from laughing.hehe Poor guy..sounds like some of those who try out for "American Idol" ears!LOL
Thank you so much for allowing the girls to make BB pages and QPs for us with your gorgeous designs.It always makes my day! They do such a marvelous job at it too!:)Thank you ladies!!!


Muma said...

Well I must admit I have never heard any national anthem sung quite like that. I had to go see it on You Tube cos my silly firefox would not work with the linked video but I got the idea LOL. Also found 1 or 2 versions of how it should be sung. That is one beautiful anthem.

Thank you so much for the freebies. Will have to come spend some cash in the store. That Christmas kit is fantastic.

Judgirl said...

wow sounds like lots of fun was had ...way to go girl. Well love the new kit you have out ...have a great week ....and thanks for everything .


Dinphy said...

Oh... Right... LOL!
I must admit, being a non-sports person, I don't know many anthems. So I didn't know what the anthem SHOULD sound like, but I did believe that's not it!
So I Googled for the real thing...
Yeah, as I thought. What's the word?
Different. Yeah. Definitely DIFFERENT.

Gave me a good laugh though! Thanks! :)

charlie said...

awe thanks for the Birthday Wishes Lovely lady mwahhhh ((hugs))