Friday, 18 December 2009


Well it's close to Wayne arriving home for his bit of holiday and this will probably be the last full post except little sneaks that I get on before Christmas next week.

Before I get to something I want to share with you all- just some STORE NEWS and goodies ;-) Bare with me- there's something at the end of this post for you- promise!



So if there were something's you were looking for to create some Christmas goodies- I'd grab them now ;-)

Both at Digiscrap Obsession and Digi ScrapVAult.


Jazzy has this BRAND NEW set of WORD ARTS up in her store- and they are 20% off at the moment. They match my A FRESH START KIT and are perfect for those NEW YEAR cards and LO's.

Check the LO's she made with them-Celebrate-2010rs



And some personal rambling from me as we reach the end of 2009 ;-)

This year hasn't been the easiest on this side of the world- goodness I think the whole world felt the recession this year. Yet one simple little sentence this morning from Bunny got me thinking (yeah that happens sometimes- hahahaha) and I would like to share it with you. * look on the positive side Kimmers*, and the funny thing is I ALWAYS DO! But somehow this year a little bit of *mud* covered it up for me. Today I rubbed the mud out of my eyes and sat thinking of my BLESSINGS! At this time of the year I think it is something we can all do ;-)

I am BLESSED to have a wonderful husband who loves me for ME, who is my best friend and the most fantastic father anyone could ask for.

I am BLESSED with a teenage son who is responsible and has a head on his shoulders and his feet on the ground.

I am BLESSED to have a sister Gaye with whom I share not only blood and heart , but also the love of creating and art.

I am BLESSED to have a little sister Kerry, who at this moment in time is PREGNANT! WOOT! I'm going to be an aunty  next year to a little baby boy!

I am BLESSED to have my parents and in-laws alive and well and who all still share in my life and that of our family on a daily basis.

I am BLESSED with good friends who are true and love me for who I am and not what I own. Who understand me sometimes better than I understand myself. For the BEST friends I have that I haven't ever met in person yet but who I love dearly!

I am BLESSED to have a roof over my head, food on the table and clothes on my back!

I am BLESSED to have the best job in the world.

I am BLESSED to have met friends via this blog and through our love of scrapping, who mean more to me than just a *name*.

I am BLESSED to have a wonderful Creative Team - all of whom form such a great part of my daily life, be it a good laugh, a wonderful creation, the constant support. I LOVE THEM ALL!

But most of all- I am BLESSED that you are sitting here and taking the time to read this, for reading all my ramblings during the year and sharing my thoughts and story's, for your constant support and friendship. YUP_ I am more than Blessed!

So I would like to share this little mini kit with you-


Thank YOU for your wonderful support ALWAYS and for blessing me with your hearts and friendships.

I wish you all a VERY BLESSED CHRISTMAS and an even Better and Brighter 2010!

Much LOVE. Kim

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Snow in Africa maybe?

BWWWWWWWWAHAHAHAHAHA- well, it should. I baked for the first time in over 5 years!! Well not really baked, but made some biscuits or cookies as you know them. Cakes??- well that one I leave for the professionals-lol. Stop laughing now- hahahaha. Mrs Miles, you proud of me???- hee hee

And Bunny teased me a few posts ago about my cards as being all *TELL and NO SHOW*- pphhhhttttt, lol. Well I decided yesterday to take *proof photo's* for Bunny Wunny  and my Sister too- lol

Wayne thought I was NUTS- first of all for pulling out the baking tins and bowls ( well lets just say he nearly had a heart attack- hahaha), then thought I had really lost it as I took photo's on the go- when I said it's PROOF, he collapsed laughing and said he would have needed to see them too if he hadn't been in the kitchen at the time to witness it- hee hee

So here is a little SHOW- of the Choc chip, Almond Shortbreads! WHEEEEEEEEEEE-lol


Copped choc with almonds ready and attacked by Wayne as I was doing it- lol


YUP- I even did the *creaming* method and not the cut and use fingers method ( ok the blender didn't sound soooo good after I was finished- I think the thing is rusty inside from lack of use! hahahaha)


All rolled and ready for sitting in the fridge for an hour before I baked them- was chuffed I got them the same width! OY lack of practice makes it slow going I tell you- haha4

WOOOOHOOOOOO! They came out PERFECT and according Wayne better than sister Gayes *dood gooi's*! lol, ( baked to deaths)

Well if that wasn't enough to bring a storm - I decided to try something new too- My mom always used to make us the Marshmallow Crispy treats as kids ( loved the chewy chewy crunch of them) and saw something similar - so uhum, yeah out of practice me decides to take the bull by the horns and make em-

Peanut Butter Toffee Crispy Treats-5

Greased pan and Krispies ready-lol6

The toffee sauce waiting for the huge amount of Peanut Butter ;-)


All mixed and spread out in the greased pan waiting to cool! Shee's besides the sauce part this was quite simple and easy!


The finished squares with melted White Choc on the top! WHEEEEEE- and My Dad took a whole lot home with him this morning- he LOVED them! They are sweet with a slight salty twist due to our styled peanut butter- chewy and crunchy! YUM! lol

Charlie asked me for the recipe after I had sent through the big I DID IT to the Designers at DSO yesterday- lol. so I thought I would share it with you all to try.

Peanut Butter Crispies.

30g Hard Margarine or Butter
250ml (1 cup)Brown Sugar
250ml (1 cup)Golden Syrup ( I used Maple ;-))
250ml (1 cup) Peanut Butter
2x500ml Rice Crispies ( 1litre)
5ml Vanilla essence
White choc for melting and decorating

Melt the butter, sugar and syrup in a saucepan.
Bring to the boil and stir until all the sugar has melted.
Remove from the heat and stir in peanut butter and vanilla essence.
Add the rice Crispies and mix well ( I added a little more due to the amount of toffee sauce still in the pan- just judge for your own liking)
Spoon into greased rectangular pan and press down.
Leave to cool for at least an hour and cut into squares.
Decorate with melted chocolate.
Makes about 36 squares (depending on pan and depth)

And Bunny has been busy creating too- Have you seen this??bscgiftboxKB_CandyChristmas

She has a FULL HOWTO ( hee hee, she's better at the tell and show than me) and it's sooooo AWESOME. Check it out HERE.

It was a public holiday here yesterday ( Reconciliation day) so I missed a little gifty for you- but made it up by adding Both to this one-lol


You can Grab this CU ok Handmade ornaments HERE.

Until tomorrow. Hugs and Loves

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Glue and Mr Murphy

hee hee- doing a run through today as my fingers are full of glue at the moment and sticking to the keyboard- hahaha.

But Bunny, dammit girlfriend, take Mr Murphy BACK! He is visiting again and I know you sent him this way as you didn't want him at your house - hahahahahaha. I eventually got all my cards worked out yesterday ( yeah talk about LATE-lol) and sat to print and work the glue on them- only to run out of printing paper- uhum, ok, did some scrounging and found some that would suffice to finish them- OH, but then my printer decides that it's yellow ink tank is now completely dry and FINISHED! hahahaha.

OY and here I am stuck without my car and can't get to the shops to replace it! So it was a RE-DO this morning on my idea and now I'm full of glue- which will take a little longer than the first lot- but at least I'm getting somewhere. As long as Mr Murphy has left that is- lol

Don't forget A fresh Start is still 35% off.kb-afreshstart

And some more AWESOME CT creations to get your juices flowing ;-)

aperfectmomentintimejpg600  By Hutchie

Jayden14a By Renee

simply10By VickiFor-your-entertainment[3]

And Jenni got Gallery Standouts at DST for this creative awesome LO! CONGRATS GF! WOOT WOOT

OOOh- and you have to pop on over to Jazzy's blog to grab this awesome word art freebie-


YEAH- all perfect for card inners and LO and cards. You can grab then HERE.

And here is your second little CU Christmas Giftykb-Christmasgift2

You can grab it HERE.

Off to finish glue-ing- lol

Have a great day. Hugs and Loves

Monday, 14 December 2009

10 days to go

HAHA- sounds scary put like that- but yeah only 10 days until Christmas. Everyone here is now gearing up for Summer leave with most of the work force shutting down tomorrow.

Nathan left yesterday for his three week holiday at Bushmans River in my DAD's bakkie (small truck) and of course you know now where my car is??- yup, at my DAD's! lol. A swop was done so that my car wouldn't get ruined on the beaches and fishing spots. But man I am thinking at this stage of getting Nathans scooter fixed so at least I can get to the supermarket if needed- hahahahaha.

Yeah- Wayne and Deon just about choked when I said that as they just can't see me sitting on a scooter, bike yes, scooter- wellllllll uhum......... BWWWWWWWWAHAHAHA.

Don't forget my new kit is up and is 35% off at the moment-kb-afreshstartA Fresh Start

$6.00 $3.90

kb-afreshstart_01_LRGKit Contains.
13 JPG 12x12 papers
55 Elements, and 1 full Alpha- upper,lower,numerals and common punctuation's.


Some 100% Close upskb-afreshstart_05_LRG

And some more stunning LO's by my fantastic CT team-

AFreshStart2a By Renee

eyesofchildrenjpg600 By Hutchie

to-the10 By Vicki

Who also has this awesome LO as a FREEBIE QP for you

fresh-10Grab it HERE.

Belinda (600 x 600) By Silvia

nate_f10 By Jodiann

Aren't these stunning??- WOOT WOOT!

And I have a few Christmas Odd's sitting on my PC that I decided I would hand out as freebies over the next few days before Christmas. Grab if you want or can use them.


You can grab this little handmade Clay ornament ( 5inches x 5 inches) HERE.

Off to try finish some cards ( boy but time is running out and at this stage I'm looking at buying some! BWHAHAHAHAHA)

Have a fantastic Monday everyone. Hugs and Loves

Friday, 11 December 2009

A fresh Start

Jumping on early today as I have a Christmas list that needs getting stuck into ( well that's until my son comes home with my car- BWAHAHAHA). Yup, I've lost it officially. At the moment I'm lucky to see it for about 10 minutes a day. But he has been warned that today is MY day and I have to get something done or I'm going to be in big poofooo! lol.

I'm a really patient person EXCEPT when it comes to queues! OMG, I just can't handle standing in long queues for anything and I KNOW if I leave my little list any longer I'm going to be throwing things back onto the shelves and walking out with nothing- OY. I sooo hate the Christmas crowds- lol.

But as Bunny so politely told me that I have to show you my MOUNTAIN today- BWWWWWAHAHAHA ( yeah, I made the pet peeve booboo of spelling peek as peak without thinking!- but I'm blonde and I stand BEHIND my hair on that one- hahahaha)

A Fresh Start, a Brand New kit I started out in Blue's,Whites and Silver, a NEW YEARS, Fresh Start kit for those party or dramatic photo's.

I then decided a bit of red pop would be good( I LOVE my reds- lol) and when putting it all together on the previews I realized it was similar tones to my Friends Series Deon Kit!

We Had a good giggle- but my CT LOVED it that way and have used little elements from BOTH Kits in there stunning LO's as they actually compliment each other so well! WOOT!

Wanna see it now???kb-afreshstart

A Fresh Start

$6.00 $3.90
Save: 35% off


Kit Contains.
13 JPG 12x12 papers
55 Elements, and 1 full Alpha- upper,lower,numerals and common punctuation's.


Some 100% Close ups



And of course my Wonderful CT have been busy creating AWESOME LO's again! These girls WOW me with their creatively!armina-afreshstartBy my Friend and Fellow Designer Armina ( thanks GF!!)

bed_wh10By Bekah_E

AFreshStartaBy Renee ( who has just uploaded this and already got Bloom of the Day for it!-CONGRATS GF!)

For-your-entertainmentBy Jenni ( shoooooooo- YUM! lol)

2ed4ahf By KristineKim_FreshStart_LO1By Diana

Who also has this page as a FREEBIE QP for you

KB_FreshStart_QP_PreviewYou can PICK IT UP HERE.( just allow time for posting ;-).

Partytime By Ruthy

Who has this amazing LO as a FREEBIE QP for you too! WOOT

folder-12 You can PICK IT UP HERE.


And Of course I had to use my CLASSIC beautiful friend for this kit- this is ROCHE ;-)

I also made you up a Cluster frame freebie to match the kitkb-AFS-clusterframe


Hope you all have a FABULOUS weekend and I think I'm taking my man for a drink with the friends this evening ;-) Until Monday- BIG HUGS and LOVES

Thursday, 10 December 2009

SUN- wheeeeeeee

It's been raining for just over a week on and off and it's SUMMER dammit! lol. It's even been cold enough at night to put the long PJ pants back on. And for us, that is just a NO NO at this time of the year. But today the sun is out and it's bright and warm again. Always feels like a promise of good and new things- KWIM? Cheers you up straight off in the morning hearing the birds and scares the hell out of Wayne when the frogs start up at night! BWWWWWAHAHAHA.

We seem to have quite a few of those in the garden with the rain all of a sudden and hubby sort of went white the other night when he heard the *Choir* outside. It seems to have got bigger and I think we are going to be in for fun and games soon with my kitty bringing him presents- HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

And I got to finish my new kit too- WOOHOOOOOOOOOO! wanna little peak before it goes into the store tomorrow??-lol


HAHAHAHA- not much to go on I know, but stay tuned it's here tomorrow ;-)

OOOOOH I got to scrap with Jenni Rousseau's new AWESOME funky fun kit- Sweet Sixteen.

The Bundle(36% off)Sweet16BundleCL

Made for her daughter who turns 16 in Jan-

And you can grab this AWESOME freebie on Jenni's BlogSweet16FreebiePrev-ChaosLounge

And here is My Page I made with it-


It's one of our great South African Lady DJ's - Lady Leah.

I also made it into a QP freebie for you-kb-sweet16QP

You can grab it HERE.

Hope you all have a AWESOME day. Hugs and Loves