Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Fun in the sun

Well ,while it's still Summer holidays here and most of us are still on leave here ( most of the friends, hubby and kids are at least-lol) I thought I would share some of the *fun in the sun* that we had over Dec with close friends. ;-)

Charmaine, Donald and Shaun arrived back in PE for their Christmas holidays. It was sooo good to see them and of course we all had to get together for a good ol South African braai . These were taken on the 20th December the weekend they arrived.


Donald with the hat Wayne hates and a homemade Cosmo in a large glass due the fact that all my martini glasses had broken! lol


Charmaine with a tray full of Jaggi Bombs. And yeah as you can see- Here comes TROUBLE*- it all sort of went South after a few of these in the sun- lol


The Boys being boys behind the bar.  Pink drinks and all- hahahaha.


Charmaine biting Ants toe in the pool- hahah


Wayne and Ant rumbling over her slip slop that kept being thrown into the pool - yeah by You know who- Waynie! hahaha


Not toooo sure actually - BWWAHAHAHAHA, too many *Pink Drinks later* and hell we think we're Madonna- lol


Day turned to night and EVERYONE got wet- be it in the swimming pool or by others who had been thrown in already- lol


Donald that is NOT the washing line- but uhum, his undies did go around and around for most of the night drying on the fan- BWAHAHAHAHA.


Group hug and big SQUEEEEZE- lol


Well Wayne didn't like Donald's hat- but I did- hee hee.

Just a few taken on the day and night ( the rest have been hiden and some added to facebook for them to see- lol).

At least I have a few folders full of new scrapping material! YIPPPEEEEE.

Have a great day and will bring out the others as I have time to edit and delete- hahahaha

hugs and Loves


txbubbles said...

Good golly, girl! I don't know how you do it! That looks like one heck of a party, love the undies on the ceiling fan!
Big hugs,

LouCeeCreations said...

Bwaahaahaa! the second I saw the pic of the underpants being hooked onto the fan I was creasing up.. I reckon if I were there I would have wet myself that evening!
I could do with one of those shots to warm me up ;) boy it's cold here.. we are in the minus's and it's been snowing.. I want sunshine.. ( I'm wailing here)

hugs xx

Sue said...

Fun photos! The pool shot is great! I like that hat on you, too!

Muma said...

I want some of your heat. Love the snow but hate the sub zero temps that come with it. Looks like you had a ball and what a great bunch of photos you have ..... can't wait for the kit that gets inspired by these LOL.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Very early good morning SWEETY!!!!!!
LOVE the Pics especially the undies on the ceiling FAN!!!!!! ROFL
TYFS them & how about sending some warm air this way!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

When I win the lottery...I'm gonna fly down there for one of your parties gurl!!! You all look like you have sooo much fun.

Thanks for sharing.