Tuesday, 12 January 2010

No water and some pimping ;-)

OMG, you know that saying- it never rains it pours?? Well it seems in this house that it STORMS! lol. Our Geyser started peeeing water outside on Sunday morning- so my two boys decide they will try and see what's up in the roof.

First I had to hold myself from running to the loo in laughter as Nathan needed some coaxing to climb into the roof space with his dad- excuses like, but you KNOW I can't see so well, and Dad coming back with- I saw you put your contacts in earlier- OH! lol

Seems both my boys have a little phobia to gogga's ( insects and bugs) and both were ARRK and YUGHing while checking out the geyser. I sat under the ladder waiting for instructions to turn this off and that back on- OY-lol

And YES its the SAME bugger that spewed boiling water through my roof and cooked my spare room about 2 years ago- hahaha.

Well it's DEAD now, as it had burst a hole through ITSELF and can't be repaired! So in come the plumbers today to replace it after disconnecting it yesterday. They arrived early and have only left NOW past lunch- I'm still in my Pajama's and have stuck my head in the swimming pool- BWWWWWAHAHAHA. Does that count for a *wash*?? ARRGH, I have to wait another hour for the hot water still- but at least I can flush the toilets- HAHAHAHA. I WAS NOT doing the bucket haul from the pool again today! YUP- been there and done it too- hahaha. Let's hope this one is a LOT friendlier than the last one that we just buried! lol

Doing a little pimping today ( yup, got some NEW GOODNESS to show you)



Amore by Di$5.00 $3.00
Save: 40% off


Heart Gelly Styles by Jodiann$5.50 $3.85
Save: 30% off


Grandparents Love by Jazzy$4.00 $3.20
Save: 20% off


Love Actually by Loucee

$5.00 $3.00
Save: 40% off

Be sure to pop in HERE to check out all the latest new goodies going in daily ;-)


We would like to welcome RACHAEL who has joined our Quality CU Team at the Dig Scrap Vault. She is busy loading her store and these are now Quality checked and ready for your use with PEACE OF MIND! Keep checking daily as new ones are being loaded all the time-WOOT WOOT!rachaels_whiteballchains_prev

 White Ball Chains


Argyle Bows ( in layers)

And STACY (KALO DESIGNS) has her WHOLE store @ 40% off too-


CU Craft Flowers Vol. 1

Sale: $2.40
Save: 40% off


Patterned Overlays # 1 by Charlie

$4.00 $2.00
Save: 50% off

And Don't forget about the HUGE COLLAB GRAB BAG-


Eight fabulous CU tools and products all in ONE BIG GRAB BAG.

that's ONLY $1 per product!

Designers. KimB, Bunny Cates, Disasterpiece Studio's, Charlies Digiscrap, GS Creations, Armina, Kalo Designs, Laitha's Designs

VALID until 31st JAN ONLY

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- be sure to check out the NEW SECTIONS for both stores ;-)

And some CT work too! YEAH, I told you yesterday it was back to the grindstone again- lol

Jenni Rousseau and Design by Tina are both having BOGO sales at the moment on their stores-


Check out Jenni's store HERE


And Tina's HERE

I also got to use Tina's Brand NEW gorgeous Kit WAITINGDesign by Tina_Waiting_preview

And I scrapped my first LO of the year! WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!kb-tina-friendsarestars

Yeah- it's the two dear friends that I miss when not around ;-)

Tina also has a FREEBIE up on her blog for you-

Design by Tina_Waiting_freebie_preview


PHEW, now that felt like I was back into the swing of things. And tomorrow I have something NEW coming out too!

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee- and make sure you sign up for my newsletter ( on the right) as there will be a freebie coming out tomorrow with the launch of the goodies tomorrow.

Hope you have a stunning day and I'm off to shower eventually. hahahahahahaha


Jenni said...

I think I have to go shopping, love all the new goodies!!!! Thanks for the pimp:)

Jazzy said...

Wow what a lot of beautiful goodies..I LOVE Tina's new kit..love those colors..and DI's is so romantic looking..love the name of her kit..I have used Jodianns gel hearts and they are awesome..LouCee's Love kit is so stunning..I love the color of red she used..You layout is beautiful..and and lastly, thanks for pimping my word art..love you lots..

charlie said...

Thanks always lovely lady :)

Di @ Legacy4Life said...

Thank you Kim. Just love those hearty styles by Jodiann. They are scrumptious, as is Jazzy's wordart.

Hope you feeling nice and clean now :)

LouCeeCreations said...

OMG! you have Rachael at the Vault! shopping just gets easier and easier lol!
hey thanks for the pimp gf! luvs ya xx
love the little banner in Tina's kit cute isn't it.. so's your layout! it's so fresh looking!

Oi! your ole boiler.. what squeamish men you have lol!

Gummysmom said...

Thanks for sharing your moments with us. I got a good laugh out of your head dunking 'wash' this morning.

Sherrie said...

Oh my gosh Kim, this is so strange about your geyser - Early this morning I was in bed awake for hours and I started thinking about hot water tanks, about how yours is called a geyser, and about how you had trouble with it a couple of years ago. Weird...

Michelle said...

I just LOVE Rachel! So glad she's with the store now :)

I tried to check out Kalo's CU Craft Flowers Vol. 1 but they don't look like they're in the store... Any chance they'll be back anytime soon?

Thanks for all the laughs!!! Sure makes the day more enjoyable.