Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Passions Blush, REVEAL and offending plant

BWWWWWWWAHAHA- thanks for all the laughs about my *offending illegal plant* yesterday. Mrs Miles- that poem is just toooo funny!

And YUP, I did take photo's - but by the time I got to take photo's the poor thing was a little droopy and sad looking- lol



Looks like any ol' weed huh?- BWWWWAHAHAHAHA.

Wayne didn't believe me until I showed him the pics -lol. We've had a lot of sports, teasing and laughing about it since yesterday too. Friends killing themselves laughing and teasing that they would have fetched it yesterday - BWWWWAHAHAHA. OOOPS tooo late, I think the gardener has it and I really don't want to know- lol


Don't miss it- GONE LATER TODAY ;-)


5 Brand New CU ok products. 
Textures, prints and edges, all Quality Checked for your peace of mind. 
This purchase contains:
5 Full Sized products in JPG and PNG @ 300ppi

That's $1 per FULL sized product

Grab it here at DSO or DSV

FULL REVEAL-kb-TP-floralgrunge2





Grab it now while they are all only $1 per pack ;-)

And some more Inspiration from my new kit PASSIONS BLUSH.


Passions Blush

$6.00 $3.90

Save: 35% off

jc_kbPblush_LO_01 By Jodiann

more-i10By Vicki

Who has this AWESOME QP freebie up for you.passio10You can pick it up HERE

Elushia01 By Renee

kb-Mia-web By Me


By Becca who also got Gallery Standouts at DST for this one! WOOOOT WOOOT, Congrats GF.

And she has also made this stunner into a QP for us-


You can grab it HERE.

Until tomorrow, Hugs and loves


Bunny Cates, said...

ok, who has twinkies? cookies?

canpeg said...

OK, I succumbed ... I bought the kit - gorgeous Kim MWAH !

I signed up for the newsletter too, but after it went out. There'll be another one ;)


Jenni said...

OMG, hahahahahaha, had that experience too, except they were been grown in pots in the store room!!! I must hunt for the photos I took before they were duly destroyed and thrown down the loo!!!My boys were pre teen and had grown them for the gardener, or so they said -hahahahah, we did see the funny side and didn't over-react too much!
But when I saw the above photo, I thought, only in Kim's life hahaha!! Made my day!!

Mrs. Miles said...

I think I saw that silly weed plant,
Hmmm where did I see - let me think back,
Oh YEAH, thats right,
It had to be...
In one of your TEXTURE packs!

JUST KIDDING!!! hhahahahhahahahhahhhahaa

Well your packs are pretty interesting and mezmerizing etc... you never could have made them up without a bit of help - could you?

Ok - well BUNNY started it right? Its all her fault.


What the heck - whats happening at your blog, everyones laughing uncontrollably for some reason. I'm getting out of here before we all get arrested. Sheesh.

Susie(Psychozoe), Zoe the cat, Chiquita the dog said...

Kim, that plant would seriously make a nice cu element! even the droopy one! lol

Susie(Psychozoe), Zoe the cat, Chiquita the dog said...

Making a CU element wouldn't be illegal, now, would it? baahahah maybe not, but it might catch the attention of The ATF, the CIA, the DEA, and/or whatever governmental departments you have in SA! lol