Thursday, 28 January 2010

Test Test

WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Hoping this is going to work now without ANY hassles. Because that’s all I’ve had with my PC since last week Thurday- hahaha. Well ok, I would have said big swear words here BEFORE the word hassles as it was that bad!

Photoshop starting giving me a LOT Of command errors on Thursday afternoon , not dragging objects and elements and releasing them to their new appointed placements - but seemed to be on a piece of elastic that whipped it back to it’s original position – WTH??? OY!, so I thought No biggy- just un-install and re-install it right?? BWWWWWWWWAHAHAHAHA,

NOPE- that didn’t work and it was the start to the longest week I can remember EVER! BWAHAHAHA. More errors kept coming- so of COURSE I shout to the Only person I know who is a PC genius- Bunny Wunny.

Friday we spent almost three hours on Skype going through logs, running virus scans, more logs, etc etc ( shhhhheeee’s I know more about this PC in just those three hours than working on it for over two years! lol)

I decided that after all that I would rather just re-format this thing and get it over and done with- mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, my IT fetches is on Saturday night as he is extremely busy - so I sit waiting until Monday morning and get my PC back with a HUGE smile on his face.

He’s put on Windows 7 as a present for me. Now TRUST me when I say I’m sooooo happy to see my baby back and he know’s that I can do all the basic like load my programmes and folders etc etc.

HUH??- what the hell happened to my folder views I loved, the drag and drop ease I find with XP- OMG, I sat here the whole evening on Monday wanting to cry as when I opened photoshop- it was dragging and SLOW! I couldn’t find anything with the folder views ( I like my thumbnails! lol)

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I didn’t know what to do – sitting here feeling frustrated and really thankful to him and knowing he was fully booked for the week- but really wanting my old XP back- KWIM??

Did some google searches about Windows 7 etc etc, as I could at least work the net browser with ease- BWHAHAHa, and most Graphic people found 7 not really *designer friendly* unless you have a TON of extra RAM. So that was it- I phoned him to please come format it AGAIN and put my old OS back! lol

WHAT???- you think that would solve all my probs??- BWAHAHA- NOT!

After re-loading XP for me quickly here at home and leaving me to do the rest of course

, I kept getting errors like before- So I shout for Shaun ( Deon’s brother who lives just a few houses away), he pops over and is in some screens I haven’t even SEEN before- gets it running enough to load up photoshop – but still have errors on the thing! He say’s he thinks somethings still corrupt or missing. HUH??

I’m Telling Bunny all this now via mail on Waynes LT all the time and of course she reminds me to do updates etc etc. So I spent most of the night doing all the MS updates! Sheee’s bandwidth gone I tell you-

What happens the next morning when I click RE-START all ready to get going??- BLACK SCREEN with a error message! BWAHAHAHAHA- OMG, I swear I am a patient person, but I so felt like just putting my head down and crying like a baby.

Deon was here for coffee when it happened and said- WAIT, Leave it! I got similar problems when he downloaded IE7 and it changed some of his programme files ( graphics and CAD programmes)- HUH?

So my dear friend Bunny PHONES all the way from the States to give Deon instructions, and to remind him to do this and that-

and guess what! HERE I AM! FAST, CLEAN and NOT one ERROR at all! WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO- OMG, I’m like a cat that got all the cream today-

Yes, I have a weeks work of catch up, lost some mail in the crashes- but NO WORK! WOOT WOOT- Bunny’s constant BACK UP mail reminders to all the DSO girls sure makes you do it- as well as from past experiences with this poor PC- hahahaha

Thanks Bunny and Deon- you guys are my HERO’S and I love ya both MUCHLY!!

Thats the short story to a LONG weeks saga! hahaha

OY- off to do some more copying! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Until tomorrow

hugs and loves


Kristine said...


She's Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!

Dinphy said...

Some ordeal you went through!
So glad it all worked out, and that you're back!

By Dezign said...

WELCOME BACK!!!!!! Gosh but we missed you. Funny, I like the folder view on Windows 7.

Go and have a long pink drink to get rid of the weeks stress.

jean said...

Aw man, I know just how you feel! Just this past week, my DH decided to buy a professional version of AVAST, an anti-viral program, when we already had the free version. Any hoo, my XP didn't like it and kept shutting down! After several days of this (& I was certain it was the AVAST program but had to wait til hubby conceded to that) we removed it and so far (fingers crossed) it is doing fine. You are a strong woman to endure what you did - bet a few drinks helped, too! LOL!

Elizabeth said...

I have a pre-release of 7 on my laptop and although the big folder view is nice I miss the thumbnail view enough I am going back to XP on it. Glad you are up and running again, it's so sad when your computer isn't working!

Robin said...

Yep, good ol' XP. I had to hunt for a laptop that didn't have Vista as its OS. Glad I did. No way would I want that or Windows 7, from what I've heard.
What a mission you had! Lucky you knew the right people to get you back on track.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Sweet Thing!!!!!!!
So GOOD to SEE YOU BACK!!!!!!!!!!

canpeg said...

Good to see ya back, Kim, but where have you hidden Di ! LOL Hope you haven't sent her with that Win 7 !!!

Aren't PC problems the biggest PAIN !!! You feel so helpless.
Lucky you have some GREAT friends.

Deb. :)

Muma said...

Good to see you back Kim.
I know what you went through, last Sept my PC ground to a halt and kept trying to repair itself at start up. In the end I had to set it back to factory which on Vista means loosing everything. At least XP let me keep my documents and photos etc. Vista, nope. However one thing that saved my scrapping world and my sanity was 2 HDs. I put all my scrapping stuff on the non windows OS HD so when I reset it back I took that 2nd HD connection off. It saved all my data ... yay.

I loved XP but bought a new PC with Vista. Having used it for about a year I have got used to it and now love it more than XP. Totally agree on the folder thumbs even though I have got used to it.

So glad you are back and I really glad everything is up and running.
Sue xx

makeyesup said...

Oh my, what a mess, it seems everyone is having big time problems lately with these puters that are suppose to make life easier, me included. Have had problems since I put on the latest Service pack for Microsoft (my XP). On order is a new puter with M7 and sure hope it doesn't destroy my way of doing things. Can adapt; however, don't want to have to change completely.