Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Head in the clouds

and body on the floor! BWAHAHA. Oh my freaking word. What a weekend. Well lunch for me was actually a really QUIET one and I drove everyone home.

I landed up at the docs with Nathan for his eyes last week and while there asked some stuff for sun hives that I get ( due to my big day out on the bowling green-hahah) and he took my blood pressure before giving me the cortisone I would need as it can push it up. OY, it was sky high while still on my old Blood Pressure meds ( yes I’ve been on them for over 5 years already and it’s totally hereditary thanks to my Dads side of the family). I confused the shit out the docs by loosing over 30kg and my blood pressure shooting through the roof! BWWWWWAHAHAHA. After some tests it was found to come from my Dad’s side of the family and something I have to learn to deal with.

So he changes my tabs for a slightly stronger one on Tuesday, by Friday morning I’m feeling like I’m in a tunnel and tired and sort of dizzy! OY, by Friday night if I laughed out loud I would fall over and feel like I was passing out. So didn’t drink at all.

By Sat I actually did pass out when I shouted to Nathan from the lounge. Poor Wayne was having the heart attack for me- hahaha. I felt terrible and didn’t take them again Sunday or yesterday morning.

Got to see the doc late afternoon yesterday again and by then my pressure was way up again ( no wonder I felt normal- BWHAHAHAHA). Cut a long story short- we have cut the dose by half for three weeks so that my poor body can get used to living with NORMAL blood pressure ( it’s been sitting high for months and I don’t know what NORMAL IS! hahahaha) - He said it probably dropped to normal quickly and it would have made me feel dizzy, so we are taking it in *little* steps and bringing it down a little slower this time so I can function without drooling out my mouth or falling flat on the floor! hee hee.

All’s well today and I FEEL MYSELF_ YAY!!! Now I need to ask for a RE-DO of lunch so I tooo can have my party huh???- lol

OOOOH I got some CT enabling to do today-

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Until tomorrow Hugs and Loves


Jenni said...

Oh good, glad your feet are back on the ground was beginning to get worried about you !! Thanks for the pimp!

Caryn said...

YES! SO glad to hear you're back to normal. BP is not a fun thing to mess with.

Now we can "return to our regular programming" ;)