Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Merry A Round eye candy

Just a quick pop on as I have a to do list a MILE long that just seems to get longer and longer- BWAHAHAHAHA.

Nathan is still home with bad conjunctivitis and has passed it on to me- well the one eye anyways. I jumped up this morning and ran in a panic to find his drops to stop it in it’s tracks! So far so good and the red scratchy feeling is easing- now just to get the half *poop* eyelid to go away- hee hee.

Sharon-shutterbug, BWWWWWAHAHAHAHAHA, you had me in stitches. Trust me, when the bowlers started talking about taking a little more grass – I was like. mmmmmmmmmmmm, to smoke???- BWHAHAHAHAHA, and that cracked them up too. Use a different Bias??- WHAT?? lol. But in all, an end is one round out of the 21. The head is where the bowls lie, the jack is that little white bowl you aim at- lol, and so on and so on. Confusing to most of us- lol

Okies- some more eye candy with my new kit  MERRY A ROUND.


OMG, my girls have really really just gobsmacked me again with their fantastic pages.

MerryAround2 By Renee

Friends-1 By Cherye

4k7o0z By Kristine

merry-10 By Vicki

funridejpg600 By Hutchie

Merry-Go-Round150 By Becca who also got GSO at DST – WOOP WOOP!

And made it into a QP freebie for you too!


You can pick it up HERE.

Off to grab some coffeeeeeee- and back to work- lol. Hope you all have a fantastic day further. Hugs and Loves


Trish H. said...

Gorgeous new kit and lovely Pages!!

Breeoxd said...

snagged the new kit and LOVE IT thanks!

Mrs. Miles said...

What a SWEET kit! Love the delicious soft pretty spring like colours!

I hope the med works and your eye stays clear... don't want you with a perpetual "wink" *snort*

I think that is very touching you spend this milestone together as a family - surely your mother was smiling down upon the fun! I love you chose something fun to do.