Wednesday, 10 March 2010


arrghhh, who needs a diet when you can MELT! hahahaha. It’s way toooo hot to sit in my office at the PC for long. I eventually get light headed and stick to the chair! lol

The poor dogs are battling too and have dug up most of my flowerbeds trying to find a hole that’s cooler. The cat is sprawled out under the bedroom fan and refuses to move- haha. By keeping the bedroom curtains closed it makes it cooler during the day- so she hibernates there when it’s hot like this.

I go jump in the pool and join her under the fan for a while. This must be the longest heat wave we have had that I can remember. Last night we heard loud thunder close by - but NOPE, not one drop of cooling rain- BOO HOO!

So it seems the only time I can really work on here without passing out is at night- and then these old eyes want to close as the heat drains you during the day. BRING on WINTER! lol, I am now ready for those tracksuits and soups! ;-)



A *basket* filled with Spring and Easter CU themed elements. 
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Some close up detail for you-




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And I have some photo’s from Chantal’s 30th Bday party that made me sooo ill on Sunday- hahaha. I fixed my camera myself- WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE- was as nervous as hell as it’s my little baby- but thought well I would have to take it in anyways- might as well try- and it' WORKED! ( thank you google! hahahah)


My very young at heart friend Charmaine teasing Deon.


Dancing and Laughing with Wayne


the two SISTA’s! uhum- yeah, that’s BEFORE we got hold of the drums and mic~! HAHAHAHA


Some of the gang and Chantals friends


Poor Deon didn’t look that well by now either- sheee’s we old people are soooo out of *party* practise this year! lol


Chantel telling Charmaine to keep her chest covered! BWWWWWWAHAHAHAHAHA



Tequila pics! OY- thanks goodness I had none of those as they look cause dangerous reactions- BWHAHAHA

But it was a fun day-night and I’m still feeling the effects! Hope you all have a fantastic day.

Hugs and Loves


kristine said...

BWAHAHAHAAHHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! My personal favorite is the tongue in the ear while nose pickin' picture.....

Di @ Legacy4Life said...

Eek!!! That was some party. ;)

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

ROFL! Y'all are a HOT fo sho girlie!

You know, I have sit here and chuckle as I spend my summers the very same way as you are right now, however, we are having some VERY cold temps right now with a winter storm warning in effect!

Isn't it SO weird to read about weather going on that is TOTALLY opposite of what you are experiencing at the moment!

Stay cool chica and I hope the HEAT WAVE dissipates quickly!


Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

OMGosh, now you can tell that I was feeling for you! I meant to say, "y'all are A HOOT"! ROFL! Okay, a bunch of HOT HOOTS! :P

Jenni said...

hahaha, your party pics always remind me of ours!!!

We are starting to feel Winter here, have been wearing a jersey for 2 days, I think we are in for a freezing winter!

Dinphy said...

I'm with Di...
That was SOME party!!

Aw... And here I was, fully expecting to see that photo that nearly cost you your camera... It wasn't dropped before the photo was taken, was it? ;)

Anonymous said...

*LOL* These pics make my day!!!! Thanks for sharing them with us!